How to Apply Strip Eye Lashes

by McKenzie Renae of

False eye lashes have come a long way since the 70’s! Lashes spice up your features for a special night out or just to jazz up your look during the day. Have fun with them and allow yourself plenty of time to apply… you will be a pro in no time! Follow these easy steps :)

What You Will Need

-Your favorite strip lashes
-Eyelash Curler
-Scissors (You can use small manicure scissors.)
-DUO lash adhesive
-Clean Fingers
How It’s Done:
1. Carefully remove the lash from the tray by rolling your thumb over the lash. This will help maintain the curve of the lash, which is necessary to keeping the lashes on with ease.
2. Measure the lash by placing it on your eye lid without glue. Cut any excess off by starting on the outer corner.
3. Take the DUO lash adhesive and adhere a small ribbon of glue to the silicone band. Tip: Use dark DUO adhesive for any smokey eye and clear for any natural look.
4. Let the DUO adhesive set about 40 seconds until tacky.
5. Place the lash on your natural lashes. Start aligning them from the outside corner, following the lash line.
6. Take your tweezers and gently push the lash into the lash line so there is no noticeable separation. Tip: Apply a thin line of eyeliner to your lid for easier blending between the lashes and your lash line.
7. For one-time usage and dramatic effect, curl lashes with a lash curler.
8. Apply mascara to the lashes.
PRO TIP: The less mascara and glue used, the longer the lashes will hold their integrity for longer usage.

**Roll the lash off gently with your thumb**

18 Weigh in!:
QawanDee said...

Great Post!! I love to wear my false lashes. I can apply them in no time, they really have grew to be apart of my daily wear. I feel naked without them. lol (:

CJayQueen said...

Thanks for the detailed instructions! I may have to try the DIY process, it would be a savings from having them professionally done.

Anonymous said...

This Mckenzie is awesome! Her gap is BEAUTIFUL.

Anonymous said...

I I love the look but think I may be allergic to the glue....any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Thank God I have long, full lashes & dont need these...just mascara & Im done!

Anonymous said...

After wearing some individuals during last spring and rubbing my eyes so much I lost all my lashes I turned to strips until they grew out I plan on trying African exports idea of placing the lashes under verses to grow out your lashes castor oil on your finger and swipe on the eye lids and lashes i live by it!

Anonymous said...

I have never tried false lashes. But this how to makes me want to give them a try. I do love the way they look on different ones.

KJ said...

I've tried applying false lashes in the past but they never quite made it on my lash line. I may have to try again using these directions.

melgeo said...

For those who have issues with the glue, I highly recommend Eyelure pre-glued lashes. No mess, easy to apply, reusable. I LIVE for these lashes. They've taken me from a special occasion lash wearer, to an every day wearer.

Anonymous said...

OMG I have been wanting to know how to put on false eye lashes for the longest. I have about four pair of lashes. Thanks for this post!

Anonymous said...

@melgeo: Where can I purchase Eyelure pre-glued lashes?

melgeo said...

I order them from Ulta online. They used to carry them in the stores, but they seem to be discontinuing the stock in store. If you google them you'll find several online retailers. Style number #116 is my favorite, but I'll use #070 if I'm going for a more understated look.

Katrina A said...

I've never considered wearing false lashes. I think it's because I've worn glasses since about 3rd grade and I always imagined the lashes would just scrape against my glasses.

LuvNthisJourney said...

OMG! I wore false lashes to a formal function for the first time tonight. Sure wish I'd read this article first. lol

Natural Beauty said...

I will try this.

DecemberPumpkin said...

if i ever try false lashes i know where to go alwasys was afraid they would get in my eyes somehow

Jess said...

Eye lashes (fake ones) arelike my secret obsession but I have never mustered up the courage to wear them, mayb I will now.

Elaine D. said...


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