KCCC Giveaway!

Joane, a CurlyNikki.com reader, is giving away a jar of KCCC to one lucky curly!

Whenever readers graciously reach out to sponsor a giveaway, I ask the following-- what question do you want me to ask the readers? or, what prompt should I present them with?

Well, Miss Joane's creative self came back with this:

Hmmm... how about a Haiku about their transition/natural growth experience? I really love poetry and I would love to see a dope one!

A Haiku challenge it is! But first, a 3rd grade refresher course:

Haiku is a poetic form and a type of poetry from the Japanese culture. The most common form for Haiku is three short lines. The first line usually contains five (5) syllables, the second line seven (7) syllables, and the third line contains five (5) syllables. Haiku doesn't rhyme. A Haiku must "paint" a mental image in the reader's mind. This is the challenge of Haiku - to put the poem's meaning and imagery in the reader's mind in ONLY 17 syllables over just three (3) lines of poetry! -- Reference

An example:

A Rainbow
Donna Brock

Curving up, then down.

Meeting blue sky and green earth

Melding sun and rain.

The author of the best Haiku (chosen by Joane) will receive the free jar of KCCC, and bragging rights of course... :D This giveaway will end July 8 at 5pm.

Good luck chicas!

92 Weigh in!:
Nicole Hicks said...

Confused by my crown
Not listening to the world
Loving my hair this day

I think I got the syllables right:)

OrganicBloom said...

Puffball meets straight ends
Frizz (unwelcome) steals away
Curls and Kinks now reign

Destiny said...
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Destiny said...

Forever a dream
Didn't realize the beauty
Now free to be me

Anonymous said...

Roots from motherland
Stringy ends from the perm can
Chop chop natural

Written By Monica Lake

Closer to My Dreams said...

I embrance my naps
Strengthened to be who I was meant
Forces Growth Upon Me

Anonymous said...

Permed Ends, Kinky Roots
Now All Natural, All Smiles
Curls Heaven, Surprise!

L. Michelle said...

First afraid to show...
Curls make me expressive now
Never going back!!!!!!!

Destiny J said...

What is my true Destiny
My LOVE wants me to conform
loose my love or me

EmberRose said...

What is this hair thing?
Twisted tangled knotted rough?
No. Natural? Bliss!

ljkelly said...

July nine will make
one year w/o the cream lye
natural curl girl

Trena J. said...

Twist, turns, bends galore
Glorious untamed freedom
My God-given crown!

Jonesy said...

My accessory
No one else mirrors my style
Curls, kinks, coils: my world.


Ayathedreamer said...

cant wait for new growth
feels like acceptance in hands
onlookers, look on

Tausha D. said...

Stressed tresses had I
Snip, clip down to nothingness
From whence sprang freedom

Laurie said...

Spirals Twists and Turns
Always New Never the Same
Crazy Curly Joy

A. Spence said...

Curls come in like tides

Breaking free of the mainstream

Washing away time

Indigenous Productions said...

This afro makes sense;
loving the surprises it brings.
This is me. No fakes.

Teddi378 said...

Dry Broken Thinning
Moisture Regrowth Renewal
Freely Me!

nappy.curly.crown said...

Naps, kinks, coils, and curls
Spring forth, gravity defied
A tribute to god

Teddi378 said...

I pressed submit before I finished.

Dry Broken Thinning
Moisture Regrowth Renewal
Curly Freely Me!

Shones said...

Fluffy bronze-laced clouds
Raining curls, winding ringlets
Husband sunshine smiles

Anonymous said...

Look what I have found
God's gift of natural beauty
Designed just for me!

Maliya P.

Naturally Leslie said...

Glorious tresses
Sprouting forth towards the heavens
Naturally striking

Anonymous said...

black hair, pretty hair
HEY!!! curly, coily, kinky,
who cares, love hair. NICE!!!


Natalie said...

octopus tendrils
a mass of sproingy greatness
free to be myself!

Namun said...

My curls bend, coil, curl.
Like tree roots hugging the earth,
they hug my fingers.

Anonymous said...

Tendrils create curls
Gently dripping love and care
Fall around my face

my profile wont work- so this is Hsharp

loulou82 said...

These are nice ladies! (Obviously I'm not entering :))

vitak72 said...

I want to do it
Narrow minds make it so hard
But the kinks say,"CHOP!"

A. Davis said...

light passing through curls,
ignites fires eternal,
love everlasting

mp said...

Fingers through soft kinks
Who da thought this possible
GOD I love mt hair!

Anonymous said...

hair does what it wants
curly, springy, wiry, so?
my choice, its voice, ME.


Anonymous said...

Flawless coils, so rich...
Simply pure, nothing amiss
Spring! with joy life love


Anonymous said...

Fierce daily battle.
untamed round curvaceous curls.
neat straight ends. Who wins?

The Humble Narcissist

Suburbanbushbabe said...

Clinging wavy wet,
hair shrinks tight when air brushes
my cotton candy strands.


Anonymous said...

Floor littered with hair
I pulled out the relaxed weeds
Now kinky can bloom

Kerry G

mskraizy said...

Touchable Tresses
Were once imagination
And now I'm perm-free

Kimberlaya said...

Ever changing me
Never will I be bound
To a jar again

Stephania Brooks said...

Relax Me, Please
A Request My Hair Hated
Newgrowth Coming Soon


Kelley said...

Growing, first a sprout
It’s glad to be free, to breathe
Curling like a vine.

Kelley said...

Growing, first a sprout
It’s glad to be free, to breathe
Curling like a vine.

Socoily said...

Discerning the lye,
My shackles fall, weight lifted.
The journey begins.

Dolorese said...

Self confidence lacked.
Permed hair all gone, who am I?
A Natural Queen.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please tell me what KCCC means? Some of this jargon can be confusing to newbies like me. Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

Golden brown curls love
Desire, Rain, Wet, Moisture
Cascade down my back

By:Candice F

Sheila said...

Concealed beauty halt!
Irrefutable spirals.
Elite treat at last.

honeysmoke said...

Black hair splits, breaks, falls
until no more lye burns scalp
and curls rain down back

Wendi said...

Spent my life caught up.
NO more trying to keep straight
Gonna go curly!

Makeda said...

my hair is living
curling twisting bending
life on its own terms

Alicia said...

Tugging the comb through
fried dead web remains of lyes
forming a tangle

By Alicia S D

just my take said...

No perm, free at last
Condish, Custard, style and go
Wavy, flowing hair

Anonymous said...

Transitioning back to the past
Twist and Curl has set me free
Back to my childhood roots

By Felicia R

Jeneh said...

Tired of lyeing
Friends thinking that I'm crazy
Kinky, wild, and free

Bringin' Nappy Back said...

Kinky and curly,
soft to the touch- oh my hair
I love you so much.

by Tayo B.

L.A.W. said...

A new being found,
after years of conforming.
Nubian goddess.

Anonymous said...

kinks curls and coils,
beautiful crown of glory
reaching towards the sky.

by Shayna D.

Shayla said...

Financial freedom
From stylists knowing critique
Cuz I know me best

Deana P said...

Kinky hair is mine
Guiding my unique journey
I embrace confidently.

Amanda said...

Heaven's on my head
Lifetime spent only to get
where I already was!

By Amanda

luvleelox said...

Heaven's on my head
Lifetime spent only to get
where i always was

Anonymous said...

Kinky, Curly, Hair
Seperates me from the norm
I am natural

Blessd1980 said...

I don't envy having to chose a winner, these are all good. Good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

Uptight by breakage,
Now I’m revived, feeling free,
Let GOD have his will

[email protected]

Alicia said...

Always natural
Never wore the straight disguise
Always beautiful

Anonymous said...

I sent the wrong one sorry , delete the first one I sent you and post this one. Thanks.

Natural hair sprout
Chasing relaxed strand to end
Snip, style, and enjoy


Anonymous said...

shunned by the world
for embracing the beauty of my hair
soft like cotton makes you want to touch it

Anonymous said...

The beauty that comes from within
Why would I try to disquise
The beauty that God has given me

Dannielle said...

Island girl black curls
Sunlight on my hair radiates
Natural beauty

Nic said...

"Wow, is that your hair?"
"It's all mine", I proudly said,
"and yours too can thrive."

Anonymous said...

to be different
is unique and loving hair
that is all natural


angel k said...

If they don't like it,
I don't care!, Its my hair chile!,
Curly, Gorgeous Fro!

ilcbasb said...

naps and i?,no thanks
but now i see the beauty
coils,curls it's all me

CurlyLikeMe said...

This kinky mane you see?
I got it from my momma
Srength courses throughout!

Erica said...

Oh indecisive
swirl, curl, or loop
new discovery

Anonymous said...

kim b.
LOVE Like a flower
Gentle as silk, Dark as night
Don’t mix two textures.

Erica said...

day by day I fight
curls waiting to be set free
chop.cut.at last.free......

Erica said...

Just waiting to be free
Caged curls wanting to run wild
Chop.Cut.at last.free.....

Anonymous said...

Natural hair sprout
Chasing relaxed strand to end
Snip, style, and go


thfromthabay said...

Creamy crack is whack!
That white sh*zz just ain't for me
Hair now stands up proud

dpayton said...

My hair is so fierce
Glow in its natural beauty
I am inspired

Sasha J said...

His hands through my hair
ebony hands in my curls
loved naturally

Starlah B said...

Black Cotton Meadow
Onyx Cloud of Liberty
Crown of My Glory

Rhapsody in PURPLE! said...

Her curls of beauty
Curious hands, Long to touch
Her Pure, unscathed world.

Ms. Mae said...

Is this ME you ask?
Pure as can be...God-designed
Proud to be NAPPY : )

Michelle Hamilton said...

Me transitioning
Puffy roots, tangles, and knots
Can't wait to big chop

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Sorry everyone, I was missing a syllable in the 2nd line. Here is the corrected version:

Naked and stripped down
no lye, no 'cones its just me
happy in the rain

Demi said...

Curly wiry rings
Pushing straight strings down and out
Natural Freedom

Donise74 said...

Hair awakening...

Hidden beneath darkness
Pushing against no boundary...light
Short,new beginnings
By Donise

Anonymous said...

light and rainbows
hidden treasure beneath the surface
a spring of new

honeisos said...

Buttery and smooth
shining like the sun so warm
curls pop and spring out

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