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The beautiful Wes of HBS is back, and guiding us down memory lane!

Back Into Time...

This is me circa 11th grade- I was always known to have some sort of unique, funky hairstyle. This style AND look I stole from Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody" video. I think I used rollers for the curls...

When I think back, I used SO many different styling products, most of which I don't use any more:

- Jam
- Pre-Con styling gel (they don't really make it any more, but this was a really good gel for setting dry hair on rollers!)
- Live hair dressing
- Vitapointe hair dressing
- Isoplus Hot Curl Spritz

What products did you use in high school?

21 Weigh in!:
jettiemae said...

I can't remember all of the products I used to use in high school, but my #1 main staple was... Pink Oil Moisturizer!!!! What?! Okay!! I used to looooove that stuff, ya' hear me? Today I wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole, but back in the day that was my joint!!! LOL!

GG said...

I love it! Aaliyah was my biggest style icon in high school. I never could wear my hair the same for more than a few days either. My fave products back then were:

- Liv hair dressing (I still use this for my edges! the one in the white jar with red writing, right?!)
- Pink Oil Moisturizer
- Jam
- Isoplus oil sheen
- Spritz, spritz and more spritz any kind
- Infusium 23
- Mane and Tail leave-in conditioner
- Good old Blue Magic

KeetaRay said...

Haa!! That style is so cute, I've had similar "back in the day"! ;-)
Hmm... In high school I LOVED Luster's Pink Hair Lotion and the Cream Hairdress, I also dabbled in some Jam, Isoplus Oil Sheen, and Liv Hair Cream.

R3 Body Method said...

In high school a stylist recommended the At One line to me and it actually helped my hair. It probably was steps up to whatever I was using before.

Anonymous said...

Wow... I don't think they had Pink Oil Moisturizer when I was in high school... heehee!

Anyway, the products I remember are as follows:

- Afro sheen (for shine!)
- Blue Magic
- Bergamot! The green stuff...I always thought that smelled so good!!
- And for that "recipe" to slick the edges or any other fly-aways down.... *drumroll...just add a little water to either of the above and smooooooooooth!!! lol

Anonymous said...

some type of loud smelling oil sheen--(I think the one in the red can) that could have probably killed bugs with all those fumes. also lots of spritz.

SuNni said...

I remember wanting my pressed hair to flow just like Aaliyah's. What a style icon :-)

I did faithfully use Pink Oil Moisturizer to try and tame my think hair. Oh do I miss hair pretty my hair use to be. Oh well, Im working on it now.

Till this day my mom still tries to use it on my daughter.

Wes said...

@GG: Yep! That's the one, every time I smell it I have flashbacks of my mom detangling my tender-headed hair :-(

Urban Homeschoolers Of Columbus said...

Mine used to be ISO-plus gel (the brown kind) and Pump It Up. That stuff could freeze some hair. I remember I had so much Pump it Up in my hair a boy said it looked like bacon.

A_curly_Diva said...

Grease Grease and more Grease. Whatever I could get my hands on to Greaseeeeeeeeee my scalp. Oh the petroleum!!!

Pickles said...

Wow, high school was such a long time ago. I think I used some of my Dad's Afro Sheen and water to set my hair on rollers with a little of the Lottabody setting lotion or something. My mom still relaxed my hair through high school with Gentle Treatment box perm. Pink Oil Moisterizer was always around.

Milan said...

I used the TCB Naturals: shampoo, condish n hair grease, Infusium 23 leave in, Motions hair lotion, Lusters Pink glosser spray. I probably use Jam too to slick back my edges for buns.

Anonymous said...

B&B Super Gro(green kind). It never made my hair grow, but it was a light grease in both smell and texture. My mom and sis still use it.

Isoplus Oil Sheen. This kept my doobie/wrap tight and so shiny.

If my hair was actually in an updo I used brown gel. That was very rare. I pretty much wore a wrap every day.

caribbeanchic said...

Jettimae, me too! I remember piling on Luster's pink oil moisturizer every chance i got. my Mummy swore by it for us. By form 6 i had shaved my hair low, though, so it was just TCB curl activator at that point :)

Mae said...

Jam was definitely on the top of my list! Used to apply it to get rid of the "beadie-beads" when I was due for a perm, lol! Glad that phase is over : )

Anonymous said...

haha, the minute I saw this photo I thought: Aaliyah! And as I read your commentary, I have to agree...that look is very "Are You That Somebody". Anyway, I used All Ways Indian Hemp pomade and Soft Sheen Carson's Breakthru (discontinued). I washed w/ Nexxus' Therapee and conditioned with Humectress

Anonymous said...

@ BEAUTIQUE LOL at bacon!!!

Cho Kawaii said...

i used that protein brown gel in the jumbo jar for 1.99! yuck! I would never use that now
lots of pink oil moisturizer
infusium 23 leave in
tcb grease --- religiously
and hairspray/spritz. the harder the hair the better.

DestinationCurly said...

Sigh.. those high school dayz! Well, I was trying SO many different products, I'm not sure where to start! lol! I think my staples were Olive Oil, the legendary Pink Oil Moisturizer, Lottabody setting lotion, Isoplus Sheen Spray, Isoplus castor oil for my scalp and I think that was it. Oh Yeah, I think you pulled off the Aaliyah look perfectly! RIP BabyGirl!

Anonymous said...

found the Pre-Con Styling gel online at

Poohbear0215 said...

Motions Products, Elasta QP Products, and various greases.

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