January 18, 2017

Designer Diaper Bag Giveaway!

Check my diaper bag swag! #ElizabethGreyAndJade

January 17, 2017

CurlyNikki on The Doctor Oz Show This Thursday (Jan 19)

I'll be back on the Dr. Oz Show this Thursday (Jan 19th), talking to women who've been 'Wrecked by Beauty'! Tune in for tips to restore and revitalize your situation!

January 17, 2017

Do Hair Vitamins Really Work?

IG @iamangeldior

by Tiffani Greenaway of MyMommyVents.com

You've seen questions about them in the forums and pictures on the 'gram. Reality TV personalities, rappers, and models, pose with a bottle (or cup of tummy flattening tea) praise supplements that promise transformations of your hair from the inside out.


January 13, 2017

5 Tips for Unbelievable Length

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by Tiffani Greenaway of MyMommyVents.com

#Hairgoals. We all want strong, healthy hair, but we also want to have incredible length. Shrinkage is an ego killer--but here are 5 ways to get the unbelievable length you've been dreaming of.


January 12, 2017

Use This Ingredient to Retain Moisture in Dry, Brittle Natural Hair

 photo courtesy of Beemore

Lecithin is an essential component of every cell in our bodies. Lecithin is a basis in the structure of cells that prevents the hardening of cell membranes. It is a fat that can also be found in several foods including soybeans, meats, vegetables, and egg yolks. According to Drugs.com, “Lecithin is the common name for a series of related compounds called phosphatidylcholines.” Healthy cells lead to a healthy body and maintaining a body’s resistance to many diseases that take advantage of damaged cells. One of the most well-known benefits of lecithin is supporting cardiovascular health, but some even say it aids in weight loss and relief of arthritis. Lecithin is natural-occurring in the body. It can also be consumed either through foods or as a supplement. The majority of commercial lecithins sold in the market today are from soybean, sunflower, and grape seeds.

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