Pin Curl Set for Natural Hair

Happy Monday!

Aren't we fortunate that the divas of are so forthcoming with their beauty secrets?! If it wasn't for these creative styling tutorials, I'd be doomed to a life of buns and twist-outs!

Without further ado, check out this Pin Curl tutorial by Tiashauntee...

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This style is so easy to do and is actually a two in one. You can do the pin curls and wear them that way and/or remove the hair pins and let your curls cascade.

When I was wearing my press n curl all the time I would do pin curls across the top and wear them with a bun in the back.

A few days later I would take my hair down and I would have some awesome waves going on....the best part - NO HEAT.

For more pics of this style please visit my FOTKI

Maybe she'll do a vid or provide a step by step tutorial on her gorgeous Twist Bun next! Hint, hint ;)

7 Weigh in!:
Tia said...

LOL, I catch the hint :)
Thanks Nikki!



Pinkrage said...

I LOVE TIA's hair. She does SO much with it. She inspire me to do more. I can't wait until I have more length.

lawsmd said...

Tia is an inspiration! I love to check out her posts on the BnB Challenge to see what she is doing. I have borrowed many of her styles.

rose said...

This is a good Pin Curl tutorial and I think its very esy to understand from this video.Thank you very much for showing us this video.You have done a good job.

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momo7 said...

Your hair is beautiful (as well as the color). OMG this seems like it would put far less stress on my hair by doing this rather than the bantu knots I do to add volume to my twists!!!! TY much! =)

curlygem said...

This site has been one of endless inspiration for me, and I've been natural (for the 3rd and last time) for 2 years and 1 month! I'm gonna try this pin curl 'do tonight! Thanks Tia and Nikki!

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