Newbie Monay- Bantu Knot-Out Results

Hi Nikki,
I love your blog I am an oldie newbie! My last relaxer was Nov. 2004. I never did the BC, I just let it grow out. But I say I am a newbie because I just became comfortable with wearing my natural hair in its natural state.

Well, here's my bantu knot out.
1. I two strand twist my hair
2. I bantu knot
3. Wrap in silk scarf or satin pillow
4. fluff in the morning & go.

Newbie Monay

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TaiCM said...

Love it! My hair looks exactly like that when I do the bantu knot out.

Love the flower!

Anonymous said...

love this site! keep up the good work nik!

Anonymous said...

oh cool! I didn't know you can do this on shorter hair. I'm trying it!

sandra z. said...

Ohh so pretty... i think i have basically that same hair type as you....great inspiration

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