Stacey C.- A Trip Down Memory Lane

I big chopped on Feb. 10th 2010, so I'm one year strong! The picture above is a couple of days after my big chop. I haven't really experimented with various styles. I have stayed true to the two strand twist-out because I love the results. I just recently started re-twisting my hair every night before going to bed. I love how it stretches the hair out and aids in longevity of the style. Now I co-wash every week and a half rather than twice a week. My old routine consisted of wearing the silk cap to bed and refreshing my curly fro with Jane Carter's Leave-in Conditioner.

My current regimen:

Once a week:
-Co-wash (Burt Bees' or Giovanni's Conditioner)
-Deep condition (Jessicurl's Weekly Deep Treatment)
-Spray hair with Jane Carter's Leave-in Conditioner
-Two strand twists on wet hair with Jane Carter's Nourish and Shine
-Air dry overnight
-Release in the morning, shake, and go!

-Henna treatment (Jamila Summer Crop '09 or '10)

I get my ends trimmed every 3-4 months or whenever the knots get out of hand.

My nightly rountine: Like I stated earlier, I used to leave my hair out and just wear a satin cap to bed. I would wake up to smooshed hair and I would spray it with a leave-in conditioner and pull it out by the root while trying not to cause frizz. Now I re-twist my hair nightly and I continue to wear a silk cap.

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The Retro Natural said...

Your hair is so cute! ..and uhm..when can I borrow that top? hahah :)

Anonymous said...

Wow we have the same hair everything with one major exception.... How do you find the time to retwist at our length every night!!! That would take me an hour :) I have been waiting for the day when I could do 4-8 big twists & call it a night :)

NaturalBlackOne said...

Beautiful. I have been natural for a while but thinking of chopping my hair off. The BC photo was lovely and gave me ideas.

Anonymous said...

Go to CVS and buy a Scuuni 6 pk of knit hair srunchies. Gently section off hair (no need to part) and put in a scrunchie--depending on your length & thickness, you need about 5 or 6. In the morning before you jump in the shower, take them out and while showering the hair will come together. After you dry off, you can then use some of your favorite leave-in (or Kimmaytube's recipe) and fluff into place!!! You can do this for one whole week, or stretch it out by re-braiding/twisting with same above mentioned leave-in and repeat the scrunchies all over for another week. Don't remember the person but do a YouTube search regarding pineappling. This young lady's tutorial is for those with med length hair.

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