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February 16, 2012

Miami Curlies Support Kim Wayans- A Giveaway!

And the winner is...

Ms. Jones


Send me an email ASAP with your full names and contact info to!

The talented and curly, Kim Wayans, invites South Florida curlies out to see her one woman show, 'A HANDSOME WOMAN RETREATS', this Friday, Feb. 17th at The Miramar Cultural Center. Tickets are on sale here. I've heard nothing but amazing things and hope you guys can make it out to show your support!

The deets-

Talented television and film actress Kim Wayans, known for her performances from In Living Color, A Low Down Dirty Shame, stand-up comedy, as well as being one of the famous Wayans siblings, brings her original, one-woman production A Handsome Woman Retreats, to the Miramar Cultural Center for one performance only.

Recounting Wayans' true story of her 10-day meditation retreat at a spa to combat her frequent panic attacks, she does everything possible not to participate including attempting to flee, but eventually submits to the entire experience and gains the upper hand. A comedic and poignant view of Kim Wayans as only she could tell it.

Date:Friday, February 17, 2012

Time:8:00 PM


Venue: Miramar Cultural Center

She has graciously given me a set of tickets to gift to one of you, AND you'll get to meet her! Below, tell me why you should win! We'll select a winner tonight at 5pm EST.

Good luck!

17 Chime in!:

Sepia Brown said...

So, yeah!!! I've been an UBER huge fan of the Wayans since I was a little girl sitting in front of the tv on a Sunday night watching In Living Color! Kim represents what it means to embrace who you are as a woman. She walks to the beat of her own drum and is comfortable in who she is as an actress. Her surprisingly serious role in Pariah made me look at her in a different light. As a Miami natural (who wore her hair before it was "in" to be natural) I would love to see this show as I am a writer and lover of the arts and performance in general! If that doesn't convince you, I have a pretty fly fro that photographs well... Ummm, Nikki, I'm pretty much begging to win!!!

The Ultimate Miami Natural (Like for real, for years no one wore natural hair down here!),

Chanell Nicole

mishapley said...

I need a reason to take down my twists, put on a dress and get out of the house!

Anonymous said...

i vote for sepia brown :)

Deliliah "Chocka77" Nonar said...

Kim Wayans is a beautiful spirit. I've only heard good and possitive things about her. I am a Florida curly, and I'm dealing with some very pressing health issues. I hope to one day be able to tell my story about overcoming Devics disease a crippling auto-immune disorder and chemotherapy. Laughter is good for the soul and I sure can use some laughter now. Oh and I have a serious hair cush on her. That head of hair is as lovely as the person wearing it. I would love to twist or cornrow that fro. I wish her the best and ultimate success with her show, and would love to attend.

Ms. Jones said...

Hi nikki!!!! I should win because February 17th is my sister's birthday and I think taking her to see this performance would be a great birthday present, we're naturals & a huge kim fan who loves Kim's character from "In living color " she's often quoting ' you ain't heard it from me' lol..she's also never been to any type of performance before so I think this would be an awesome birthday gift..

Anonymous said...

I vote for ms jones!!!!

Sharon Keylolo Kardashian Jackson said...

I believe I should win because there is nothing more I'd love than to see some curly girls and meet Kim.......screetch (puts on brakes-wipes eyes). The event is TOMORROW and I'm in Philly... *slowly walks out room disappointed* But I still love being a natural. I've even dedicated some natural inspired t-shirts that I promote on Go by and check them out:

Anonymous said...

I saw A Handsome Women Retreats a few years ago in Winston Salem, NC at the National Black Theater Festival and I REALLY enjoyed it. It was the best performance I saw that weekend!

I AM ... Chance said...

Things have been kind of hard for me these past few days to say the least. I'm 21 y/o student who works with elementary aged kids after school. I'm at the cocoon stage in my life where I feel as if I keep on working I'll become the beautiful butterfly that I'm striving to be. I'm trying my hardest to learn how to manage all that's on my plate... from school, work, and home (mother with Lupus and Grandmother with Alzheimer). I thank God for strength because I know a lot people my age who would/could not handle it. I just feel that I could gain a lot from this experience. Maybe learn how she learned how to adapt and apply it to my own disheveled life.

GeekyCurly said...

I have not been on a date in YEARS and I know just the person to take!!! PLUS, I love to motivate others to love who they are naturally and it would be great to put a little more ammo in my arsenal.

Candice said...

As a newly South Floridian, I would love to attend an event such as this one. I have always been a HUGE fan of Kim. To see a women of her stature to proudly wear her luscious, beautiful natural hair would be an amazing experience. I've been natural for about a year and a half year. I'm still learning and do have my up and down moments with my natural hair journey, so attending her show will give me a much needed boost in confidence to keep on going! I'm still new to the area and I would love to meet other naturals in my community. Thanks for reading my post!

Alexandria said...

Hey Curly Nikki,
I should win the tickets to see Kim Wayans because I visit your site every day and I remember watching In the House, laughing from her character Tonia. Also, I’ve recently graduated from college and it’s been tough searching for a job in Miami. Going to see Kim Wayans would be a great break from the job hunt.

Nzingah said...

Hi Curly Nikki,
I would love to win an opportunity to go to this show and meet Ms. Wayans. I am self employed teaching artist and have being going nonstop for the past 4 months (I literally have seen and worked with 1500 children in the past 2 weeks-Black History is that month for me-for the past 4 months 5,000 children) I am notoriously known for not knowing how to rest and this would be a wonderful way for me unwind, laugh, and play as hard as I work.

My 2012 goal was to enjoy life as much as much as a work. Taking the time smell the roses, enjoy sunrises on the beach, and love myself in action and not in words.

This would be so awesome and I get to meet one of favorite comedians/actress for the past 20 years.

Thank you for considering me. I love what you do.


Sunflowergurl said...

This would be an awesome reason to drive to Miami...I love me some Kim Wayans!

hairscapades said...

Kim's one woman play is soooo good! I saw it in '09 at the National Black Theatre Festival in North Carolina. So, if you can, you should really check it out. She really has such an interesting and complex story behind her life and the way she lets you into her psyche, you come away feeling as if you have become her friend. Beautiful spirt and I wish her much continued success!!


Ask Jaadde said...

One reason is that I need to get out of the all that aside, I believe it would make an entertaining and enlightening evening. I've only know of Kim Wayans from In Living Color. But through her interview with you, it showed that she is more than the TV show.

Sepia Brown said...

Congrats Ms. Jones!!! Hope to see you there. I'll be purchasing a ticket to support! (Wonder if I could meet Kim as well? *hint* *hint*)

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