Long Lasting Natural Hair Styles- A Routine for the Time Challenged

by Jamila of CollegeCurlies

Hey y'all! I was talking to my sister the other day, and I asked her what she thought folks would be interested in reading about on a hair blog. One of her biggest challenges with natural hair is finding styles that will last multiple days-- she's got a super busy schedule and can't be bothered with daily co-washing and styling. She finds that her twist-outs don't last more than a day, and that she ends up with flat smooshy hair after one night.

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My suggestion is to plan for a three part style:
1) Twists
2) Twist-Out
3) Styled Look (updo, bun, etc).

Day 1


Day 3
I love this routine because I 'do' my hair once (two-strand twisting on freshly washed/co-washed hair), and then rock out with simple, quick looks the next two days. You can even stretch this out further by wearing the twists/ twist-out/ updo for several days, which is my usual option if I'm pressed for time during the week.

I usually wear my twists underneath a bonnet for a day, then rock a twist out, and then style it in various styles throughout the week. To make my twist outs last last even more, I'll re-twist (using a bit of coconut oil) in big, chunky twists at night and wear it again the next day.

I shampoo and deep condition every Sunday, and co-wash in the middle of the week-- so this routine works wonders for me, and saves me lots of time and energy. When my three (or four) days are up, I'm ready to co-wash and do it again!

What do you do to save time on styling?

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Natural-E said...

This is great advice!

Evelyn of http://salonnaturelles.blogspot.com/
*See my blog for an interview with Audrey Sivasothy, author of the Science of Black Hair!

BKelz said...

I wear my twists under a tam for a few days (usually until they start to look frizzy), then I wear a twist out that eventually looks like my usual twa after a day or two then it's time to wash again.

Anonymous said...

I just bun. Between school, work, and working out I don't have the time to style and restyle everyday. I leave my bun in for about 3 days, take it down, wash and rebun for another 3 days. Easiest routine ever and my hair is loving it.

atribitt said...

i simply do a 7 day wash n go. I wear it out for 3 or 4 days, and then put it in a puff for 3 or 4 days. I refresh daily with a rosewater/glycerin/aloe vera juice mix, then fluff and go. wash, deep condition, and repeat. However, i'm coming up on my 1yr relaxer free mark, and i look forward to rocking two strand twists! this post was very helpful!

Anonymous said...

I have a similiar routine to Jamila. I just stretched medium sized twists for 2weeks. I wore my hair in a pinned updo (ends protected). After 3-days, change the hairstyle to another updo by adding leave-in and shea butter to the twists. By the end of the week, set the ends of the twist on rods with a setting lotion, and did a twist and curl updo. And then ended the two wks, with a puff. Then ready to wash again.

Angie said...

I can't believe that I never thought to do it this way! Once I'm done with my current braids, I'll try that out with twists! Thanks for sharing.

Nappymarge said...

I wear my twist for 2 days, than rock my twist outs for 5 days. I don't fluff my twist when I open them. I allow them to fluff as the days go bye by itself. I apply a small amount of hairveda almond glaze every evening before bed time and spray it with my lavendar-glycerin mix the next morning. I'm just working on a 14 DAY twist out routine. If the hair starts to get to frizzy I just go for the afro puff.

luvmylocs said...

all 3 days of her style are CUTE!! i'd say maybe one or two more days with the hair in twists would likely lead to a longer twist out so by the time she felt she needed an updo her hair would be almost a week old or older. i'm experimenting with this very thing myself now since i'm realizing wash and go is a no-go for me.

Anonymous said...

This is great advice and I love all 3 hairstyles. I pretty much do the same. I put my hair in twists, wear them for about a week, then for the next week, I rock a twist out. I'm able to make my twist out last for at least 4 or 5 days easy (because my hair is short at the moment). Then, the 3rd week, I do it all over again. Saves on time and keeps me from fussing with my hair too much. But I can't wait until my hair gets longer. Then the fun will truly begin as I can experiment with more styles.

Mrs. Roots said...

I do the tightly curly method - apply a lot of conditioner on sopping wet hair, leave it in, brush with a Denman to define my curls, let air-dry. The curl definition lasts six to seven days on me. I simply re-wet my hair in the morning and rub a little conditioner in my hands to refresh the curls. I've been wearing the back of my hair in a loose pony because of how hot it's been and wearing the front in a twist out that usually lasts three days. I bun the back of my hair at night and twist the front.

Anonymous said...

I do pretty much the same. Saturday is my wash/condish/deep condish day. I do two strand twists for two days, twistout for two or three days, then updos for the remainder of time. I find when I spritz with water, evoo, and aloe vera gel mixture, I get the fuzzies much quicker. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I recently tried out her day one look with a beanie. I got alot of compliments, so thanks for the post :)

DiscoveringNatural said...

Here is how I get 2 weeks hair. I medium two strand twists all my hair on wash day. Then for the first week, I wear it in a updo. Half of second week, I can wear it in a pony tail or bun, and the last half two before wash day, I wear it twisted out. I might have to wear a beanie on half my hair the day before wash day, but I am cool with that.


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