Simple Rose and Oil Daily Hair Refresher Spray

by KurlyBella of K is for Kinky

Refresher sprays can get expensive and when you turn the bottle over just to see ingredients that you could have thrown together in your own kitchen, it’s a bit of a bummer!

Don’t get me wrong, I even have some favorite refresher sprays that I purchase, but if you want something quick, cheap and that smells heavenly, then try this simple rose and oil daily hair refresher spray that not only smells, well, heavenly, but cost pennies.

In a 12 ounce bottle combine:

3 oz distilled water or bottle water (don’t use tap…no, really don’t)
4 oz rose water and vegetable glycerin mix
4 oz aloe vera juice
2 tablespoons jojoba oil or another LIGHT your oil of choice like avocado, almond, etc. try to avoid castor oil or hemp oil or any heavy and thick oil.

Shake well and apply to wet, dry or damp hair as a daily refresher spray. Keep refrigerated because of the aloe vera juice and it should hold for a couple of months in the refrigerator. Making your own rose and oil daily hair refresher spray is uber cheap and uber effective.

NOTE: I like to make this mix when I’m traveling because you can also use it on your skin as a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and light summer time skin moisturizer so that way there is not need to pack lotion. Just lightly spray this all over your body from head to toe when you get out of the shower and rub in. Because of the glycerin you don’t need much so a light mist is fine. And when I do it this way, I prefer to make my mix with sweet almond oil.

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Anonymous said...

Can I purchase the rose water and the vegetable glycerin from the health food store, or maybe Walgreens?


Libby said...

I'm definitely going to give this a try. Trying to make most of my own products when necessary. I have everything but the rose water/glycerin.

@ Anonymous: I've always seen this product at health food stores.

Jamila Reddy said...

You can buy all of these ingredients from the health food store. Whole Foods probably has a good number of these as well. I did a similar mix last summer without the rosewater and it worked wonders. Not so much in the winter...I learned that the hard way. :-/

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Shelly said...

it says 4oz of rose water and glycerine...what does that mean??? 2oz rose water 2 oz glycerine? 1 oz glycerine???etc.... anyone know?

Anonymous said...

2 tablespoons is equal to 1 ounce

Anonymous said...

2 tablespoons is equal to 1 ounce

Anonymous said...

Since it says 4oz of rose water and glycerine does that mean you use 2oz rose water and 2oz glycerince

Wendy Marie said...

THANK YOU, KurlyBella! This recipe is incredibly awesome. I have fine, super thick, dry hair (3c-4b) that reaches my shoulders when wet (and dries to below my ears). This spray give my hair shine, elongation, and lasting moisture. Oh, my goodness. This solution rocks;) For those with questions on glycerin...I use Cayce's rose water/glycerin premix, which is available at Whole Foods or (for a discounted price). I originally tried rose water and added my own vegetable glycerin, but this was too drying. I presumably used too much glycerin. Impatient to test the right amount, I bought the premix, and bingo.. it worked. Lastly I use coconut oil, and plant to next try argan oil.

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