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Meet Gabbihealth... a lovely natural who felt it necessary to share her story with the CN community, since it was all of us that helped her along the way. Hopefully her amazing pics will inspire one of you!

I've reached my one year and 6 months anniversary December 21, 2010 and I'm so excited.

My Current Regimen: I hot oil* and shampoo my hair once a week. I deep condition (DC) twice a week. Every time I either wash or DC, I make sure to put my hair in either twists or plaits as a protective style. I rarely do twist-outs or braid-outs because my twists and braids are always mini so they look more like a style than a protective style.

My Nightly Routine: Because of the dry winter months, my hair requires a lot of moisture so either I moisturize it with my homemade water based leave-in**. Or I rinse it at nights. Either case, I follow it with either my Shea Butter mixture*** or my jojoba oil. The one I use, depends on the state of my hair. The Shea Butter mixture is for when my hair feels dry, and the Jojoba oil is for when my hair is at a perfect moisture balance. And of course I sleep with my bonnet on, lol.

Current Products: Shampoo: Giovanni Smooth as Silk Shampoo, Conditioner: Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner, Detangler: flaxseed gel, hot oil* treatment or Afro Detangler, Leave-in: I haven't found a store bought leave-in conditioner that I like, so I use my homemade leave-in mixture, Styling products: Shea butter mixture and flax-seed gel, Sealant: Jojoba oil, shea butter mixture, Scalp Oil: Jojoba oil.

*Hot oil treatment: coconut oil + aloe vera juice + EVOO.
**Homemade leave-in: Water +aloe vera juice+ jojoba oil
*** Shea butter mixture; Shea butter + coconut oil + aloe vera juice + vitamin E + jojoba oil

For more information about my journey please visit me at:


TWA @ 2 months
Protective Styles @ 8-12 months
Puff @ 12 months

11 Weigh in!:
Anonymous said...

Lovely story! Congrats! You are an inspiration..

GGmadeit said...

Love the story, love the hair!

Anonymous said...

Your 12-month is phenomenal!! Way to go!

Jenell : BlakIzBeautyful said...

I love Giovanni too!

Bitty Boss said...

WOWzers! Thats some awesome growth. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Now thats alot of growth that you hav especially for 12 months, your regime is defintely working for you. Even with the TWa that really brings out your lovely eyes.

In sad breaking news, for those that listen to R&B Singer Teena Marie she has died at the age of 54. She was found dead by her daughter in her Los Angeles home on Sunday.

ELEANOR said...

Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner - I have 4A hair -according to which is a very tight curl pattern. I tried this on my hair after a shampoo to see if it would replace all of the moisture lost in the process, and it did more than that. My hair was softer AFTER using this than BEFORE I shampooed, and I had slightly less frizz, along with a little more definition. My hair was never damaged so I can't comment on its damage reversal abilities, but I recommend this to anyone who wants a moisture boost, or any natural haired people.

Shea Butter said...

Your hair looks rock maid :)

Gabbihealth said...

OMG!!! I had no idea my story was picked. I am sooooo ecstatic!
I always wanted to be one of the people on your blog Nikki. Thank you so much for featuring me!
Thank you all SO much i really appreciate all the comments and support!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous hair and excellent inspiration!

LolasCurls said...

Yay, go Gabbi! I love your puff and your channel!
See you on the Youtube side!

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