Beer for Hair? Yes! 4 Ways to Repair Damaged Hair

Alyssa Hawkins of Naturallycurly writes;

Break out the bottles of beer—for your hair.

One unfortunate fact of life is that it is much easier to damage your hair than it is to repair it. But if you have the right tools and products you can reverse the damage you have done over your life and get back on track to having the perfect curls you have always wanted. So instead of looking for split ends or thinking about how dehydrated your curls are, read on and find out ways to bring your curls back to life.


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Bianca said...

When I was a little girl, if my father ever lost his mind and brought beer into the house,
my mother would wash my hair and condition it with his beer....EVERY TIME!

He eventually remembered to stop bringing beer home and putting it in the refrigerator!

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