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I bet y'all forgot... I didn't :) It's already been 6 months since the new forums and mobile app launched and I owe the top 100 posters a crap load of products... 4k worth to be exact! Below, you'll find a list of the lucky ladies along with their number of posts. I want to thank everyone for making the forums such a positive and informative place to hang out. It's a success because of YOU!

Stay tuned as more giveaways will be announced very soon!

Lynnieluve 10,010
sweetdrk1 9,978
ChrsLvsBks 5,667
KinkyNappyHappy 5,538
tiashaunteƩ 4,543
Juices-n-Berries 3,745
NubieNatty 3,508
BlondeByDesire 3,483
Intelligentbeauty 3,333
CrissyQ 2,884
DvaAuNaturel 2,745
Brwnsugar24 2,618
krazy coils 2,578
BnNappy 2,168
TheRYL1 2,162
Naturalblackdiva 2,106
misskris 1,991
dajewel 1,969
MelMelBee 1,952
LadyMika 1,927
SheeTacular 1,916
tashacu02 1,907
Notthecoolmom 1,878
bholmes87 1,870
AfrikanLatina 1,867
HonnyBrown 1,846
jamaicacurl 1,809
NylaCoils 1,801
LaToya28 1,682
CocaColaCutie 1,629
BajanPrincess82 1,602
naturallydakotasmom 1,596
Luscious Mahogany 1,569
poeticlyspkng 1,506
natalie24 1,457
Ambitious_Tiff 1,440
TerraD 1,428
NikkiNukka 1,412
rayray19 1,397
letha 1,388
Renny 1,351
WhosThatRedHead 1,312
jlowman1 1,307
CurlsGalore 1,296
NhappyJackie 1,295
creolebeauty1 1,288
SisterBoyd 1,279
shortnsweet 1,146
swoodward 1,100
tamtam7 1,070
Muz 1,043
Nikcoils 1,029
brwnbarbie24 996
freckledmom4 982
BrownSkinDiva 940
Butterfly125 932
CocoEuro 929
FemmeFox 916
naturallynola 904
SanaxRadiance 903
MahoganyCurls 896
Ms Hood 864
ohnychic 860
iri9109 854
Curly_Aquarius 846
mstokes2008 841
blondie 835
ktoliver5303 828
naturallyjada 804
Karyn 793
DreamMerchant 785
CurlyNeekMe 780
CurlieCutes1121 765
natural83 761
Naturally Esq 754
thenaturalmo 751
Kinkykurlybarbie 746
cluelesscurl 737
Madeaj 737
Cherry: extraordinary! 736
naturallychelsea 728
Love 724
Pretty_Vee 723
NikG20 720
MellowOne 720
nattyblog 715
Jivelene 708
fleur 701
traveljunkie08 698
missmoriah 695
Erica5417 689
NaturallyLovely 685
Emartini04 684
.:Eden:. 675
CurlyChefRobin 668
priceless 660
FunkyHairChic 660
Treece 656
BekkaPoo 646
TMS 644
Braidsntwists 643
CurlyFilmChick 639

Congrats divas! We'll be contacting you via the email addresses you provided to the forum!


Got natural hair? Love talking about it? Well, there's an app for that!

For this reason, you'll be able to find me (much more frequently) on the forum, answering your questions real time, and asking some of my own.

So go download it, use it, rate it, and review it!

See you on the forums!


**Repost from March 30th**

Announcing the New and More User-Friendly Forums!

(I heard your suggestions and implemented many of them)

PLUS a CurlyNikki mobile app so you can access the forums and keep up with your curlfriends on the go!

AND $4,000 in prizes for your continued participation! You know how we do.

To be eligible to win the goodies, head over to our Community Forums. Respond to existing threads or start a new one. Ask the questions you've always wanted answers to...ask the questions you already know the answers to, but feel that it would help newbies! The contest will run from March 29, 2011 through September 29, 2011. At that time, the top 100 curly posters will receive the amazing goodies! Good luck!

16 Weigh in!:
Anonymous said...

How do you comment on threads in the forums using the mobile app? I've downloaded the app and can't figure it out.


Unknown said...

I also downloaded the app and figure out how to make a users name.

Bri Rose said...

So I cannot figure out how to make a username, can someone PLEASE HELP PRONTO!!!!! Lbvs

Anonymous said...

HEY, what about curly nikki app for windows phone???? :-(

Anonymous said...

The original post says the top 100 posters was that a typo or will there be 90 more winners announced?


thanks anon! Reading is fundamental!

naturallychelsea said...

wow omg I can't believe I won!!

Anonymous said...

Hats off to you ladies. Working FT, completing grad school, attending church, going to the gym and other day-to-day activities, doesn't afford me the luxury of posting as frequently as some do. I'll live vicariously through you all.

@anon 7:51 Ah, this would be the top 100 of all the posters. So let's suppose there were 250 posters, these individuals were the top 100 from that total (250).

Anonymous said...

So ppl that won I haven't seen post in a while (mahoganycurls). I thought it was for top posters since launch of new app. 

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo I made the list!!! Go me!!! I should be thanking you Nikki!!!


FemmeFox said...

Congrats to all the winners! I can't believe that I'm on that list!

Chrissythenurse said...

Anon @ 8:54. You're correct. She has close to 900 posts so she's one of the top posters which would make her a winner

Ambitious_Tiff said...

YAY! I have never won anything in my life! Lol, having no life for a while paid off! *Off to the forums*

dvaaunaturel said...

Wow, folks are something else. Congrats to everyone and way to go Nikki with the new app.

Beads, Braids & Beyond said...

Whaaaaaaaaaaat??? I won!!!!!! Look forward to the email! -NikG20 :)

dajewel1982 said...

i didn't get an email yet :

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