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Toya writes:

I recently cut my hair into a Rihanna cut, and THEN decided to go natural. ( I couldn't deal with the concept of relaxing my hair more often to maintain the short look. I'd finally had enough.) I was really worried about transitioning with the short hair on the back and sides of my head, but I was able to rod set my hair. Note: It required a lot of patience!

Check it out:

He will always love you...
by Toya of The Quarter Life Chronicles

It is safe to say that my husband doesn't particularly like my hair "curly". One time, he even made the mistake of calling my hair nappy. (Boy, did he regret it.) Fortunately, the other night we had a breakthrough. During our usual evening banter, he said, "I love you". In search of reassurance, I asked, "Do you even love my hair?" He answered, "Of course. I love all of you. It is a part of you so I love it too". (Good answer.) So although he may not like my hair, he loves my hair since he loves me. The moral of the story is that your partner will (or at least should) still love you when you make superficial changes.

With that said, I present my first hair tutorial. Now that I have two totally different hair textures, I decided to rod set my hair to blend the two textures. I was worried about the short hair on the back and sides, but it came out great!

Hair Products
Avalon Organics Hair Strengthening Peppermint Shampoo (Sulfate free)
Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner
African Royale Hot Six Oil
Sedal Hair Cream Lissage (It has alcohol in it, so it should be replaced. It helps hair stick to the roller really well though.)
Carol's Daughter Some of Marguerite's Magic
Carol's Daughter Tui Jojoba and Shea Butter Hair Sheen
Aphogee Pro-Vitamin Leave-in Conditioner (mixed with water in my spritz bottle)
Let's Jam

Hair Tools
Hair Dryer
Blow Dryer (The top of my hair was taking too long to dry so I pulled out the blow dryer)
8 packs of curl rods (really small since my hair is cut so short)
Hair clips
Shower comb
Bobby pins

Step-by-step Tutorial
  • Wash and condition hair.(I deep conditioned.)
  • Add hot six oil to damp hair. (This helps me retain a lot of moisture.)
  • Divide your hair into sections to begin putting in rods. (Since the backs and sides were the shortest and most annoying, I did them first).
  • Part a small section for each roller. Make sure you don't try to put too much hair in the roller. Also make sure you keep your hair damp by spraying it with water/conditioner mix. (It is the key to any good roller set.) Use your setting lotion of choice on that section of hair and roll it keeping your hair taut. Use hair clips to keep other strands of hair out of the way.
  • Continue throughout your hair. Exercise patience (especially on short hair). It took about two hours to complete roller set.
  • Sit under dryer until hair is dry.

  • Separate curls. I separated each curl into at least 3 curls. To do this, I took my Marguerite's Magic (or moisturizer of choice) and placed a very small amount on my finger tips. I pulled a piece of the curl and twirled it around my finger. Thus separating the curl into at least three defined curls. I continued to do this on my entire head.
  • Since the sides of my hair are so short and the top is so long, I clipped the sides down using Marguerite's Magic and Let's jam.
  • Any hair that was too short for rollers (the nape of my neck), I put some Marguerite's Magic). I used the sheen spray to add some overall sheen.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Your hair is really cute. I have a bob and now that I have decided to go natural, I've been struggling with styles for the short parts of my hair. I will definitely try the rod setting. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful, I think any hairstyle would look good on you :) Great Tutorial and great hairstyle! Congrats on giving up the creamy crack :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks this is a great style. I would love to see more pixie cut tutorials for transitioners... I am 4 months post BC and growing out my pixie bob. Talk about DIFFICULTTT! THANKS FOR THE TIP!

Anonymous said...

Very lovely style!

FYI-- My husband reacted the same way to my hair at first... he actually said I look like my BROTHER!!! >:-( When we had our breakthrough, he apologized. 5 months later, he not only loves my hair, but he also LIKES my hair. :-)

Since men are visual creatures, drastic changes take getting used to, but your husband is going to see how fly your hair is soon enough and really LIKE it... because your hair is SO CUTE!

Anonymous said...

The first thing I noticed was your eyes and your bright came third. Your husband must be so proud to have you on his arm :-)

Alicia said...

You are just too cute. I love your smile!

Kat said...

Im totally loving your creativity. I know it might take forever for me to get those rods in. Im inspired to try now, tho.

Latoya said...

Thanks everyone for the compliments and support! He is coming around slowly but surely. But in the meantime, I truly appreciate the online support. My little sister turned me onto the online hair community and she is also supportive of my hair journey. So at least I have one personal cheerleader.

Anonymous said...

I know it's off topic...but...I need that dress in my life! I loves it! Your hair is gorgeous btw ;o)

Latoya said...

Thank you! I bought it at Old Navy a couple of years ago. I had to pull out my electric lint remover to breathe some new life into it:-)

Anonymous said...

trying this today will post pic after im about 2 months post BC

Pamela said...

Your hair is too cute. When I was transitioning I was trying to prepare my hubby. Nothing prepared him more than when I took the scissors and just started cutting. He thought that he wasn't going to like it but he loves it. I think he is even more attracted to me, he can't keep his hands off of me or my TWA!

Anonymous said...

I tried this stlye it came out ok for my first try

JenellyBean said...

Do you still have relaxed ends?

Will this style work for someone who is completely natural?

I'm 4 months natural and I have about 3.5 inches to 4 inches of hair. Will my hair set smooth or will it look rough??

I've never roller set my hair (since going natural) so I'm wondering which products will help best on 4b THICK hair like mine.


Latoya said...

My ends are still relaxed. At the top, where there hair is longer...there are a lot of relaxed ends. The ends are shorter on the back and sides. I plan on doing this until I grow my natural hair to a TWA. I've already started to cut the back. For the hair that is too short for a roller, I simply finger coil.

As I grow my natural hair longer, I noticed that it gets frizzier a little faster. But that is partly because I have a serious case of hand in head syndrome. I love playing with my new curls.

Anonymous said...

Hi There,

FINALLY, some ideas to transiiton for short hair cuts. I didn't want to BC (done that before and I wasn't a fan once I realized how tight my natural curl is) and I've been using the blow dryer and flat iron on my roots. But I really like that style, it looks great!!

Muffins :] said...

aw you're so pretty! great smile n hair ^.^

Pauline said...

I am loving the post I went through the dont cut your hair thing with my husband,he gave in to make me happy and he loves the new look says its sexy. I plan on trying the rod set its cute.

Pauline said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jessi said...

I'm sooo trying this tonight. I haven't roller set my hair since my 1 month mark ... I'm at 4 months now, so I'm more than a little nervous.

Luckily I have a couple of drinks at home because this could be a long night. lol.

MzNicole83 said...

I love this style idea, I just BC'd so my hair is only about 1-1.5 inches long but I'm going to attempt it in a few weeks. Thanks for the tutorial it is very helpful!

Anonymous said...

thank u for sharing this article! i feel like i can do it know!!!

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