The Modified Princess Leia

Hola Chicas!

So as you all know, I've been rocking the same protective style for the past few weeks- - double buns with flat twist accents. Hubby affectionately refers to it as the Princess Leia!

The style is easy to do, lasts for a week, and is great if you workout regularly. Plus, it elicits the occasional compliment. Y'all asked for a video, but I'm doing the next best thing... a pictorial :)

I always start with soaking wet, detangled hair separated into two halves (for easier detangling in the shower, each half ends up in 3 big twists... 6 twists total).

What You'll Need:

  • DevaCare One for styling, smoothing, and moisture
  • Ouchless Pony Tail Holders to secure the buns
  • Deva Set it Free (optional) for definition and frizz reduction
  • Goody Ouchless Brush for detangling (optional)


Pick a side and get started!

Remove the twists and add a generous amount of Devacare or Devacurl One C (Set it Free is optional)

Rake product through so that your curls/waves clump for improved definition

Section out a 1 to 2 inch chunk of hair at your face

Flat twist that section following these instructions (see below)

Gather the twist and loose hair into a goody ponytail holder. Pull through twice, and only halfway through on the third time. You could also use bobby pins to secure the bun.

Repeat the above steps with the other side :-)

Allow to air dry unmanipulated, just as you would a wash-n-go. Disturbing the hair will result in frizz and less definition.

Next Day Results:

Benefits of this style:
  • Low manipulation (length retention)- - lasts for 7 days or more!
  • Quick and easy- - great if you're short on time. I'm usually in and out of the bathroom in 30 minutes.
  • Chic summer style- - keeps the hair off of your neck, and out out of your face.
  • Cute work out hair- - I walk 3 miles every day, and my hair is the last thing on my mind :)
  • Easy to jazz up with accessories (i.e. flowers, earrings, other sparkly barrettes).
If the two bun thing is not for you, try this:
  • Part in the middle, or on the side, and create the two flat twists.
  • Instead of pulling the hair into two buns, gather all of the loose hair into one low side bun.
This is VERY cute, and more appropriate for work. You could also play with the placement of the buns... creating them more toward the rear, than the sides, higher, instead of lower, etc.

Style Preservation:

I lightly spritz my hair with a filtered water/conditioner mix, smooth, and then don my satin scarf. In the morning, I remove the scarf, and if the buns are squished, I'll take them down and re-do.

Later Gators!

Flat Twist How-To a la CurlyChronicles

15 Weigh in!:
Skeeta said...

Yea for style tuts! I'm all about the protective styling right now, thx for the idea!

Sherriann said...

This is so cute on you, hope it looks half as nice when I try it!

Tamara said...

:D :D Super cute do. I want to try when I get more length :) I can see myself doing both the two and single bun versions! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Nice do! Love the style and that you have shelves of books :-)

MღRLz said...

That style is so cute! Love it :0)

momo7 said...

Great pictorial! This reminds me of the style that Marion Jones has been wearing lately with her single bun. It's adorable. I gotta attempt the double bun now that I've seen your pictorial. Thanks!


Thanks ladies!!!

Gigi, you make a good point. Although I haven't had any issues (I do my best to keep the buns loose), maybe taking down the buns and pulling the hair up into a high loose pony with a scrunchie (pineappling) would be better... plus, it'll reduce the smooshed bun thing I deal with in the morning. thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I like this, too. I can see doing this a lot during workouts. And then for the very hot and humid months when I can't stand feeling my hair around my face and neck.

curlychronicles said...

Ooh..I like this..I'm thinking low side bun with the flat twist..I've been lacking in the fun new styles category..thanks for the suggestion Nikki! :D
it never fails to make me all blushy when one of my videos pops up lol :D

Oh and I heard it's gonna be a girl, yay lol

KinkySheaPT said...

Ok, I LOVE this style! I tried it out today. It's super easy to do and took no time at all. I wore this to the gym and got a few complements, even after I'd finished my work out and was as sweaty as a linebacker!! The style held up great! I love styles that I can take shopping and to the gym. Thanks Nikki!!

Anonymous said...

Great!! Thanks for sharing!!

Lady g said...

This is too cute!, could you keep posting styles like these, because Im a natural who wears a curly fro a lot to school, but in the summer I'll be working in the hot sun( maybe wearing a hardhat) so I'll have to retire the fro for a bit. Im looking for cute protective styles that work on short (about 5 inch) natural hair

Vera said...

Oh I am so gonna rock this look while I work out in the garden tomorrow :)
I do wear double buns, but never thought of flat-twist accents before...cute!!

Unknown said...

Oh wow! Just saw this. I basically do this same style. I even did a youtube tutorial ( I do mine with twists all over. Between 9-12 depending on my mood! I've been doing this since March!! Oh, part 2 shows the finished product which was much better!

Karie said...

Hi Nikki,

I recently found this style and I did it on my daughter Aaliyah who is 21months and it was BEYOND cute!! I modified it a bit because of her hair still being short. I did 1 flat curl across the front of her head and then put 1 big poof on the top!

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