November 26, 2015

CurlyNikki on the Dr. Oz Show- Dec 1

Hola Chicas!

I'll be back on the Dr. Oz show on Tuesday, December 1st talking home dye vs. salon dye (and I of course throw in a good word about henna).  Oh, and that would be my Dad... he may have been a wee bit proud :)

November 26, 2015

Tammy Is Naturally Glam!

Tell me about yourself!
My name is Tammy and I love my hair! When I stopped relaxing my hair, I only wore two strand twist until all of the relaxed hair was gone.
I used to go to a stylist, but decided to save money and manage my hair on my own.


November 26, 2015

Appreciate Every Season of Your Life


Appreciate every single season of your life.  Whether the season is hard and you wish it would hurry up and pass, or the season is amazing and you're terrified that it will end.  No matter what it is, give yourself to it, and trust that you are experiencing exactly what you need when you need it. 

If you had to give a name to the season you are going through right now, what would it be?

November 25, 2015

Did SheaMoisture Change Their Formula? (Updates)


**Response from SheaMoisture after the jump**

CN Says:
CN commenter, Tinycurls, straight up #Matlocked the situation, so I headed over to BootsUK to check it out. I grabbed the only SheaMoisture product in my arsenal (Coconut Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk) and compared the ingredients on my bottle to the ingredients on the site (click image to enlarge):
top: ingredient list on BootsUK for Curl and Style Milk 
Bottom: ingredient label on my bottle of Curl and Style Milk

 This appears to be a completely different product?  

*in my Katt Williams voice* If I should just so happen to put GLYCERIN in my hurr, uh... there will be some effects.  I clicked through a few other products and all of them had glycerin listed in the top five ingredients. #ICannot 

Of course I'll withhold judgement until I hear from a SheaMoisture rep (maybe this is how they roll in the UK? Are these throwback ingredients, or nah?). 

Check back for updates,

Original Article-- 11/24/2015

by Cree Brown

SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie 
SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie?

So, when I heard that SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie was now being sold in a family size jar, I knew that was the size I needed-because my hair loves it. I went to Walmart and purchased the family size and immediately knew something was amiss when I opened it. It had the consistency of the Curl and Style Milk (Huh!? What!?), it was runny, not thick and creamy. I assumed something was wrong with it and no way was I putting it on my hair. I took it back to the store because I was sure it was a bad batch-I mean it just had to be. To my surprise and chagrin all of the family sizes on Walmart’s shelf had the same consistency when I shook the jar.

Read On!>>>

November 25, 2015

How to Preserve EVERY Hairstyle at Night

by NaturallyChelsea via

Oh, to be newbie again! I can only imagine the things that I would have done differently. I can remember only too well the many, many hairstyles that were spoiled from not having a good curly hair care routine at night.

This post is for all the curlies out there who just want to sleep in and not spend an hour in front of the mirror on a morning redoing a style. It is possible, there is a way and now you can master it!

Preserve a Wash and Go - Option 1 

The first popular method involves keeping the curls moist so that they do not dry in an awkward position while you sleep. Remember those days waking up to flat hair on one side and smooshed curls? Well, no longer! All you will need for this method of preservation is a spray bottle and a shower cap.
  1. Lightly spritz your hair with water then cover it with a shower cap. 
  2. Once you’re finished, put on your satin bonnet or scarf and hop into bed.
The slight moisture and your body heat create a green house effect, helping to keep your curls moist so you can simply fluff and go come morning.
StyleNook user Alia.Varzea

Preserve a Wash and Go - Option 2

Another way to preserve a wash and go is to plait the hair. I know it sounds weird to plait your hair when trying to maintain the curl, but loosely plaiting the hair helps to not only get rid of first day crunchy hair, but it also helps to stretch it to get rid of the Jherri curl look. And because it’s done loosely, the curl pattern will be left undisturbed.
  1. Grab large random sections of hair and braid it loosely remembering to leave the ends (an inch or two) undone to preserve the curl at the end. Use ouchless headbands to secure the braid if it begins to become undone.
  2. Put on your satin scarf or bonnet and tuck yourself in for the night.

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