What's Your Dry-Set Twist or Braid-Out Routine?

1. Do you wet your hair at all?

What products do you use?

3. What do you do at night?

4. How often do you re-set?

5. Describe your hair texture

My responses:

1. I've done both (1) wet it (to just damp) before applying product, and (2) applied a small amount of product without any water. If I wet it first, the set lasts longer and is a bit more shrinky and piecey/defined, it also lasts for 3-5 days. If I don't wet it and just add a little bit of product, I get fat, chunky waves that last 2 days tops.

2. CURLS Souffle, but more recently Oyin Shine and Define... thinking I may try Oyin's Whipped Pudding or Salerm 21. Sometimes, I just twist with oil (Jojoba or Watermelon Seed Oil).

3. Some nights I'll sleep with it out, other nights I'll pull it up into a pineapple or back into a low pony, only to release it in the morning. On nights that it appears frizzy, I'll re-twist with product, or just oil.

4. I usually have to re-set every 2-3 days.

5. S waves, fine strands, thin, porous

By the bye, I'm loving twist-outs done on previously roller set hair! It's like doing a set on a blow out minus the damaging heat :-)

15 Weigh in!:
Bitty Boss said...

1.I spritz my hair with a light herbal mist.
2. I use the herbal mist and seal with the hair milk by Iyoba Body Essentials
3. I re-twist or braid at night to preserve the style.
4. As mentioned above, I re-set every night to keep it moisturized and looking fresh.
5. I am a long-term stretcher just over a year post texlax. I have fine hair 4a/b.

BreukelensFinest said...

it usually depends on the desired look. if the plan is just to elongate my hair and stretch it, i would use no water and no water based moisturizers. but for a defined twist out i usually douse my hair before twisting


London2011 said...

1. Do you wet your hair at all? Yes

2. What products do you use? Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and seal with coconut oil,it gives great hold and tames the frizzes!

3. What do you do at night? Re-braid and apply Softn' Free moisturizer.If my hair is lacking definition and moisture i mist with water from my spray bottle and apply Herbal HH again.
4. How often do you re-set?
Nightly to keep the knots at bay and my hair looking fresh.I will do four plaits at my laziest.

5. Describe your hair texture
Transitioning so i see S curls coming through when wet and looks like o curls when dry.

Dani @ OKDani.com said...

1. Do you wet your hair at all?

sometimes i'll run wet hands through it, but usually i don't wet it because the products i use are wet.

2. What products do you use?

either cantu in the tub, or CD hair milk, or curls brand mousse (i think that's the name, i forget)

3. What do you do at night?

i'll "set" it in braids or twists or knots, then i'll put on my handy dandy scarf and take my tired self to bed.

4. How often do you re-set?

i don't. i will wear it for a day or two or 3 and then wash my hair and do something new.

5. Describe your hair texture

very dry, 3c, coarse, fine strands densely packed.


Queenofthe4s said...

I just posted today about twisting from completely dry! This post is right on time!

1. Do you wet your hair at all?: I have done it both ways where I've slightly dampened and twisted from a blow out. With my texture, I prefer the blow out method because it produces a bigger, fluffier result.

2. What products do you use? Co-wash with Giovanni 50:50 and use some as a leave-in. I twist with raw shea on the initial set.

3. What do you do at night? I alternate between shea butter and coconut oil every other night. I re-twist my hair using my fingers to part and detangle.

4. How often do you re-set? So far, every night...I'm scared to see what it would look like if I didn't!

5. Describe your hair texture: I have fine, dense coils and consider myself in the Type 4a/b family.


Anonymous said...

1) It depends on if I exercise or not, or if I feel like it. I have used water and product as well as product and no water.
2) Miss Jessies Curly Buttercreme or Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie.
3) As mentioned in question 1, I may or may not use product or water. If I need to twist my hair again, i do, and then pull it back in a ponytail for length in the morning. Satin scarf goes on and nighty-night for me.
4) It depends on if i exercised or not, and if I feel like it or not. Usually, every night or every other night. Some nights it still looks passable and i put a satin scarf on it and go to bed.
5) Thick, shoulder length, curly-kinky hair.

Anonymous said...

1. Do you wet your hair at all? It depends on what time of the day I am styling. If its after a wash I blow out a little and twist. If its a day or two later I ONLY rewet with a Leave in condish and NOT water alone. I find that my hair gets hard with water by itself. (maybe its too harsh the water)
2. What products do you use? Jane Carter leave in condisher, curls soufle, and twist n shine by jane carter to seal.
3. What do you do at night? I like to retwist on dry hair because it doesn't shrink as much and my twist look more natural. (not like a twist out on wet hair unfluffed or 1st day styled)
4. How often do you re-set? I only reset once a week if needed but most times I will do a protective style.
5. Describe your hair texture. My hair is 3c/4a very wavy pattern. A cross between curly nikki and curly mae and thick. Very easy to detangle but the curls immediately surface from anything even water.

Moni said...

1. I use shea moisture shine and hold spray, so that dampens it.

2. Shea moisture spray and jane carter solution wrap and roll are my go-to products for a perfect braidout. Lately I've also added aloe vera juice (the kind that comes in a bottle needs to be refrigerated), but just those two products give me shiny, defined hair.

3. Pulled back in two buns (part down the middle), rebraid in about 6 braids, or just sleep loose on a satin pillow.

4. Every 2-3 days

5. Fine-medium, thin, type 4a/b, a mix of pen spring coils and s waves, collarbone length

I'd also add a question 6, how many braids/twists you do. 6-10 braids gives me bouncy, natural looking waves and curls (as opposed to an artificial looking, crinkly texture), since it just stretches out my natural curls/coils.

Jlove said...

1.I usually we my hair before doing twist/braid out cause I get better definition

2. Oyin Whipped Pudding <--this is the best thing ever created :)

3. I sleep in a bonnet unless I know I'm going to be washing my hair the next day, and I just go to bed with my hair out

4. I do my hair every night, second/third day does not look good on me and once I sleep on my hair it refuses to cooperate properly

5. I still yet to figure of my hair type I thinks its 4b/c. I know that I have kinky hair along the side of my head, and curly hair along my crown. So I usually just go with the kinky-curly option

6. I usually do about 10 twists/braids that gives me the best definition


thanks for the responses ladies! this is a selfish post... I wanted to read what you guys were doing!

Tamika said...

1. Do you wet your hair at all?
I don't do braidouts, they flatten my hair too much. Flat twists work the best on wet or damp hair. They give me a nice wavy texture.

2. What products do you use?
A light hold gel...need to revisit with a stronger gel.

3. What do you do at night?
Just put up the loose hair in a high bun and satin cap.

4. How often do you re-set?
I don't. I don't like the same style (besides curly fro) twice in a row.

5. Describe your hair texture
Fine, 3c, s-curl/ringlets, normal porosity, thick.

Anonymous said...

1. Do you wet your hair at all?
i spritz until dripping with a spray bottle.

2. What products do you use?
Herbal Essence conditioners; Used as a leave in. Sometimes Eco Styler olive oil gel. And always, EVOO or some other essential oil (tea tree oil on scalp - i have flaky/dry scalp sometimes)

3. What do you do at night?
Pineapple or put in 4 big twist/braids cover with satin bonnet.

4. How often do you re-set?
I try not to.

5. Describe your hair texture
ummm....it's different...i dunno how to describe it :)

CocoEuro said...

1. Do you wet your hair at all?
No, my hair is dryed from a rollerset

2. What products do you use?
for braid - n- curl, EVOO or Castor Oil
for roller set, Giovanni's Direct Leave-In and Giovanni's styling foam
3. What do you do at night?
Braid hair in 10 plaits, and curl ends

4. How often do you re-set?
Every night

5. Describe your hair texture
4a, between SL and APL, fine and plenty of strands, frizzes and tangles easy!!

Anonymous said...

I love this!

Anonymous said...

1. Do you wet your hair at all? No, I like to stretch previously co-washed hair by bunning or sleeping with my hair in about 4-6 chunky twists while it air-dries. I use KC Knot Today as a leave-in. The next day, I'll braid my hair for a braid-out.

2. What products do you use? I love SheaMoisture products! Now that the weather has warmed up, I have temporarily retired my Vatika oil and now I use grapeseed oil, since it is lighter. I use my SheaMoisture smoothie over the grapeseed oil, then I braid my hair in about 14-16 braids with two twists in the front, right near my center part.

3. What do you do at night? At night, I usually put my hair in 4 braids and 2 twists in the front, and I sleep with a satin bonnet. I don't use any product at this time. Whenever I take my hair down, I rub some grapeseed oil in my hands first.

4. How often do you re-set? After a couple of days, I usually have to put smaller braids in my hair at night, so that amounts to 1 full re-set with SM product, mid-week.

5. Describe your hair texture. My hair texture is a mixture of waves at the nape and crown and pencil-like coils on the sides. It is very thick and semi-porous.


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