June 29, 2016

Get My New Book, for Free!

Hola Chica,

If you’re reading this, you may know that I wrote a book three years ago. And thanks to you, it became an instant classic, selling tens of thousands of copies in its first weeks, making both Publisher’s Weekly and The Washington Post Best-Seller’s Lists, and receiving an NAACP Image Award nomination for “Best Debut Author”. #CuzWeDoReadBoo #LoveYallForThat #SuperSquad


Written by Kanisha Parks
I don’t know about you, but I’ve witnessed my fair share of women bashing other women, especially on the Internet. It seems we love hating on one another, ridiculing and criticizing each other’s bodies, lifestyle decisions, and looks, period. In a society that is constantly judging our appearance, it’s sad when women actively participate in the denigration of other women.

Which is why the LeanInTogether: Together Women Can campaign (established by LeanIn.org and AOL’s MAKERS) is so important and powerful. Geared towards the furthering of women by honoring and helping one another, Lean In is causing women to band together in triumph, instead of fighting against one another in the name of competition.

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June 28, 2016

Black Girl's Code Is Moving Into Google's New York Office

Photo courtesy of Black Girls Code

By Mike Orie of TheConsciousTip.com
Black Girls Code is moving into the Google offices in New York. Tomorrow, the non-profit organization will set-up shop inside a 3,000 sq. foot space which will be used as a classroom as well as a base for its East Coast programming.

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June 28, 2016

How I Install My Own Faux Locs for a Protective Style

Tina Munzu writes:

"I LOVE the faux locs look and always wanted to get some for myself. However, I could not justify the money I would have to pay to get them installed. After watching several Youtube tutorials I felt encouraged to try it out myself. Traditionally, you would twist your natural hair with some synthetic kanekalon hair and then wrap more kanekalon/marley hair around the twists for that loc effect. Seems pretty straight forward right? Only thing is I cannot havana twist! So I tried a different technique and I must say I was quite impressed with the results. No need to twist beforehand. Simply start wrapping tightly to get the same look. This means using less hair (cost effective), less installation time and reduced bulk to carry on your head. I just added a new protective style to my repertoire and cannot wait to perfect my technique. Check out the tutorial to get started on beautiful locs."

June 28, 2016

How to Save Money on Protective Styling: Wig, Weaves and Extensions

IG @jori.chioma 

by Sabrina Perkins of SeriouslyNatural.org

Ladies it’s not every week we’re in the mood to do our natural hair and sometimes we want a break from it. Protective styling allows us to take a break and retain our length, however it can be costly to implement because the hair and the labor cost can be horribly expensive.

No one wants to break the bank on a new weave even though they want the utmost care for their hair. So this article speaks to saving money on protective styling such as braids, weaves or even wigs.


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