What's in Your Spritz Bottle?

Mellow One asks:

What's in your spritz bottle?

Lots of naturals like to refresh their curls with a homemade concoction. Water, oils, conditioner, glycerin...all of these are common ingredients. What's in your bottle?

CN writes:

I'm not a mixtress and I'm not really a second or third day spritzer/refresher either. In the past I've applied DevaCurl Set it Free to my ends... but I never sprayed it directly, I would squirt it into my hands and then apply. The result? Smoother, shinier curls. I've also used Oyin's Juices and Berries, but the glycerin was a bit much.

In 2006, I posted this yummy recipe on Naturallycurly.com (I believe it came from a LHCF thread):
  • 9 oz of conditioner (VO5 Extra body, Suave Bio Basics, or Suave Naturals)
  • 3 oz of setting lotion (use Lotta Body for extra body)
  • 1 oz of glycerin (optional!)
  • 1-2 oz of sweet almond oil/coconut oil/olive oil, etc. (I used 2 oz of coconut oil)
  • Put all the ingredients in a bottle and shake to blend...
  • Add water until the consistency is to your liking (I liked a liquid-y consistency so I could spray to apply)
This concoction results in a light styling lotion that would leave my hair soft, crunch free, very defined, and moisturized. I used it to Wash & Go with great success-- curls popping everywhere! My Aunty still uses this recipe from time to time.

62 Weigh in!:
ChrLvsBks said...

I have a couple I like. The first one is EVOO, aloe vera juice or gel, water and glycerin (in order of amount). The other one is 75-80 percent water, 15-20 percent conditioner and a few drops of favorite oil and/or essential oil.

vonnie said...

aloe vera, water, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, olive oil, castor oil.


Naptural_ray1 said...

I just made one 2 days ago that i looove and it will definitely be my staple mixture..it has
-4 oz water
-2oz glycerin
-and 3 drops of rosemary oil

Unknown said...

Oooh your mixture sounds good! I shall be making that tonight! *bookmarks post*

Currently in my bottle is:

Olive Oil

Anonymous said...

Water, aloe vera gel, rosemary oil, glycerin

TONYA said...

Aloe vera juice, distilled water, castor oil, rosemary oil

Tamar-Charmaine said...

water, honey, soybean oil, a little parika

Sheena LaShay said...

3 parts distilled water, 1 part vegetable gylcerin, about a tablespoon of rose water. Some drops of rose, rosemary, and lavender essential oil.

Anonymous said...

OOh, this makes me want to make my own bottle. I love doing stuff like that and thanks to the other people who commented for giving me ideas for ingredients.

LV said...

I'm a distilled water and oil person. I just use whatever oil I have on hand (i.e. jojoba, olive, etc.)Sometimes if I have some leave-in conditioner sitting around, I add that as well. I may have to try some of the recipes others have listed though.

Anonymous said...

I use the spritzer posted on Motown Girl's website: motowngirl.com under hair recipes/leave-in conditoners/ MotownGirl's Homemade Spritz. 3 ozs distilled water, 1 oz light conditioner, 1/2 oz oil. I use Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deep Moisture conditioner and olive oil. It's usally what I use under my styling product. It's awesome!!!
I tend to use it every 2-3 days depending on the style I am wearing.

skittledittle11 said...

1 part elucence conditioner
5 parts water

Anonymous said...

3 parts aloe vera juice, 1 part distilled water, and (with dew points above 40) 1 TBS veg glycerin - used daily for refreshing wash 'n go
I also tried (from QB review section) 1.5 cups of water, 2 finger scoop of QB detangling ghee, and 1 tsp QB olive oil/honey creme - for those days when I need to moisturize a little - works great!

Anonymous said...

I have a mixture of water, Lisa's Hair elixer (from Carols Daughter), and a little dab of cantu Shea Butter leave in, which works wonders.

titilayo said...

Conditioner (currently Herbal Essences Hello Hydration), shea oil, glycerin, aloe vera juice, water. I don't really measure the ingredients, I just chuck them in and shake it up.

Sabrina R Perkins said...

I could have used that little tidbit of knowledge when I first went natural but I somehow survived! I will be making it soon and will remember all the great ideas I see before me.

Anonymous said...

I use: water, conditioner & coconut oil.


Sweet LD said...

I use rose water, aloe vera gel, vegetable glycerin

eveofanewera said...

I make a "tea" with rosemary and sage. Sometimes I might add chamomile, nettles, lavender and/or burdock root, but I always use rosemary and sage. Then I add a little of whatever conditioner I have on hand when it cools and shake. I recently started rebraiding my braid-outs at night and I use my spray to help me finger detangle before braiding.

apaine said...

giovanni leave-in
aloe vera juice
grapeseed oil

battlekat said...

distilled water
aloe vera gel
olive oil
vitamin E oil
any kind of leave in conditioner that I have in the cabinet that I am trying to use up.
and shake.

erika said...

vegetable oil
glycolic extract hibiscus
glycolic extract aloe vera
devacurl one condition

Nikki said...

4oz Water
2oz Veggie Glycerin
2oz Aloe Vera Juice
1 tsp oil (jojoba, avocado, or olive oil)- water is closer to me at that time
10 drops Rosemary EO
5 drops Tea tree EO
5 drops Peppermint EO

Anonymous said...

What purpose does glycerin serve to natural hair?

honeybrown1976 said...

Distilled water
Aloe Vera Juice or gel


Aloe Vera or gel

The Melanista said...

Water and Green tea

Barbara Naturally Speaking said...

suave naturals, jojoba oil, olive oil, castor oil, water. I don't have exact measurements- I just kind of figured out how much of each to pour before blending. I need to start measuring so that I can get a consistent mix!!

Anonymous said...

There isn't any rhyme or reason to my mixture but I like it so far.

Water, coconut oil, coconut milk, and a squirt of Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. I shake it up and spritz on my head every morning.

LaToya said...


LBell said...

Right now I have two:
1) 1 part castor oil, 3-4 parts water, a little EO for scent
2) 1 part shelf-stable aloe vera juice, 1 part water, a little EO for scent

Anonymous said...

I believe glycerin is a humectant that draws moisture from the air to your hair. Correct me if I'm wrong ladies. Btw I use plain ole water!

Anonymous said...

My spritz bottle contains:
rosemary tea
lavendar eo
clary sage eo
peppermint eo

Anonymous said...

just plain ole tap water. i use it to shape my twists ie. spraying certain areas where the twists are more stretched so that they shrink, giving me a more even look/style. also to refresh a wash-n-go or twistout


Poundcake921 said...

Right now I have aloe oil, giovanni leave-in, KCKT, castor oil, and water. I use my spritz every morning, freshen up a few curlies, and jet out the door.

Efe said...

I use a mix of water, aloe vera gel and honey. I love it!

Erica said...

I guess this might go under the forum section, but i'm not registered to it, but i'm on here all the time. So here goes I have some products that i have have never used and some that i have that i don't really want or need anymore, just curious if anyone would be interested in these.

V05 Clarifying Conditioner Kiwi Lime Squeeze 100"% full never used
V05 Revitalizing Conditioner Blackberry Sage Tea 100"% full never used
Sunsilk HyrdaTlc in the pink bottle Shampoo/Conditioner 100"% full never used
Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo/Conditioner 95% full used only once
Royal Roots Detangler Softner Remover 100"% full never used
GVP Paul Mitchell The Conditioner Leave In 98% full used only once
------------------------------------------------Tropical Natural Dudu-Osun Black Soap in Package that it came New Never Used

Please let me know if you ladies would be interested you can get me at [email protected]

MissJJblue said...


I live in the UK and this has been great to use to soften my hair and add moisture it's ok with glycerine but I prefer without.

Anonymous said...

A mixture of Paul Mitchell's The Conditioner Leave-in, and plain tap water.

MpressPynk said...

In my spritz bottle I have: 100% aloe gel, glycerin, carrot oil, extra virgin olive oil, tea tree oil, vitamin e oil, "grow works" root & scalp serum, and QP Elast "feels Like Silk" leave- in conditioner.
I spray this in my hair as well as my childrens hair every day and it makes our hair extremely soft. My children suffer from severe eczema and have it in their hair and I have not seen a flake or sore since I mixed this. I am very new to the natural thing so I was shocked by the turn out. Next venture is to find definition w/o shrinkage as I did the bc 3 months ago.

Monarchland said...

I just do fill my bottle with half aloe vera juice and half rosewater. I even have my husband using it before he brushes his hair. It is a moisturizer and aromatherapy at the same time.

redeemed said...

I tried wetting my hair midweek and spritzin some Leave in condtioner but i found my hair was crunchy and more drier so not sure i fi didi right! I will try this for my daughters hair and see what happens.Its good to know this works for others though. :)

Anonymous said...

I just ran out of my favorite moisturizing spritz so I decided to make my own. I mixed water, V05 Moisure Milk, Aloe Vera Juice, and Jojoba Oil. I shake and spray and it works the same as one I was buying.I

Unknown said...

Water, aloe vera gel (i swear by this stuff!) lavender essential oil, a pinch of glycerin, sweet almond oil, vitamin e oil, and whatever else i feel my hair needs at the moment!

sav8sol said...

2 tbsp leave-in conditioner (your choice)
4 tbsp aloe vera juice
4 tbsp distilled water
3 tsp avocado oil (or) 2 tsp jojoba oil
2 tsp evoo oil
5 drops rosemary oil
** you can also substitute this spritzer as a creamy hair milk by substituting the (4 tbsp) aloe vera JUICE with (3tbsp) aloe vera GEL and eliminating the (4 tbsp) distilled water.

Unknown said...

Just made one yesterday;

one part water, one part aloe vera juice, about 2 tbsp of glycerine, 2 tbsp of pure coconut milk, tsp of jojoba oil, vanilla oil, and sweet almond oil, with a few drops of pepperment eo

THe best one I've ever made:

one part water, more or less a quarter (of total amount) of gycerin, a tbsp of of virgin olive oil, a tsp of coconut oil, a few drops of rosemary essential oil

But I'm still experimenting... :)

gerpie said...

suave coconut conditioner
organic olive oil
organic coconut oil
latest addition some vitamin e oil
don't really have exact measurements-I experiment

NaturalK said...

I've been making my own moisture spray for almost a year now, and honestly I'm still perfecting it... LOL!! But for right now my bottle contains:

Aloe Vera Gel (hmmm I'd say 2 parts... it's definitely the majority of the mixture)
Glycerin (I'd say maybe 1 or 2 tbsps... when I first began I used more glycerin but after finally learning how to properly moisturize my hair, I use less and less glycerin)
Tea Tree Oil - 15-20 drops - itchy scalp
Rosemary Oil - 15-20 drops - increases circulation
Lavendar Oil - 15-20 drops - scent
Grapeseed Oil - maybe like 2 or 3 tbsps - definitely helps with sealing in the moisture
Distilled Water - fill up the bottle

In the past I've also added:

Neem Oil - 1 oz. - I have eczema, so it helps with that... but I'm currently out of Neem
Peppermint Oil - 10-20 drops - I now just add peppermint oil to my poo's & co's

*Also I've just recently started adding a carrier oil (grapeseed oil) to moisture spray, and I notice a huge difference in the lasting effects of the spray

Tara Shenéa said...

1/2 cup Distilled water
1/2 cup Infusium 23 moisturizing formula
1/3 cup Veggie Glycerin
1/4 cup Aloe Vera gel
3 Tbsp. Setting lotion
4 Tbsp. Carrier oils
1 tsp. Vitamin E oil
1 tsp. Fragrance oil

Lowie said...

I can't even remember, I've had this thing sitting here for so long. Water's in it definately. A bit of glycerine's mixed up in there, and a tiny bit of super skinny serum.

everythingiric said...

Silly question but I'll ask anyway. When do you use the spray? I like to wear my hair in two strand twists that have been pulled apart. I generally flat twist my hair at least 24 hours before styling just so I can have more defined curls. Wouldn't spraying the hair make me lose the curls and make my hair fuzzy? That's what happens when moisture gets in my hair from sweat, or if it's a humid day.

MS D2U said...

What kind of spritz can be used for Tex axes hair?

MS D2U said...

Oops...that was suppose to read Tex Lax hair...typing on an iPad.

Kisha said...

Moroccan oil
Giovanni Direct Leave-In

I just started using this in my hair & it feels super soft. My curls come out super moisturized and luscious.

Anonymous said...

-Infused water with fresh rosemary or sage
-Olive oil
-Castor oil
-Sweet almond oil

I've also tried grapeseed oil instead of olive oil and added essential oils like pepperment, lavender or tea tree.

All natural!

Justme said...

Veg Glycerine
Peppermint Oil
Rosemary Oil
Almond Oil
Lavender Oil

For the new year I am going to add Aloe vera Juice to this mix and see what it does for my curls.

Anonymous said...

Gycerin (veg) + avocado oil + water + fresh rosemary

Anonymous said...

Evoo,aloe vera juice,sometimes leave in conditioner

Anonymous said...

Water, aloe vera, tea tree oil and jojoba oil

Mariie SoLovely said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mariie SoLovely said...

2 Tspn of coconut oil
2 Drops of jojoba oil

Deborrah said...

Right now my spritz is:

1/3 cup rosewater
1-1/2 Tablespoons aloe vera juice
1 Tablespoons Meadowfoam seed oil
3-4 drops Tee Tree Essential Oil

Shake and spritz. It's 95-105 here for the past few weeks, so I'm using this thing 2x a day at least, 3x when I'm outdoors or in environments with A/C.

Jazzy said...

Mine is coconut oil, moroccan oil, and leave-in conditioner with shea butter.

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