CurlyTD Shows Off Her 'Bedroom' Hair

I thought I'd share my nightly routine with you and your readers. Hopefully it works for someone else as well!

My Night-time routine:

Step 1: When I get home, I instantly put my hair up into a loose, messy bun

Step 2: When I'm ready to get ready for the night I let down my bun and let my hair loose

Step 3: I take out my hair tie, satin scarf and hair bonnet.

Step 4: I separate my hair into two (2) sections making loose pigtails.

Step 5: I take one (1) section of my hair and start to apply Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to the entire section. FYI: I use the Omega Nutrition brand

Step 6: I take more coconut oil and concentrate on my ends.

Step 7: I place a hair tie around the section of hair I'm working on and pick up more coconut oil and apply it to the crown of my head and hair line.

Step 8: I then repeat the same steps on the other side of head until I have two loose pigtails.

Step 9: I then put on my satin scarf.

Step 10: Lastly, I put on a hair bonnet since my satin scarf will usually fall off!

Next Day Hair...Actually Day 5 Hair!!

That's it! It usually takes me 5 minutes, if even that!

I've found this to be the best way to preserve my hairstyles. Following this nightly routine gives me 5-7 day hair without re-twisting :-)

FYI- I twist my hair with either Carol's Daughter Hair Milk or just water & Organic Coconut Oil ( I picked that up from stalking Zhara's Fotki!). I have very thick hair but I've found this routine helps to hold my style despite not using a gel.

I hope this helps another curly girl out there!

a.k.a CurlyTD

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Anonymous said...

Lovely!! Thank u so much for sharing! My bonnet is similar to yours!


AlongCameStacey said...

I would have liked to see next day hair so we can see how well the style is preserved.

Afrocentric Mocha said...

Thanks for sharing. Do you think your results would be as good if you did everytning as stated, but slept w/ hair uncovered on a satin pillow?

Maria said...

Hey I want those earrings!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Maria I'll get you a pair of my earrings and send em to ya!

Prettysunshyne- You're welcome! I have a bunch of bonnets I picked up @ the dollar store, lol!

FlowerChild- These pics were actually all taken on 4th day hair.

Afrocentric Mocha- I don't think I'd get the same results sleeping with my hair uncovered. I could probably get 2nd day hair out of it, but not a week. It would start to get frizzy. But that's just my hair! You could try it! Let us know if you do :-)


Anonymous said...

Now i know how to keep my satin wrap from falling off during the night. Thanks!

AlongCameStacey said...

That was day 4 hair!? Impressive :-)

Elegance said...

Thanks for posting this. One of the big frustrations I'm having with my hair right now is having to re-set my hair every night. I can have a really good hair day, but my hair gets totally smushed overnight. When my hair gets longer I can probably do buns or tie it back. But until then I don't think anything can be done but redo my curly fro, bantu knots, or banding each night.

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