Natural Hair Style Guide for Winter

Need a chic style for that upcoming Christmas party? A classic updo to protect your delicate tresses from the harsh winds of winter?

Check out JenellyBean's list of updo styles:


Updo for TWA by JenellyBean
3 Rolls by JenellyBean
My 1st Roll, Tuck, and Pin by JenellyBean
2 Rolls with a Pompadour by MsVaughn
Quick & Easy Roll and Tuck by MsVaughn
Quick Pinup Style by BlackOnyx77 (Style starts @ 5:00)


Flat Twist and Pin Updo by SimplYounique
Two Strand Twist Updo by AfricanExport


Cinnabun by HairMania3000

Elegant Updo by SunShower143

French Braid with Pompadour by MsVaughn

Jamaican Braiding Hair Updo by MsVaughn *Featured photo*

Jazzy Updo by CurlChronicles

Pompadour and Cinnabun by SunShower143

Regal Updo by African Export


Janelle Monae Inspired by AliciaJamesMusic

Want more JenellyBean? Check out her blog Kinky Curly Coily Me!

18 Weigh in!:
Shakirah said...

Thannnnk youuuu! I'm bookmarking this page.

E said...

Yes!!! Were you reading my mind???

jettiemae said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for sharing these styles/links! I've been stuck in a rut as far as ideas for protective updo styles for the winter... perfect timing!!!

Channing said...

Which one is for the style pictured? I absolutely MUST try that one, but I don't see it.

Anonymous said...

This is so right on time. My hair looks great out but it is so cold I just want to bun it and wear a hat! Thanks for showing this so I can cover up and still look cute.

I'm going to wear that updo by Africanexport to death this winter!

Anonymous said...

..dang can't escape the YT peeps. Lol! Nice variety.

ferienhaus in pineda de mar said...

Thanks for sharing the natural hair styles for the Winter season.I like your post.i get good link form your post which helps me to know much more about hairs and its concerns.

NaturalNique said...

THANK YOU! This is definitely right on time. I’ve had the same hairstyle for two weeks but now I have other great options.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jenellybean! You're a Godsend!

Lori said...

I'm trying all the classics!

JenellyBean said...

Hey Ladies!!

I'm so happy you all love this list soo much!

Look out for Part 2!

Thanks so much Nikki!

You are the best!

Anonymous said...

Never comment, but I need to chime in on this one... Thank you so much for this list!!


thank you JenellyBean, this list is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I was looking for some winter protective styles thanks so much!!

EbonyPearl said...

I needed this big time because I sure was getting antsy about what I was going to do with the do' this winter and I am totally bored with my afro/ headband look (plus I a hat won't fit over all of my hair!)

Anonymous said...

This is sooooo wonderful. I have been driving myself crazy looking for winter styles. I know that wearing it out is not very healthy. Thank you thank you thank you. #bookmark

Synethia said...

Like the hairstyles. Will be reading.

cheap fly tickets said...

Good Share..!!
Actually, i am looking for a new hair style for winter. I planed my winter vacations to Canada and i don't want to mess with my hairs with travel time so searching for simple yet attractive hairstyle.

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