Top 10: Styling Tools for Natural Hair

NaturallyCurly writes:

Who says our curly, coily, and kinky hair has to be unmanageable? With the right techniques and tools, maintaining your natural hair is a breeze. Here are the top 10 tools that you may need to get started on your healthy hair journey.

What are the top 10 styling must-haves for your curls, coils & kinks?
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What are your must have styling tools?

CN responds:

1. Ouidad Double Detangler

2. Hand Dry Hair Gloves or Curl Cloths for blotting excess moisture prior to applying styling conditioner

3. Bobby Pins

4. Goody Ouchless Ponytail Holders and Headbands

5. Satin Scrunchies

17 Weigh in!:
Takeysha said...

Widetooth comb..bobby pins..headbands..oh and hair clamps to keep the hair sectioned

vonnie said...

just used my denman for first time....LOVE IT!!! that thing is coool :D

Anonymous said...

where can you find satin scrunchies?!?

honeybrown1976 said...

I'm transitioning; but, these are my must-haves so far:

1. Wide-toothed comb

2. Bobby pins

3. Ouchless hair bands

4. Spritz bottles

Anonymous said...

1. Denman brush
2. Curlformers
3. Bobby pins
4. Hair bands

Anonymous said...

1. wide-toothed comb

2. denman d41

3. goody hair bands

4. soft bristle brush (for buns and ponytails)

apaine said...

1. wide tooth plastic goody pic
2. spray bottle
3. ouchless rubber bands/headbands
4. extra large scarf (used instead of a drying towel).
5. my bootleg locsoc
6. plastic grocery bags (i re-use them for deep conditioning and shower caps).

JustTrena said...

1. Ouchless hair bands / satin scrunchies
2. Hair claws to section hair off while styling
3. plastic caps
4. tuck combs

Anonymous said...

1. Detangling brush
2. Scunci seamless ponytail holders
3. Bobby pins
4. Spray bottle

Anonymous said...

1. Scunci / Goody Headbands (headband and band in one)
2. satin bonnet
3. plastic cap (deep conditioning /steaming / showering)
4. hand-held mixer, blender, whip for making shealoe butter
5. Ouidad Double Detangler Comb
6. Curlformers
7. Spray Bottle (Aloe juice, Veggie Glyerin, and few drops grapeseed extract ).
Live, Love, Peace. ~Sweetsop

Anonymous said...

1. cant live without my elastic hair hooks from Rickys. They are these open ended elastic bands with hooks on the ends. I loose my mind if I cant find them.

2. Denman paddle brush
3. Spray bottle
4. regular hairpins
5. head bands

PinkPearls said...

1. Ouidad Double Detangler Comb
2. Satin Scrunchies
3. FHI Heat T-Rex Hair Clips
4. Satin Scarf
5. Flour Sack Towels
6. Spray Bottle

ChrLvsBks said...

1 – Shower brush
2 – Spray bottle
3 – Hair claws
4 – Bobby pins
5 – Flour sacks
6 – Denman
7 – Satin bonnet
8 – Satin pillowcase

Anonymous said...

1.detangling brush
2.ouchless bands
4.bobby pins and fotki

The Terrells said...

What do you use to store everything in? Right now I use a little box, but I find that I am always rummaging around for hair pins, elastics, clibs or whatever! There has got to be a better way! Any suggestions?

mangomadness said...

1. Conair Brush Shower Comb(detangling)
2. Conair Cushion Base Brush (modified 'Denman'; detangling)
3. sectioning clips (shampooing, detangling, moisturizing, etc)
4. plastic caps (deep conditioning)
5. microfiber towel (drying)
6. bobby pins (styling)
7. black knee-high stockings (styling; puffs and buns)
8. YouTube (hairstyle ideas)
9. satin bonnet and/or scarf(sleep)
10. spritz bottle (moisturizing spritz)

Thermidor said...

1. Denman Brush (I'm seeing a theme here!)
2. Wide tooth shower comb
3. Netted cloth headband
4. Youtube/Tumblr
5. Satin headwrap
6. Oils!

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