Bridging The Gap: Fixing The Divide Between Africans And African Americans

There is a disconnect as wide as the Atlantic Ocean between African-Americans and Africans. By and large, we don’t understand each other. We don’t communicate with each other. We don’t accept each other as the long lost family that we are and that is a shame. In our failure to overcome misunderstandings between us, we are missing out on the opportunity to enhance and strengthen both our collective populations socially, culturally and economically.

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CodeBlack, TV One and Gentlemen Jack Join Forces with Omari Hardwick To Find New Black Filmmakers

Great news for Black filmmakers looking to breakout into the scene!

Codeblack Entertainment and TVOne are joining forces with Gentleman Jack Whiskey have launched its Real to Reel contest to support and highlight bold, new African American voices.

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Shea Moisture Really Tried To Gentrify The Natural Hair Community

Earlier today, Shea Moisture released a new ad and they completely missed the mark. They turned their backs on the core community that the brand was built on. Black women.

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On Monday, state offices in Mississippi and Alabama were closed in observation of Confederate Memorial Day. Mississippi’s governor has claimed April as Confederate Heritage Month. Last week, Ted Nugent, a man who referred to President Obama as a “chimpanzee” and a “subhuman mongrel” was a guest at the White House. Meanwhile in New Orleans, city workers no longer hindered by legal squabbling began the task of removing four Confederate monuments. Various news reports gave brief, if any, summaries behind the significance of each monument but I’m a big fan of sharing the dirt on exactly why these monuments should no longer stand.

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Should Conditioner Be Used On Roots?

by Mary Wolff

In the world of hair care, there seem to be contradicting statements regarding just about every aspect of your strands. One of the more debated elements of hair care is the matter of should conditioner be used on roots or avoided at all costs. Some say using conditioner on roots will lead to weighed down, flat hair that is extra oily. Others say not using conditioner on your roots will leave your strands dry, brittle, and thirsty for moisture. So, which one is right?

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