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September 1, 2014

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (August Winners!)

Hola Chicas!

So y'all went hard in the paint and I appreciate the initiation of discussion and helpful advice you shared with one another. Thanks to everyone for your participation!

The August winners are--

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August 31, 2014

Why CN Needs D.C. - Reason #5

Meridian Hill Park drum circles... to aid in operation #GetMyWholeEntireLife.  
And it was gotten. 

and I brought a lil' Ferguson with me...  #Iconic

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August 31, 2014

Like It's Her Birthday... (edited w/ more pics)

Edited with more pics, below!

let the rooftop #TurnUp begin! 
#MommasHere #WhereMyGlass


Yesterday your grandparents shut down their schedules, hopped a plane and travelled all the way to Washington, DC to wake up with you today... on your 4th birthday! After an evening of laughter and fun, you snuggled up between them in Mommy and Dr. Daddy's bed (while Mommy and Dr. Daddy were struggle snuggling in yours #TwinBedShenanigans #WeTooGrown).

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Hola Chicas,

I'm giving away 6 Conditioning Baskets (worth ~$90 each) this month (August 2014) to question askers and answerers!

If you see a curly-in-need who has asked a question under a post, answer it! If you are a curly who has a question that needs an answer, ask it! Not under this post, on all the posts!

The first three baskets will go to the three curlies with the highest number of posts this month (8/1-8/31, comments from previous months don't count) and the next three will go to three randomly selected commenters.  Past winners are eligible!

Which posts/articles count for the contest? All of them!  Good luck! 

*contest ends August 31, 2014 at 5pm EST*
*comments on this article/post are welcome, but please comment on others throughout the blog as well!*
*Please make sure the comments contribute to and further the discussion*

Later Gators,

August 29, 2014

A Birthday Story.

re-post from 2013!


Last night you busted in my bedroom, turnt up, pretending to be the blue ninja turtle. You noticed I was crying and asked me why. I smiled and pulled you close. You squirmed and laughed and I held you tighter. Finally, you wiggled from my grasp, kissed me on the head and said, 'no worry momma, everything is alright!'.

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