Show and Tell- Fierce Friday!

Hola chicas!

It's that time again! The images below are of CN readers at their work, on the town, and with the fam. Showing us all that natural hair is not a fad, it's a way of extension of our beauty! Click on the images to enlarge them--

This is my wash and go!

Adriane Stone

This Friday, I got to sport my thick and curly mane at my little girl's Thanksgiving program at school. All my girls are natural and mama leads the Fierce pack on beauty, Naturally!!!
Chardenay D.
Me in my apartment in Japan getting ready to head out to work. This is 3 day old finger curl style (after I separated them) that I love!
Busy wedding planning with a dry Bantu knot-out using water and Olive oil. Don't you love good hair days?! Lol!
On the way to my friends surprise birthday party. I cornrowed both sides to create a frohawk, twisted the middle with my personal shea butter whip, and untwisted and teased for volume before I headed out.


Two strand twist-out with Uncle Funky's Daughter "Good Hair" Conditioning Styling Creme.
So this is the cute fun look I achieved with 3 week old unwashed hair, lol. I really like it, I first had two strand twists for about 2 weeks. I took them out but was too lazy to wash my hair. I instead slept with my hair in chunky twists (about 8) and woke up to this... WAhhhh Laaahhh! :)
Here I am, dressed and anxious about stepping out to work the morning after my d.i.y. big chop!
Excuse the pregnant nose BTW....this was me almost two years ago on wash day...I wanted to see what my flexi-rod set would look like picked out...and this is what I got!

I wanted to share a photo that my co-workers, friends, and I took flaunting our natural beauty. The reason for the shoot was to inspire and motivate each other as well as those who desire to be natural but haven’t taken that extra step, in addition to inspiring those who are currently natural. We want everyone to know that it doesn’t matter your age (ages on photos range from 26-50) :-), hair type, nor negative stereotypes some people often associate with natural hair; but rather it is perfectly acceptable to be yourself! Continue doing what you do Nikki, because I truly appreciate your sites and forum! Thanks so much!
**If you don't see yourself today, rest assured that you'll be up in the coming weeks! I post in the order I receive them!**

**To submit**:
Send in your favorite picture with a caption detailing where you were (or where you were headed to), along with a brief description of your hairstyle, to [email protected] I'll post several each Friday. Be sure to use 'Fierce Friday' as the subject line!
We always need more!

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NikNak said...

I miss the first pic being of Boogie, lol.

NaturallySonja said...

All the ladies are beautiful and their styles are fierce but I am particularly impressed and inspired by Tiki and her friends and coworkers. Awesome!

Keep the good work (and hair) ladies!

Anonymous said...

cute! do people not know how to spell "voila?" i keep seeing "wah lah" everywhere,lol.

I miss baby fierce fridays!

NikNak said...

@Anonymous December 16, 2011 10:21 AM

DEAD!!!! There is this rap song titled "Wallah." It irks the HELL out of me that someone didn't correct that man and let him know how the word is actually spelled, before they put it into print and whatnot.

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks AMAZING! Happy Friday!

elle said...

@Anonymous People don't know how to spell it bc they don't know what the word is. It's just like ornery, the word ppl pronounce as "aundry". Most ppl don't know the word is even pronounced, let alone spelled, with a v... but thank you for being pedantic enough to share it with everyone in the manner in which you did. ;-)

DrChuck24 said...

you ladies look wonderful! And for the natural could've fooled me. 26-50? Just looks like a bunch of ladies in their mid 20s :-)

Anonymous said...

The pic of co-workers is truly inspiring. How wonderful it must be to have a fellowship like this at work! Also a support system when you need it.
You all are blessed and you all are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

REGARDING "Wah LAh" I have never seen the phrase until now, with all the abbreviations & slang these days with txting and Facebook...I dont let someones spelling of a word affect me..I love using PPL for

Anonymous said...

love all the photos, soooo beautiful and it makes me so happy to be apart of the natural community, it was nice to see a guy on campus lol Mr. Dimetri and the pic with the co workers are amazing! All shades, ages, all beautiful very impressed!

NikNak said...

There's a difference between abbreviating and completely misspelling the word. "wallah" is longer than "voila" so people just don't know how it's spelled.

hairscapades said...

Okay, the hair in this Fierce Friday is OUT OF CONTROL!!! OMGosh ladies, y'all are KILLING IT!! Love it!!


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