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She Lost Her Mother 10 Years Ago, Now She's Creating A Scholarship Gala in Her Name

Lola Jordan remembers the passing of her mother Patricia A. Jordan
Written by Mike Orie of
On February 23, 2007, St. Louis native Lola Jordan lost her mother at the young age of 15. And while it's definitely taken a toll on her throughout the years, she's survived the traumatic experience, growing into a much more stronger person.
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Jet Magazine May Return To NewsStands With New Focus On Black Millennials

Photo Source: Colorlines
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Jet Magazine is considering returning to newsstands with an all-new focus on millennials.

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Watch 'Finding Magic' A Short Film On Black Women And Self Love

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Actress/Producer Andrea Lewis has released a short docu-series titled Finding Magic. The short five-minute film features Essence Atkins, amongst other and highlights what it means for Black women to find their magic. It is part one of a three part series.

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