Sadhguru joins Nikki to discover the limitless exuberance of joy, uncover the ecstasy beneath mental suffering and tackle the problem of modern-day anxiety.

An internationally renowned speaker and author of the New York Times Bestseller Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide To Joy, Sadhguru has been an influential voice at major global forums including the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, addressing issues as diverse as socioeconomic development, leadership and spirituality. He has also been invited to speak at leading educational institutions, including Oxford, London Business School, IMD, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Wharton and MIT. Sadhguru was the recipient of the Padma Vibhushan Award by the Government of India, the highest annual civilian award, accorded for exceptional and distinguished service. More info:


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'I Can Do All Things' - Guided Meditation Replay 11/23/2020

"The spirit of God is within me and dwells in me. The spirit of God goes before me to 'make the crooked places straight,' to prepare mansions for me. The spirit of God has ordained me. 

Only when you have come into this agreement within yourself do you become the child of God. Then you no longer live by effort, but by grace. You then inherit your good. You do not labor for it, struggle for it, strive for it: you inherit it." -Joel Goldsmith 

Hey love, hey!

Here's yesterday's #ReadWithLove replay! We discussed chapters 3-6 of 'The Mystical I' by Joel Goldsmith and meditated on what I called, 'background music'... the Love, the feeling of well being that's always, already in the background of each moment. Check it out, and join us next week on Monday at 7pm ET! 

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The Importance of a Wash Day Routine for Healthy Hair Growth

by Tangia Seward of

Do you have a hair care regimen? If not, here’s why you should. 

'Hold Everyone in Love' | Guided Meditation Replay! 11/16

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Yesterday we started a new session of our #ReadWithLove meditations, guided by Joel Goldsmith's book, 'The Mystical I'. We covered chapters 1-3, and next week (11/23), we will be covering chapters 4-6.  In this meditation we continued to tease out the subjective experience of, "I Am", with the intention of BEing, not the one breathing, but the one aware of breathing.  To be the Ocean of Love that we truly are.  

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Go(o)d Morning: "Your Undisturbable Essence Is Peace Itself"


This 17 minute guided meditation from Mooji will help guide your attention back to your true self.  Let’s just sit back, relax and listen as Mooji provides the golden message of truth and freedom…

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