Meetup Pics-- DC!

ChrsLvsBks writes:

Hi Nikki,

A group of wonderful curly ladies met on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in April. We discussed our hair regimens, shared homemade recipes and swapped products. The turn out was great, and we are hoping to get together again soon. Here are a few photos from the event. More can be found in the Curly Meet-Ups section of the forum.

Thanks again Nikki for having a place where curlies can "meet."


4 Weigh in!:
Unknown said...

Oh Snap! I wish I could've been there!! Unfortunately, I won't be out of school in MA till next month :( How often do you lovely ladies meet?

Melyssa said...

i wish i had known! i recognize that restaurant too - i love their food!

satin doll said...

I wish I had known too!!! Where did you ladies meet?

Anonymous said...

aawh suga honey ice tea!! wish i would of known cause me & my girlfriends could have come thru!!

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