The Hangover Part III- Curly in Orlando

Hola Chicas,

OMGosh. Best meetup ever. The Florida naturals showed up and showed out! When I arrived at the fabulous Blue Martini, there was a line wrapped around the building... the 350 Mizani goody bags were gone in an hour. Epic. Nearly 500 gorgeous, curly women stepped out for a night of cocktails and curl talk... and boy were there cocktails. I'm out of practice and apparently went too hard. Notice the title of the post? What happens in Orlando, stays in Orlando. But I will leave you with this:

1. 12am-8am... No memory of these 8 hours whatsoever.
2. I may have been wheeled into the hotel room on a luggage cart ;-)
3. I missed my flight this morning.

So yeah... crazy good times! Thanks to the lovely Florida curlies, Mizani, and NaturallyCurly for making the event a success! I'm definitely coming back next year!

Oh and @ Dajewel, LuvMeLuvMyFro, and The Glassdolls... I see you! Thanks for the good times!

Check out the view:

prepping the hurr

The line

Mizani Models and Michelle Breyer of NaturallyCurly!

the fam!

you can't see the shoes, but they were sparkly! I felt like Cee Lo Green!

The Glass Dolls recap... these girls are hilarious! Check out their other vids too!

for more pics, head over to the CN Facebook!

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socialitedreams said...

looks like SOOOO much fun :D jealous :D

wow, you are looking tiny and fit after having that baby, good for you on getting that body back :)

love your hair as always, so pretty and shiny


J'Anns Boutique said...

I wanna attend a meetup :-(

A Girl's Next Best Friend

Marissa said...

we need a mia meet-up!! your outfit is really cute!


Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun!!! Glad you gals had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics!

Dina said...

Nik you are crazy! I want to party with you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful heads of hair everywhere! Nikki, you look great to have just had a baby. I love your fit and your hair of course. Come to NYC!

MelMelBee said...

Waiting patiently for the Philly Meetup :)

Niah Smith said...

Wow! This looks like you all had a blast. Let me find out you have my family name "Walton". :-)

First, thank you so much for posting my story on the "on the couch" section of your site. Its truly an honor, especially considering your site is my absolute favorite.

Second, i look forward to you doing another meet in the DC area. Me and my group of friends talk about it allllll the time. a few of my other friends have also been featured throughout your site.

Lastly, what color nail polish is that you are wearing on your pics for this gathering?!?! It is FAB and i am somewhat of a nail polish, lip balm, and product junkie. LOL!

Anonymous said...

You are so pretty CN, love your hair and your family is beautiful.

Niki said...

The Dolls are like Hoops and Yoyo, too funny and cute lololol; congrats on a successful meetup!

BKelz said...

om gosh you ladies had sooo much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Love that white and black Nikki, and your hair is so shiny! You must do Houston next!

Pecancurls said...

Nik, I had a blast! I don't think they knew what hit them at the Blue Martini. Judging by the sheer number of ladies I think Orlando/Central Florida curlies should start more frequent get togethers.

I already tried the Mizani supreme oil and it works pretty well. Nice moisture.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Wish I wasn't out of town, maybe next time I can come.

momo7 said...

OMGGGGGG I WISH I WAS THERE! Everyone looked absolutely FAB! And Nikki.....GIRL....U BETTA MOTHA&#$%^#$ WEEEEEEERRRRRKKKKKKKK! (2 snaps up...twist and dip) YEEESSS! FIEERRRCE! The whole ensemble and splendid divatude (in the humblest fierce way) shined through those pics! WERK GIRL! WEEERK!

Maxann101 said...

NIKKI, WHAT ABOUT NEW YORK!!!??? we would love to have a meet up too girl. Have u seen the naturals from here!? FIERCE!!! come through now.

Anonymous said...

LuvMeLuvMyFro's Take

Let me just tell you ladies that were not able to attend…YOU MISSED A GOOD ONE! I have never been in a room with some many beautiful (mind & body), warm, welcoming women. It felt like family. I was really taken back, for awhile I just sat there and stared. I am a social snooty booty. I will walk into a place and leave because I don’t like the ambiance, the temperature, the dress of the people attending, any number of things but I did not want to leave Blue Martini Saturday. I had too because it was 100 miles for me to get back home but, I didn’t want to. Nikki’s family, wow! They were all so warm and friendly. I said hello to her mom in passing and she was like “let’s take a picture together”. What, with me? I was so flattered and giddy (like a school girl). I promised Nikki and myself that I would not molest her hair but even as I am typing this I wish I did. LOL, sorry!

Nikki, can we do it again in a year? 6 months? We can take it to the southwest coast of Florida where bar dancing will be welcomed. Thanks for the shoutout.

P.S. I needed a theme song Saturday! Can I change “Lady in Red” to “Lady in White” or I would settle for “Brick House”! Luv Ya

Lex said...

Awh mayn! Im mad I didn't know about this. I guess thats what I get for not keeping up with my blogs anymore =( Next year!

Anonymous said...

When is the meetup in 2012? :)

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