National Afro Day- Best of the Best!

On July 4th curlies around the country celebrated National Afro Day, and rocked, well, Afros! Check out the members below for your daily dose of natural inspiration!

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Krazy Coils
















If your pic is included in this line up, please leave your AFRO reggie in the comments below! We want to be like y'all!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful ladies; SweetDrk1 your hair is on!!! I have been following ya from the BC!!!! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS HAIR!!!

Sweetdrk1 said...

Thank you soo much! I was/am very pleased with the volume I was able to achieve.

Here is what I did to achieve the curly fro. I co-washed with Trader Joe conditioner. I detangled in sections maybe 5 to 6 super large twists. I took each twist down, applied Giovanni DLI and re twisted the section into med sized twist. I let my hair air dry, I was outside and it was HOT so maybe 2-3 hours?? I then took each twist apart with Pooka Hair Nectar on my fingers. Oh I forgot to mention I always use Koils by Nature Hair butter when I twist. Sasha loves it! AND just to be sure it wasn't a freak accident. LOL. I twisted them again Monday night and rocked my Curly fro to work on Tuesday! Wooo Hoooo!!

I am so proud of the family...we represented in such a beautiful way!

Anonymous said...

All so beautiful <3
but Ms. oooop2?!?!?!?!? like really????? bananas!

ShakLand said...

My fro was like Krazy Coils'. I considered trying all sorts of things but just stuck to what has always worked for me - shea butter, and not too much. I'm learning more and more that less is more. As my hair grows longer I will wear it out more, especially when the weather gets cooler, because this sun is not a friend to my hair!

All of you ladies look absolutely fabulous!

LaToya said...

Beautiful 'fros ladies!

Tiffany said...

Awe, everyone looked great.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

vonnie said...

omg, they look so fierce and cool! i was maaaaad that I forgot it was afro day and had gotten long cornrows put into my hair a couple days before :(

Anonymous said...

All of these pictures are really awesome, but i must say that (8) of these are my favorite that I like the best. Though i won't say exactly the name for the person, so as to not offend another picture.

Unknown said...

Okay me and Nubbienatty have EXACT profiles...I thought that was me for a sec and I had to stop and think, I didn't send a picture! Crazy!

xtremelyperfect said...

Yay fros!!!

For my fro I co-washed with Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Conditioner. Then I applied my leave-in which is a mixture of Kinky Curly Knot Today, jojoba oil, castor oil and aloe vera juice. And then I applied Kinky Curly Curling Custard in small sections. Shook my head a few times and voila!

To see more pictures of my hair on the 4th and of my journey check out my fotki:

Also thanks to CurlyNikki and SweetDrk1 for featuring lil ole Harriet!

Tiffy2 said...

I do a DC every sunday useing Suave coconut conditioner,honey and avocado oil. after I rinse that out I spray my hair with my special mixture of horse tail tea,peppermint oil,tea tree oil,rosemary tea and aloe vera juice. and use a little of my shea butter mix. thanks guys for posting the pics!

bholmes87 said...

Holla for the afros! Whoot!! Whoot!!

In order to achieve my fro I used a wide tooth comb and Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in cream. Before the fro, I had a wash n'go that I wore to a job interview.

I started by sectioning my hair in 4 parts. I applied the Cantu to the section I was working on.
Then I took small sections and began to detangle my hair.
I twisted up the sections after combing through them (gently)
Once all my hair was detangled, I took all the twisted sections out and fluffed with my fingers.
Then I lightly sprayed my hair with a water/glycerin mixed and patted it into shape : )

My nighttime routine was just wearing a satin bonnet to sleep and using my wide tooth comb to make the fro big again the next day!


Balls Of Beauty said...

yall....we are looking sooo good!! :D i just cant stop smiling. i must confess...i have been literally STARING at jamaicandanie's fro for 15 min..just WOWZERS!!

well, i think i posted my reggie in my thread cuz i can hardly remember my name right now; but i know i 2strand for a few days, i definitely used some koilsBN leave-in, and did a twistout w/coconut...afterwards i just spritz'd on some water n fluffed it out! thanx to oops n tia for the method and NTCM for the coconut tip!!

p.s. miss tasha...are u my long lost twin **twilight zone theme plays**

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