Pork-Cow- Rio Day 9

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shara h
Mishi Bishi
Fabulously Fluffy
Latisha G. 
TheUncommonBeauty (J.P.)
Ny-Esha L
Kia Ross

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Every morning around 7, I get up and head for the roof to check in with you dolls. Mornting!

So the above is day two of my Wash & Go.  It was snapped yesterday morning after taking down this pineapple--

this ish cray

I don't pull the hair above my ears into the pineapple because the curls fall flat, they pull straight and it leads to disaster. #KnowYourTextures

My hair in the back is thicker, tightly coiled and prone to shrinkage. The hair in the front is finer, hangs longer and has an s wave pattern not a coil pattern. So even without this bomb ass cut, my hair would dry in the shape of a bob—long in the front and short in the back.

Check out the view from yesterday,  May 22, Rio Day 9--

still on the balcony here... LOVE this high/low shirt.  It was gifted from ASOS, along with the incredibly yellow jeans.  I was a lil' bright...

Hubby turned me onto Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods a while back and his Rio episode inspired yesterday's excursion to Porcão- a carnivore's dream.  They should've called it Pork-Cow 'cause that's exactly what's coming to your table on a stick. You pay one price for access to their decadent buffet that includes cold and hot appetizers, salads, seafood and creative sushi rolls.  But the real show starts when you take your seat.  They give you one of these--

It's a little paper circle, red on one side, green on the other.  If you give 'em the green light you'll be welcoming an incessant string of waiters bearing the most beautiful cuts of perfectly grilled meat you've ever seen.  From lamb to veal to sirloin to chicken hearts... it was damn amazing.  They walk over, give you a closer look and if you're still interested, they'll carve a slice or two off for you.  The best part is trying to glean what animal the meat came from and which part.  At one point I resorted to charades (flapping my arms like a chicken) and moo'ing like a cow, to which the waiter with the rump steak responded with a smile, 'sim, mooooo'!

Yep, again with the chicken hearts! I'm pretty sure I've now reached my limit though. Hubby was like, 'I think I've had like 20 chicken hearts the last couple of days'.  I was all, 'no boo, you've had 'the hearts of 20 chickens', doesn't that sound much more grotesque and ridiculous?!'.  The ones at Porcão were super fresh, relative to the street version that I raved about... these tasted much more like chicken and much more like heart.   After the fifth one, I was like, 'I just... I can't'. 

As an aside--I've yet to see a chicken wing here.  I told my dad about it and he said,  'I suppose they send all the hearts to the Black folk in Brazil and send us all the wings!'
My plate as I quickly reached my limit.  #INeedAnExtraSomach #Stat

The dessert cart. Oh my damn.  I was stuffed when hubby ordered fresh mango sorbet...
 They whipped it up on the spot. And of course they brought out 2 spoons... so I had to partake.

Porcao just so happened to be on Ipanema beach so we took a stroll and enjoyed the view--

potty break... sorry for the graphic nature of this pic, but for why would one need a cushiony seat on a public, pay-to-play, toilet?  I don't even like the one at Granny's. #thatisall #WhoSits

the hair was shrinking fast...

and feeling dry as a cactus...

dudes in their panty draws...

Every time I saw magnificence, I'd walk over, touch my hair, point to the camera and then point to their hair.  It was bizarre how no one said 'no', looked unsure, or questioned it.  It was unspoken, 'I know I'm beautiful, of course you can document my FLYY!'

You know you couldn't do this in the States, let a random tourist walk up to you asking to take your picture. Not happening... #ImTooGrown #BoutToPutThisGirlOnTwitter

these are microbraids!

and later--

what the sea spray did to my hair... had to puff it!

some moonshine the guys picked up... that's whole fruit in that bottle!


Respond to at least one of the following questions in the comments below for your chance to receive a bottle of CURLS Cashmere Curls-

1. How the hell did they get whole kiwis and apples in that bottle?!
2. Would you let your baby go naked on the beach? I’ve seen lots of 2-4 year olds with nary a stitch of clothes… there are some places you just don’t want sand.
3. Where’s your next vacay? Why?

Respond below with your first name, last initial.  On the 25th at 5pm, 10 curlies will be randomly chosen to win a full size bottle of CURLS Cashmere Curls Leave-in!

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Lakisha S. said...

1. Maybe they cut it in half & then put it back together with that green & white tapelike stuff. I don't know they're talented. *Kanye Shrug*

2.HECK NO!!! Too many crazies out there. Plus, people like to take photo's and post them online. Don't want my baby growing up then being denied a job cuz they found "innapropriate" photo's of them.

3. Not sure where i will go. Why? Because i need one. So what i just came back from one. I need another one. Don't judge me! Stop looking at me like that! I'm grown and I can vacate as many times as i'd like!!!

Lakisha S.

Shani said...

My baby takes her diaper off at the beach. Refuses to keep a diaper on (she's almost 2) so I guess I would :-/
Shani G.

Anonymous said...

2. Yup! I have no children lol but if I did I'm sure I would be cool with it.
3. Next vacay is Senegal and I'm so hype!

Charlotte M.

Briana B. said...

My next vacation is a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean. Why? Because after sifting through about 7 other destinations and vacation packages, a cruise was the only place that me and my friends could agree on. It fit everyone's budget and all of our interests.

Nyjae said...

Where’s your next vacay? Belize...I like to go places that Americans and Europeans havent fully exploited...sounds dramatic but its true. I like to immerse myself in other cultures when I go away...i dont need to spend $1200 on a trip just to eat McDonalds and KFC...

Ronisha said...

1. They grew it in the bottle!!!! LOL IDK

2. Um no...the only place my kid can run naked is at home...too many pervs in the world.

3. My next vacay is in Puerto Rico, next month! I wanted to go to Jamaica, but not everyone had a passport...So Condado it is!!

Anonymous said...

1. Soaked the fruit until they were soft. I mean if I had a moonshine business on the side, I think that's how I would do it (Did I mention I was from TN??)
2. Lol, if the boo wanted to do that, and it was allowed why not. HOWEVER, if someone other than me violated his bubble, there would be a problem. Guess it's best to avoid temptation than to resist.
3. San Diego, CA. I know that's not a big one, but they say it never rains in SoCal and I'm going to see my baby niece for the first time :o)
Nichole N.

Rosalyn J said...

Myself and my mother are heading to Niagara Falls this summer. This is a much anticipated one after we had to cancell our Holiday plans when she fell and broke her leg! I can't wait for us to chill with the Canadians and have a great time!

Naturallynappy said...

Deneitra V. said...

1. Its magic!!
2. I probably would let him run around a little while, if not too many people were on the beach.
3. I am going to Savannah, GA.to celebrate 9 years of marriage!

Anonymous said...

You've been away from your child for nine days!? Wow.

GGmadeit said...

Nikki you my dear are just fabulous!
Question : would I let my child go nude on the beach? Uhm even though the sand will go where it will go, even with a suit on! Uhm HALE no! In this age of cameras in your bra! You won't have my baby nekkid on some random website #paranoid

Alexis B. said...

1. Maybe they grow the fruits in the bottle? They're way too big to just squeeze through.. hm.
2. Heck no my little man will be seen no where in public naked! There are way too many pedophiles for that and I do not want to be cleaning sand out of a 6 month olds nether regions. *shudders*
3. The hubby and I are going to New York at the end of the summer! Going to meet some new fam and have everyone meet my son. Excited cause this is everyone's first chance to meet my hubby except for my dad! Never been to New York either so can't wait to tour it.

Andrea H. said...

3. Puerto Rico...my BF wanted to go there for his birthday. I've been before but hopefully I'll discover some new areas of the island!

Anonymous said...

3) Next vaca is Bermuda! I have a friend that has been and loved it. Pink sand and bermuda shorts? I'm there! Applying for my first passport soon, so excited!
Latoya L. S.

Danquinelle H said...

Danquinelle H.

1. Not the slightest clue in the world how they got that fruit in that bottle! It would definitely be a sight to see!!

2. No, no naked babies in public! However, I have discovered that other countries are a lot more lenient with their children than us Americans....probably because we have some pervs on this side.

3. Next Vacay.....Colorado.....or, Canada!

Latoya L. S. said...

3) Next vaca is Bermuda! I have a friend that has been and loved it. Pink sand and bermuda shorts? I'm there! Applying for my first passport soon, so excited!

Davina916 said...

No, I would not let my baby go naked on the beach. Beautiful pics! Davina W.

CurlySuli said...

. How the hell did they get whole kiwis and apples in that bottle?!-pure talent
2. Would you let your baby go naked on the beach? I’ve seen lots of 2-4 year olds with nary a stitch of clothes… there are some places you just don’t want sand.-BAHAHAHA THERE ARE SOME PLACES YOU DONT WANT SAND...not my baby's booty. #creepersouthere #i'mboutoputthismomontwitter
3. Where’s your next vacay? Why? -I'm on Vacay in Oxford, England to visit friends, then Amman, Jordan for study abroad :-)

ebjswife said...

1. I think the bottle is cut where the white and pink towel(?) is wrapped around it.
2. No nobody needs to see any of my babies parts
3. Its a small one Myrtle Beach but I'm really looking forward to have sometime by the water not doing anything I neeeeddd a break
Patrina B

Alecia M. said...
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Aquiphany said...

1. Magic
2. Yes, the sand will end up everywhere anyways lol *sneaky sand*
3. Denver baby!!
Val J.

Alecia M. said...

1. From the bottom of the bottle...maybe they made the glass without the bottom, put the fruit in, then sealed the bottom and added the wine.

Tara J said...

Tara J.
2) I would not let my 4 year old go out naked in public. Sorry, I can't do that.
3) My next mini-vacay is on today. I am headed to the OBX for a couple of days so I can get some "me time".

FabEllis said...

3. My next vacation is to CHICAGO. I have never been and my friend and I thought it would be a great idea to go for my birthday since I will be in Kentucky that weekend anyway. :-)

Anonymous said...

1. I have no clue but am interested in the right answer!

2. I'm not sure about that, I'm not a parent YET however with all the maniac's out and about I think a bathing suit is oh so necessary!

3. My next vacation is to Punta Cana, Dominican Republin because I am ballin' on a budget and have found a really cheap site that has all inclusive vacations. I can afford to go there for a week and have recently seen many celebrities there (The Kardashians, The Real Housewives of New Jersey) and it looks amazing Hopefully it will rival Your Rio Trip! Peace and Love Kristen S.

TxNatural86 said...

2. No they don't need to be seeing my lol ones goodies lol
3. Hopefully MIA because this Texas heat is killing me and I really want to see the pretty blue water!!!

NowIamNappy said...

2. I would never let me baby go naked on the beach, too many weirdos out here getting off on it.

3. My next vacation will be to St. Thomas I love the island and plan on moving there later this year.

Rhonda C said...

1. I'm an engineer and I can't figure that one out. (Can't see the top of the bottle though, but I am assuming it is the standard issue vino bottle. #shrugs). I have a question for you ~ I did that wine taste? Looks delish!

2. I am not even for team baby running around without shoes. You know the pain of stubbing the baby toe! I can't even imagine beach and sand without a buffer.

3. Next vacay will be Spain. Plan to hit it hard (4 major cities). Why? Food, Music, Culture. Plus, I'm learning Espanol wanna test drive my burgeoning skills.

Rhonda C said...

*How did that wine taste?* (Hate my keyboard!)

Mrs. Piglet said...

We are taking a 9 day cruise in September to the Caribbean. Why? Mainly the cost per day - can't be beat for what you get. We love the food, entertainment, the ocean and beaches, visiting the different ports and taking the most perfect nap on deck with the ocean breeze to keep us cool.

Ingrid G

Anonymous said...

1. LoL! I believe they put the fruits in and then seal the bottle from the bottom. If you heat up glass it gets soft and you can get rid of the seams.

2. Personally probably not because there's too many creepsters out there. But especially in that 2 yo stage, they're all honeybadgers right, lol. They'll snatch off the diaper in the quickness and look at you like what? I thought this was a nude beach!

3. No real vacay any time soon on my intern salary. But I have been considering checking out Living Social for one of those weekend getaways to a bed and breakfast in New Hampshire or something :)

Fionna A.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nikki
Como perfecto!!!!
-An alcohol connoisseur friend of mine told me that the French actually put a glass bottle around a tiny fruit as it grows on the tree and that it grows inside the bottle and then at its peak they cut off the stalk.
-about my baby going nude at the beach only if it is a very private beach and regardless of whatever you wear, sand always ends up in some crevices you did not know you had till they start chafing lol
- next vacay: my bed to catch up on my sleep ok scratch that, Europa Opa!! to visit mi familia

Kenya said...

Nikki, that restaurant reminds me of Texas De Brazil which is a brazilian steakhouse! They have the same red light, green light concept. The meat is DELICIOUS. I've been to the one in Memphis & in Virginia & it is one of my favorite restaurants!! I would love for you to try it out and compare it to the one you went to in Brazil.

***And I would never let Khloa parade around in the nude! Not having it and the hubs is not either. LOL

Visiting said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Discovery said...

Kristen R.

1.) Looks like the pink band around the middle is covering up an area where they sealed the bottle after putting the fruit in it. Then they filled it up with liquor and let it sit. *shrugs*

2.) I don't know. Maybe if we didn't live in a country that hated the naked human form with a Puritan fanaticism we'd all have different views about nakedness. How many women in the US would stroll down the beach in a thong bikini? And men in "panty draws?" LOL.

3. Next vacation is England/Ireland/Paris. I'm studying abroad for a month and squeezing in some excursions. I've been dying to get back to Paris and Ireland...well...why not?

Nicole W. said...

1. Not too sure, but it looks deeeelicious!
2. No kids yet, but i don't think so. Too many peeping Toms out there.
3. London, next month to visit my mancake and family.

Kimberlee G. said...

1. I think they either cut the bottle and put the fruit in and put that white and pink tape stuff on it, or made it so that they could put the fruit in from the bottom and then meld it together again.

2. Never! My babies would always have clothes on at the beach. I don't want perves seeing them au naturale.

3. I'll be heading off to Kentucky and Tennessee in July for a study travel trip with the other honors students at my college. So excited! My last summer vacation was five years ago.

Keisha L. said...

My next vacation is in 2 weeks. Taking the kids to see hubby's family in VA. It has been over 5 years since he has been home, so we are going so his family can finally meet the 4 year old "baby!"

Ashlee B said...

2. I couldn't let my baby go naked #tocatchapredator has me too paranoid and I don't even have kids yet.

3. Next vaca is Hawaii for my mom's 50th bday but you have me wishing we would have picked Rio!

Anonymous said...

1. They soaked the fruit in Everclear or in your words 'moon shine' to soften the fruit in order to get it in the bottle just like they do preserves.

2. My feelings on the baby being nude if its in there culture why not babies tend to take off their diapers anyway. Let the baby breathe lol ;) however I would be concerned just like any other parent about the perverts.

3. I am preparing for a trip to Kenya in December with some friends. I have never been out of the US and would always dream about going on a safari ride while enjoying the motherland. Now here's my chance ;)

Alyssa said...

My next vacation is to Jamaica because that's where I'm from and I haven't been back in years. I also want to relax and be "touristy" for a week.

Alyssa B.

Kenya V said...

Brazil is a must on my travel list!
3. My next vacay is to Ocho Rios, Jamaica in July! I'll be there for a good colleague's wedding. I'm taking my cousin to celebrate her 35th birthday, as well!

Aitza Briauna said...

Let's see, next vaycay is to Florida to visit family and flirt with hot guys and pig out!

Angela A. said...

Hey, Nikki-

1. I believe the fruit is grown inside of the bottle.
2. No, I wouldn't let my child run around naked on the beach, especially with all the weirdos around.
3. My next vacation is to Hawaii. A friend of mine from high school bought a house there. I can't wait to catch up, reminisce on old times, and enjoy the awesome beaches!

Xaivea B said...

My next vacay is will be to the ATL for my hubby's family renunion. I am extremely excited because i have never been before. Plus it will truly be our first family vacatin since my daughter wass born 3 yrs ago ;-)

mangomadness said...

How the hell did they get whole kiwis and apples in that bottle?!

Here's the step-by-step of how I think they do it:
-cook the fruits for a little bit on the stove to soften them up a bit
-partially fill the bottle with liquid and bring to a boil
-place the fruit one the neck of the bottle
-let the difference in air pressure pull the fruit into the bottle
Yay for science! Haha

Would you let your baby go naked on the beach?
-No. I'd be too nervous.

Where’s your next vacay? Why?
-Nigeria. Both sides of my family family (my Mom & Dad's sides) are there. I haven't been to visit since age 3 (I'm 21). I need to go to the Motherland so I can be at peace.

kisha said...

1. Place the bottle over the budding fruit. I googled that, I really wanted to know.
2. Nope. I would not let my baby go naked on the beach because I wouldn't go naked on the beach.
3. Puerto Rico. It is so beautiful and I don't need a passport.

Anonymous said...

My next vacay will be in Costa Rica with my hubby for our honeymoonn (finally, we've been married for 8 months now : ). From the pics you've shared with us, I'd love to visit Brazil one day too!
Nicole W.

tish said...

3. Next vacay is Chicago to go to a friend's graduation! Can't wait to cheer her on!

MissS said...

I am LOVING all of your outfits in Brazil. It is so beutiful there and thanks to you, now on my list of vacation spots.

Where’s your next vacay? Why?

My next vaca destination is Barbados, West Indies! that is where I was born and raised but I have not been there in almost ten years. I miss my family so much. Barbados is the most beautiful country in the world ( I am biased) and I cannot wait for the food, fam and fun.

LBell said...

1. Cosign mangomadness.
2. If I had a baby, and the beach looked clean enough, sure.
3. Vacay? What's that?

Also, I'm gonna need you to quit complaining about your hair because it looks EFFING GORGEOUS in ALL those pictures. Please and thank you! ;)

asmcknight7 said...

Alicia M.
1. I believe that they crack the bottle 1/4 way from the bottom, insert the fruit in the top and bottom portions. Then, they seal both portions and wrap with material/roping to hide the break to add a decorative flair to the bottle.

toya said...

My next vacation will be Hawaii, and it's for the 4th of July. My mom hasn't had me and sister in the same spot since I was about 24 "military moves us around a lot". She will be Hawaii visiting my sister for the 4th and me and my sister decided to surprise her by me showing up out of nowhere :-)

Anonymous said...

1. They grow the fruit in the bottle! I saw it done
2. No ma'am..waaaayyy too many pedophiles out there..u don't know who's looking at your child
3. I have TWO upcoming international trips only a month apart and the first is BRAZIL!! I'm going on a mission trip to spread the gospel of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I am soooo excited!! And a month later I will be perusing the streets of PARIS, FRANCE then catching a train to LONDON, ENGLAND!! This trip is just for fun and unfortunately I don't have any tickets to the Olympic games but who knows maybe I'll be blessed by a random generous stranger (wishful thinking) ;)

Cecily H said...

My next vacay will be at North Myrtle Beach. Why? I love the beach, it's cheap and it's only 5 hours away!

Char Jackson said...

Charquis J said... My next vacay is Rio because Me and the Hubby Loved it from the cartoon and wanted to visit but you just helped me seal the deal. I will be calling our Travel Agent this week...Thanks for sharing.

LaShonda Z said...

1. Not sure how they get the fruit in the bottle. I would like to know though and how to get it out to eat it. :)
2. I'm not a fan of nudity at beaches, whether it's children or adults. There's too many perverts out there for me to let my child run around naked.
3. My next vacation is actually to my local beach in 2 months. I get to stay in my company's oceanside condo so I'm pretty excited. In a few years, I'll be headed to Italy.

Seychelle said...

1. Dehydrated kiwi were put in the bottle and they rehydrated to full size.
2. Yes, when they are little why not.
3. My husband and I are flying out to San Francisco today to escape the Arizona heat and enjoy the holiday.

Kim Turner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Taja C.
1. They grow the fruit in the bottle! I saw it done
2. No ma'am..waaaayyy too many pedophiles out there..u don't know who's looking at your child
3. I have TWO upcoming international trips only a month apart and the first is BRAZIL!! I'm going on a mission trip to spread the gospel of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I am soooo excited!! And a month later I will be perusing the streets of PARIS, FRANCE then catching a train to LONDON, ENGLAND!! This trip is just for fun and unfortunately I don't have any tickets to the Olympic games but who knows maybe I'll be blessed by a random generous stranger (wishful thinking) ;)

Tashana said...

1. There may be an opening at the bottom
2. I probably wouldn't
3. Hopefully California in 2 months.

Tashana D.

Seychelle said...

1. Dehydrated kiwi were put in the bottle and they rehydrated to full size.
2. Yes, when they are little why not.
3. My husband and I are flying out to San Francisco today to escape the Arizona heat and enjoy the holiday.

FelicityRhode said...

1. Uhh... Maybe they formed the bottle around the fruit somehow? lol
2. Negative. My baby's personal areas are not for all to see.
3. Hubby and I are mini vacaying to DC to visit family. We're bringing some friends along, too!

-Felicity R.

Anonymous said...

1. I have no idea....
2. No.
3. Rio, Cause you look like u had so much fun!

Kim T

Raven P said...

Keela S.
1. ELEFINO!! Maybe miniature fruit that grows when you add alcohol. It could work...
2. Um, no. Diapers are a necessity. Nude beaches are strictly for adults.
3. Vegas Baby! I got a whole lotta PTO and I'm ready to use it.
Love your blog btw. Thanks for all the tips and sharing your adventures! Keep up the good work.

FashionistaAnon said...

1. I have seen fruit's grown inside the bottle before. The young baby fruit is put inside the bottle, while it is still on the tree/bush. When the fruit is ripe you just detach it- and there you have it! Your fruit in a bottle! However you have different fruits in the bottle, so that is a little more mysterious to me, but most likely the same principle.

2. I have no children, but no I probably wouldn't allow them to go starkers on the beach. You need to protect their little bums!

3.My next vacay is to sunny Jamaica!! I am going in 2 weeks after my last exam woot!

Jaquela W. said...

1. They put the fruit in through the bottom and seal it around the fruit.
2. Not a chance. My baby would at least need a diaper
3. Going to Italy.

Jaquela W.

TouShay1123 said...

1-I think they squeezed it in. The liquid helped the fruit reshape itself once they marinated in it
2- Sure, I'd let my baby run around the breach naked. If I were allowed, I'd be right along with him! In such an exotic place....you'd HAVE to take advantage of the opportunity! YOLO!!!
3- The BFF moved to Vegas, a trip for her birthday in August will reunite us. I'm a Vegas Virgin, so this should be interesting....

Shaquana J

Anonymous said...

Erica C. said...
1. Put the fruit in and seal the bottle from underneath.
2. No to many crazies out there don't want them looking at my baby's bum!
3. Cozumel

A. said...

Where’s your next vacay? Why?
Haiti! I've always loved the culture - especially the dances. My friend is living there now working for the salvation army. I want to go while she's there. Ambyr A.

Anonymous said...

2. No ma'am! No naked babies on the beach for me!

Monica S.

chcoann said...

1. I would cut the fruits in halves, soak them in perservant until they were soft enough, then put them in the bottle.
2. Yes, I have a 15 month old and I would let him run around on the beach naked.
3. I would love to go to the country side of France - to visit the wineries. I think it is just so beautiful and romantic.

Andrea U.

NikkiS said...

1. That's a good question--maybe they formed the glass around the fruit (picture the glass blowers you see at markets and such).

2. If I grew up in that culture I probably would, but since our culture is a little more reserved probably not--especially given the prevalence of sickos.

3. Somewhere in the Dominican Republic. I love the country, and I love the people. Beautiful people, beautiful beaches, and lots of beautiful hair on their heads.

LifenotesEncouragement said...

I dont know how they get the fruit in the bottle.
I'm from the islands - naked babies on the beach is fine; sand is easy to rinse out and off.
next vacation - its looking like JA or the Bahamas.

I've gone to a couple of those Brazilian restaurants here in the states on both coasts - they will keep bringing the meat until you say stop. I couldn't eat chicken hearts though.

Kandy O. said...

1. No Clue but its pretty amazing!
2. No way because there are way too many perverts in the world and it just doesn't seem sanitary.
3. Soo excited because in August I'll be headed to Rio too for a Bible Convention!

Anonymous said...

1.I think it's two cups with the one on top turned upside down
2. No issues with babies and no clothes on the beach in Rio...probably wouldn't do it in let's say Wild Wood NJ, or any other beach in the US for that matter...sand is not the issue as that happens anyway.....
3. DR-Punta Cana for a friends wedding...been before but hey vaca is vaca...so I'll take it

Veronica H. said...

1. They grow the fruit in the bottle. Weird but true.
2. No nakey on the beach. Too many deviants and I don't want to encourage public nudity in my children.
3. Cruise to Cozumel in September

Shara H. said...

2. My kids never went naked on the beach but, I don't mind it. I think up to age 3 is cool.

3. My next vacay is to the Outter Banks in North Carolina b/c I used to go there when I was a kid and now our kids are old enough to enjoy it. Super excited!

Anonymous said...

Sherrica S.
2. I would try to keep the lil swimmers on my baby's booty, but she would whip it off despite my attempts. So I guess its ok, you just have to be careful.

3. My hubby and I will take a mini vacay to Charleston, SC for a friends wedding.

Tamika F said...

1. I think they dry them a bit so they can shrink. Then use liquid to resconstitute them in the bottle.
2. If it is a private beach on family land then maybe. However, a bath will immediately follow.
3. My next planned vacation is to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. A couple of days in Virginia Beach and Norfolk. Then historical visits to Williamsburg and Yorktown. Of course squeezing in as much fresh seafood as possible! :)

Tamika F.

Dee W said...

2. Nope. We teach our kids that their private parts are just that, private lol. They probably wouldn't feel comfortable doing it anyway.

3. With 4 kids I don't like to go too far, so we'll probably head to Wildwood, NJ.

Danielle said...
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DiJah said...

DiJah A.

2. Would you let your baby go naked on the beach? I’ve seen lots of 2-4 year olds with nary a stitch of clothes… there are some places you just don’t want sand.
- I would NOT let my baby go naked on the beach. i'm sorry, at least a shorts would have to be on to cover their private parts. In Jamaica they do the same thing, let their child run free on the beach and that's good and dandy for them but THIS islander will not let my kidlet run naked anywhere...not even in the house.

3. Where’s your next vacay? Why?
- My next vacay will be to Cuba with my best friend. We've been fascinated with the whole Cuban lifestyle since high school and we decided to stop dreaming and finally go for it. Cant wait : )

Hairscapades said...

3. Playa del Carmen (Cancun) next month! Can not wait!!

Nik, you pineapple pic had me cracking up!! And, how can I get on that Asos gift list?!? Dang!!! I have a lot of work to do to bEcome big time like you!! LOL!!

As par for the course, you look gorgeous and I love all the pics of the other naturals!! Fab!!

Shelli G.

Tiffany R. said...

1. Under normal circumstances, the fruit is grown inside the bottle, which, in this case, makes what you have a long-crafted, one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Enjoy it in good health, love.
2. Naked? In public? I think not. Understandable, different countries have different standards for what is and isn't appropriate, but my parents are from the South. I was raised to keep my clothes on, and my kids should do the same.
3. My next vacay is going to be to Atlanta, GA. After 8 years in a crappy relationship, I'm finally moving to Valdosta to be with my family. Once I get back on my feet, it'll be a welcome change to get out and do something simply because I want to.

NearNThere said...

2. Have a child and don't mind him nude at the beach. Baby nudity does not have the same stigma as in the US, and since I grew up outside of the US, I'm perfectly comfy with it

Danielle F. said...

3. my next vacation is going to be a destination run!!! i'm thinking tropical (blue see-thru water, no mosquitos!!!lol) i started a new healthy lifestyle and will be running a 5k this saturday but i'm thinking well ahead into the future and i'm shooting to run a 10-12k somewhere i can take in the beautiful sites while running the race and then lay on the beach for a few days afterward!!! love this change in me!!!

CurlyChellez said...

My next vacay will be Vegas for Memorial Day Weekend

Rochelle G

Anonymous said...

1. They ate a LOT of chicken hearts, giving them supernatural abilities to stuff the fruit in the bottle effortlessly. ;)

2. I am not married and don't have children yet, but I would let my toddler go on the beach naked in Brazil. The culture is different in Latin America and nudity is not so sexualized, nor is it as taboo. There is an innocence there that the American culture does not have.

3. The next vacation I have planned is in December. I plan going to Florida with my family; we love the beach and try to visit Florida at least once a year!


Athena said...

Next vacation is probably a 7 day cruise to St. Maarten and the Virgin Islands.
cereza25 at yahoo dot com

Simone said...

Simone H

1. I believe the fruit is grown in the bottle.
2. I wouldn't only because swim suits on their little booties are tres adorable!
3. My next vacay is to Jamaica at the end of June. I'm taking both my daughters (16 and 3) to an all-inclusive resort to celebrate the end of a school year and reward all the hard work we ALL put in these last semesters.

Kersha P said...

1. Maybe the fruits were soaked first to soften them and then squeezed in?
3. Going to Jamaica to visit family!

Stacy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JackieC said...

If I had kids, I would only let them go naked at the beach abroad. The states aren't ready for that yet.

Next vacay: Domincan Republic. I have so many friends from their or who have gone there on extended stays. I can't wait to see it for myself.

Jackie C.

Stacy said...

Stacy D.

1. Who knows just drink that ish lol
2. I wouldn’t that’s just too much for me, but when in Rome???!!?!?!?!
3. Next Vacay is Dominican Republic in July with my girls..
Why? b/c it’s on our vacay bucket list, and we’re going down our list 

JayCee said...

1. SQUEEZE, SQUEEZE, SQUEZE that mu'!! Seriously, they probably grow the plant inside the bottle or with the bottle over the plant before it matures.
2. I would consider it but my hubby-to-be would not be down!
3. Next vacay is the Bahamas! It will be our honeymoon. We will cruise to the Bahamas from Miami! So, kind of a triple vacation, huh? Until then I live through your travels (sigh)!

liz parris [email protected] said...

2. Yes i would..over seas really..the culture is different and nudity is not as shocking..its nature. Besides let the kids run free..we'll wash out the sand later.
3. My next vacay is to trinidad..i have family there i have not seen in years..i could use renewed connection with my heritage.
Elizabeth. P.

Cuddles and Coils said...

My next vacay is to Riviera Maya, Mexico. I am going because I found a great deal at a condo resort on the beach, the plane ticket was not ridiculous, and I can take a day trip to one of the new 7 wonders of the world, Chichen Itza.

Devon T.

DiscoveringNatural said...

1. The fruits are grown inside the bottle

2. No way! I just don't want sand in "unwanted places"

3. The Caribbeans, because it is the one place I have not yet been too. Would be nice to have a second honeymoon there. ;)

Sawah A.

Lana said...

3. Next vacay: Puerto Rico!! My childhood friend of 16 years is getting married and the bachelorette party is in PR. It's. About. To Go Down!!

Kat said...

Next vacay is to Beijing for two months to learn Chinese! So excited.

Anonymous said...

2. I would not let my daughter run on the beach naked....ppl are sick cant trust everybody....ijs
Shekeya D.

Anonymous said...

1. I am assuming they put the fruit in from the bottom and then sealed it and put the red paper around it to hide the seal.
2. Probably not. Back in the day, yes.
3. Jamaica, West Indies for 2 weeks. I have a family reunion (on my father's side) to attend in July.

[email protected]

JenniferC said...

1. No idea how they got that fruit into that bottle. Maybe they dehydrated it so it could fit in there and then pouring the liquid in helped to plump it back up?? Or what about that egg in a bottle science thing? I'm going with that.

2. If I had children and were overseas, I wouldn't have too much of an issue with it. Like you I would worry about sand getting in uncomfortable places. I agree with one another statement that other countries seem to be more lax when it comes to bodies.

3. In less than two weeks we are headed to the beach in NC with some of our closest friends. We have been planning and waiting for months! It will be nice to get away.

Looks like you're having a wonderful time in Rio and staying fly as usual. I've been there and SP visiting family friends and cannot wait to go back!

Anonymous said...

3. Next vacation will be to New Orleans for the Essence Music Festival. I truly love that city! Figured I would get out and do something before I start grad school in August!

Chelsea J.

Anonymous said...

3. I'm hoping to go to Florida this Fall. You make me really really want to visit Brazil now!
Brittany L.
[email protected]

Anonymous said...

I don't have any kids right now, but there's no way I would let my child run around in public without clothes. They are innocent, but some people in this world... uh, uh. Can't do it.

Victoria W.

Anonymous said...

1. The seeds started in the bottle and they grew there.
Shonda D.

Kudos said...

2. Heck yeah! If I could comfortably go naked on the beach I would! (you sit down on the beach wrong and sand'll get in there anyway :=/)

3. If I stay in the states it's a 'trip' to me, my next for real vacay, Lord willingly, is Trinidad Carnival!!!

Makuyo N.

Anonymous said...

love your hair that way and it looks better than when you do all that "fluffing" It's good when we just go with the flow with our hair and stop with all the excessive/obsessive changing our hair texture! Love that "gifted" outfit too.

C said...

Let's see for #1, I have no idea.
#2, I am from the Carribean and I see that a lot when I go home as well. I think its more acceptable out of the U.S, so I am ok with having my baby running around the beach in the buff. Only up to a certain age though.
And #3 - I am heading to Puerto Rico this summer. My honey bunny and I are getting married there next year and we have to go and pick out venue etc. so we decided to make a vaca out of it this year. Mind you neither of has ever been to Puerto Rico, but we hear its gorge. Anyone have any suggestions on venues for a wedding or nice beachfront restaurants for a reception???

Laureen C said...

My next vacay is June 2 on the oasis of the seas. We did the Allure last year and my 11 year old bugged us so much about leaving her home were taking her. After seeing your pics a cruise just seems like a tourist trap!!!

Anonymous said...

My next vacay...with you & the hubby...ya'll know how to par-tay! Shirl C.

Natural Neicy said...

I would NEVER EVER let any of my five kids go naked while at the beach...just too many pedos out there.

Laurie P. said...

2. only in the US is it a big deal for the babies to be out with no clothes. With my fams in haiti, the babies sometimes walk around nude...it's hot! lol
3. A cruise to Haiti, Jamaica, and Mexico because i'm free of husband and kids and plan to enjoy the promotion i received in Feb 1, 2012. YAY!

Laurie Anne P.

Erica said...

2) Nope! I don't want people looking at my kids' parts!!

Bahati Belle said...

Sara J

How to get fruit in a bottle. BAM check out the link


TyaD said...

Naked at the beach - gross! Why? Why? The beach can be a trap. Suppose there is broken glass, starfish, etc. Can you say ants in the pants? Gross!

Next vacay is cruise to San Juan, Virgin Islands, Half Moon Cay, and Grand Turk - leaves in (count em 3 days!) - CANT WAIT!

Fruit in the bottle - ummm...the bottom screws off. :-)

Keisha R. said...

1 fruit is grown in the bottle or there is opening at the bottom
2 no i wouldn't let my baby go nude cause of bacteria and germs
3 next vacation is cali cause i need it and it's overdue!

Tieshka G. said...

I think the fruit is soaked in liquor then placed in the bottle. I think...

I don't have little ones but I know I would feel uncomfortable letting them go without clothing in a public place. I have a problem with the way garments some parents choose for children let alone going without clothing.

I am planning to return to the Yucatan this summer. I visited for the first time last year and the beaches are the most beautiful I have ever seen and the all-inclusive resort package the experience more affordable and the accommodations are beautiful.

Thanks for sharing your experience in Brazil and I hope to visit in the near future. I am have missed it but can you talk about your accommodations?... resort, time-share, rental,etc.

Thanks...Tieshka G.


BrownLady said...

1. this is really too much for my baby brain to handle, but for a chance to win a give away... umm i'm going with they soaked the fruit, then squeezed it into the bottle, gave it a few shakes and then prayed that the fruit would swell up again.

2. ummm let me see... #@%^ to the NO. between pervs, Adam and Eve, sand in the wrong places and just plain ole NO... you get the point. however, i am certain that my 21 month old could probably figure out a way to make it happen for himself.

3. our next vacay will be anywhere but Brazil... don't need the extra big b&$%# lingering in my hubby's face all day:) Maybe Russia!

Anonymous said...

humm lets see

1- the bottle is cut where the towel is
2- only in the comfort of my own home would i allow my child to be naked. there are too many weird things going on in today's world for me to comfortably let my child roam in the natural state that the lord made. I would die if something happened to my kids, ie. ending up on some child porn site since i let them be them.
3- im going back to the south, Alabama to be exact. there is no place like good food and great family to keep the laughs going.

nola707 said...

I don't know how they got the fruit in but now I'm very curious. And, when my son was young, we often visited Nassau, Bahamas and he was allowed to explore the beaches in the buff. So the answer is yes, I would allow my child to do so. I think we Americans are too darn uptight about our bodies and we pass this on to our children. If we took the stigma associated with body parts and functions away maybe there would be less "perverts" in the world. Wishing we take a cue from countries. Angela B.

MOG said...

Mitzi G
Where’s your next vacay? Why?

I would / will go back to Elbow Beach, Bermuda. The sand is like powdered sugar; the water is so blue you can see 25 feet down. The people are the nicest people I have ever met in the world. If you want to get away from it all and I mean ALL..this is the place to go.

Afrikan Latina said...

Next vacay is back home to North Carolina. Its been 7 months since my nana has seen me and my prince's and we miss her!!

Anonymous said...

1. The same way they get ships in bottles, of course...build fruit inside! Really, I don't know. Maybe they get small fruit and then it expands when it gets full of alcohol.

2. I don't have kids, but no I would not let them run naked on the beach. I would be too worried about all the people I don't know and what their intentions were.

3. I'm going to Alaska in a few weeks--through a combination of circumstances I got a mostly free cruise. Super excited!

Thanks :)

Robin P.

Anonymous said...

Naked baby's at beach disgusting imagine whats in the sand - and sand hides in so many places

The fruit is put in the container and it continues to grows before placing in glass it soaks in fruit causes it to shrink.
My next vacation in my dreams Rio in reality Wilmington N.C

A. Danielle M

CJayQueen said...

1. I've seen this done before...to get the fruit in the bottle, the fruit has to grow inside the bottle.

2. I personally would not allow my child to go bare on the beach b/c there are way too many sick people in the world these days.

3. Disneyworld. We are taking my son for the first time...he's 3!

CJay Q.

watkinsabob said...
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watkinsabob said...

Ambrey W.

1. How the hell did they get whole kiwis and apples in that bottle?!
A: Maybe they blew the glass around the fruit??? But then i'm thinking wouldn't you be afraid of getting glass on the fruit. I'm going to google it now!! haha!!

2. Would you let your baby go naked on the beach? I’ve seen lots of 2-4 year olds with nary a stitch of clothes… there are some places you just don’t want sand.
A. Negator! At least some swim pampers!!! Come on.

3. Where’s your next vacay? Why?
A: Rio!! Because of this travel diary!! :-D

Anonymous said...

So, here we go:

#1- They dropped the seeds in the bottle and the fruit magically grew!

#2- Hecky naw! My son (13 months) and his goods will NOT be gallivanting on the sand exposing the family jewels. On one hand, people are nasty and perverted and on the other, so is the sand/water/air/ etc. I'll leave naked to the changing table and bathtub.

#3- Let's seeeeee, "vacation" you ask? I think we will be venturing from sunny SoFLA to errrr sunny Orlando for a wedding in the fall. It should be nice:-)

PS: that 2nd day wash n go was nothing short of AMAZING! I have that multiple texture thing going on except my wet n wavy action is on one side only, GRRRR! My w n g is somewhat of an asymmetrical 90's "push it" bob :-)

Multiple textures unite!

Brithney M.

Shana B. said...

2. I don't know what would be considered worse (in America): 2-4 year olds running around naked, or the 5-12 year olds I've seen rocking thong bikinis... O_o #DifferentCulture #Wouldn'tBeMyKids!!

Anonymous said...

1. I'm thinking the fruit was placed in there with some type of magic.
2. I would hope my child would have some clothes on but I've not been in that position.
3. Heading down to south Florida to live so that will be my vacay for months but I would love to go to Puerto Rico so I can brush up on my español!

BMB130 said...

Brook B. Said...

1. I'm thinking the fruit was placed in there with some type of magic.
2. I would hope my child would have some clothes on but I've not been in that position.
3. Heading down to south Florida to live so that will be my vacay for months but I would love to go to Puerto Rico so I can brush up on my español!

Nish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MishiBishi said...

1. How the hell did they get whole kiwis and apples in that bottle?!

A: They let budding fruit continue to grow inside of the bottle. Here's a link: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/950584/how_to_put_a_whole_fruit_inside_a_bottle/

2. Would you let your baby go naked on the beach? I’ve seen lots of 2-4 year olds with nary a stitch of clothes… there are some places you just don’t want sand.

A: I think it would depend on the beach but I'd be worried about folks taking photos.

3. Where’s your next vacay? Why?

A: Highsprings, VT and Montreal, Canada. My family is going to the Tyler Place which is a family focus vacation spot. They have free highchairs, strollers, cribs for your baby to use while on the visit and a babysitter just for your family as well. There's hiking, biking, sailing among many other activities and only 15 minutes away from the Canadian border. So once we're done there we're hopping over for our first trip to Canada ever! http://www.tylerplace.com/

Nitab said...

Venita B.

1. Is the pink and white material some type of tape? Otherwise, I have no idea and would LOVE to know how they did it.

2. No way! But, I think if I lived in another country where it was the norm, I wouldn't have a problem.

3. Next vacation.....Avila Beach in California. It's a really nice getaway. I live in the valley and jump at the chance to vacation on the coast.

Nish said...

Nish W.

1. The kiwi and apple were like the magic grow-in-water toys that expanded once in water, so the fruit became whole after liquid was placed in the bottle :/

2. I would not let my baby go naked on the beach. I do not think it is appropriate on so many different levels...Sand in all the wrong places, weirdos staring at my babies touch-me-nots, potty accidents...the list goes on.

3. My next vacation will be in North Carolina to visit a dear friend of mine that I have not seen in a very long time and miss miserably.

ali said...

2. I don't think I would allow my child to go naked on the beach. Maybe there's nothing wrong with it, but I would feel safer and more comfortable if they had clothes on.
3.My next vacay will probably be in Virginia Beach, which is my hometown. I'm still in school so it will be needed and fun break to go home for the 4th of July and hit up the beach!
Alisya E.

April W said...

#3 - My next vaca is this weekend!! I'm heading to Napa, CA to go hot air ballooning w/ my BFF (my sister=). I've always wanted to go & I always drag her w/ me on my random adventures. I told her Memorial Day weekend would be perfect since we have a long weekend!

ashley said...

3. You totally assured me that I should be in Brazil ASAP, zoom, STAT! Brazil has always been a destination of mine. Where I REALLY want to go next is Greece! I would love to go fishing/swimming in the waters, explore the ancient ruins and possibly participate in a roasting.

Adia H said...

Because of your trip to Rio. My best friend and I decided to go to Rio for my 30th birthday next year. And I am going to make sure we rent a condo. I am so excited! I cannot wait to go.

P.I.M.P.!! said...

3. Where’s your next vacay? Why?

My next vacation will be in St. Lucia. I've always wanted to go to the Jazz festival but then I saw a travel documentary about the city and I was sold on the culture. I want to learn the history of our ancestors and this would be one way of doing that.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I could let my baby go naked. Clean up is enough of a hassle when something is kept on
I want to go to the Bahamas but if I go anywhere it'll be Chicago or Detroit

Tara L. said...

Tara L.
3. I will be vacationing in Gatlinburg, TN to view the Great Smoky Mountains and hit up the outlet malls. I am a 6th grade music teacher in need of a MUCH NEEDED vacation!!!!

Anonymous said...

My name is Nicole P. and I think that they expanded the bottle with heat and then put the fruit in. Two, there are two many perverts for me to let my babies run naked on a beach. Three, we are headed to Louisiana for our next vacay becuase that is where hubby's family lives

ChrLvsBks said...

2. Yes, I would let my toddler run wild and free on the beach. Shucks, I want to do it my d*@n self!

3. I haven't planned my next trip but I know it will include the sun, the beach and a couples massage.

Ivie' B. said...

1. They grow the fruit inside the bottles.
2. No, my child would have to cover up. I'm a germ freak.
3. Our next vacation is to Destin, Florida. I own a Daycare and ONLY get one week a year, so I am going to make the most of it and enjoy the beach life for a whole week. :-)

Unknown said...

My next vacay is my 7-day cruise to the Western Caribbean for my honeymooon in June! Anastacia J.

Ambrosia034 said...

1. The seeds grew inside the bottle

2. Naw, I don't think so--I'm a bit of a germ-phobe

3. Don't know for sure--maybe back east or Florida to visit family

Zaakirah said...

Zaakirah H.
1. I think the bottom was put on afterwards and secured with some type of glue.
2. I think sand in the diaper area would be pretty, uncomfy. Diaper should def stay on.
3. Next vacay is to Atlantic city, NJ because BEYONCE will be there.!!! *screams*

Maureen Myrtil said...

Maureen M.

2. I would not let my baby (when I do have one, lol) go naked on the beach because even though we have good/innocent intents when doing so, that doesn't mean that others have that when looking at your baby. There are way to many perverts that are out there.

3. My next vacation is to Orlando to go to Disney World for the first time ever in my 22 year Florida resident life...lol. Sad right?!

Anonymous said...

My next vacay will be Miami for a bachelorette party and then a big vacay in October to the Dominican Republic for my honeymoon :)


Steph L. said...

3. My next vacay I'm taking a cruise to Jamaica. I've been on a cruise before, luv'ed it, even though a lady "fell" overboard.. :-( And last year I flew to Jamaica, so this year I'm leaving the day after my bday! Great times! This would be a great pre-bday gift.....**sends up wishes**

Kimberly G. said...

Kimberly G. from Orlando, FL

1. They cut the bottom of the bottle off then reassembled after inserting the fruit.
2. Just say no to indecent exposure at any age.
3. My next vacay will be to the great island of Jamaica...ONe love. :}

Anonymous said...

You are damn fly! I love your vacation outfits!

hyperglide36 said...

Dudes in their panty draws!!!!! LOLOLOL too funny!!!

Nece said...

My next vacay is going to be in Jamaica this July! My parents were born and raised in Jamaica so I've been there many time, but this is going to be my first time going there and staying at a resort and I'm sooo excited! I'll visit fam after a week of relaxation and bliss =]

HerAndHerHair said...

Tori A.
1. I think they may have cut the bottom off the glass and placed it in that cup holder... :-\

2. My 2 year old goes naked nowhere, but to the tub!

3. My next vacay is to tha beach! because I Love the ocean

Belinda M said...

1. They dry the fruit out, like a raisin or dried mangos!
2. No no no! My baby would need to have something on.
3. Belize at the end of next month. Super excited!!1

Monique Manning said...

Monique M.

1. You get them in the bottle with Science. Similar to the boiled egg trick!
2. It depends on what beach I am going to. In the States, no. But overseas where it's common, yes. Me too! Lol
3. Next international vacay is Brazil! Going with my best friend for Carnivale for our annual BF Birthday trip!

blofton88 said...

Brandi L.

I want to first say that I am absolutely in love with your blog. Its like I have to get my fix daily. Haha.

Never would I let my baby run around nakey and neither should anyone else allow such a thing.

Anywho, I am looking forward to traveling to the Bahamas this summer on a cruise. I've never been on a ship so I am thrilled.

Thanks for allowing us to experience Brazil through your eyes.

BricyD said...

1. I don't know how they got the fruit in the bottle but it looks good and I would love to try that one day. :)

2. I cringe at the thought of adults walking around naked so I would definitely not let my baby go walking around baring it all.

3. My next vacation is to Vegas next weekend! I would hardly call it "vacation" though because I don't think I'll be resting or relaxing unless I go to the spa. Its going to be nonstop partying for my Godsister's birthday. She's turning the big "30"! Its about 20 of us and we are going to see a show, go shopping, and maybe even go skydiving. (Pray for me lol) :)

PS. You and your blog really inspire me to be me and enjoy all of who I am, flaws and all. I'm not where I want to be with the confidence of my natural hair but I'm getting closer and closer every day especially when I read your blogs. :) So thanks.

~Bridget C. D.~

Janel said...

I am currently studying in Salvador de Bahia right now! Been here for almost 3 months. I look at your photos and want to go to Rio so badly. Hopefully my next trip will be to Italy with no studying included.

Anonymous said...

1. The bottle is placed over the fruit when it buds, then the fruit grows in the bottle and is plucked when ripe (googled it, too curious)How that explains more than one fruit per bottle? IDK

2. No naked babies

3. Not sure yet, but I just got a passport and ready to get stamped up!


Anonymous said...

AWatkins -
Numero Uno - My guess is that they added the fruit during the glass blowing process somehow but that is a long shot.

Numero Dos - I would never let my little bundle of joy walk around Free Willy on a beach or elsewhere.

Numero Tres - My next vacay is Spain in September - 4 days in Madrid, 4 days in Barcelona. I cannot wait!!!

Antoinette W - Chicago, IL

Ayisha S. said...

I am going to Orlando Florida in July with my fam. Taking the kiddos to see Disney!

Anonymous said...

Sharrell J

2. There is no way I would let my child run around naked, I don't care if we are on a beach! LOL I believe in modesty in all that we do.

3. My next vacay, God willing, will be to Nigeria or Mecca!!! Maybe I should get a passport in the meantime!

Jadellsmom said...

I would love for my next vacay to be a cruise in Italy. I have always wanted to go to Europe and see the sights, and a cruise would be the best way to do it!!

Ayisha B said...

1. I think the fruits are dehydrated/dried before they are put into the bottle and then the liquid is added causing them to plump and expel flavor.

2. Would never let my children be naked in public. This world is too unstable and full of wickedness.

3. Hubby and I have a busy schedule and can't find a week to go away this summer. But this winter we will hit up DR boo!!!

tissa said...

2. I wouldn't let my baby go naked.
3. We are going to Virginia this year for reunion.
You all look good.

Anonymous said...

Novelyn W.

2) Heck no! When we were kids, we didn't wear swimsuits in the island as toddlers, because they didn't have it. If I have kids, their bodies will be covered up. Too many unknowns to worry about, I don't need to add enticements for perverts to the list

3) If I am luck to go on vacay I want to go to greece.

Unknown said...

My next long vacay will be in the Bahamas. I havent been in years and pre-kiddos. I want to take them to experience the fun and beauty we (hubby and I) were exposed to.

Anonymous said...

1. How the hell did they get whole kiwis and apples in that bottle?!

Okay, they dehydrated the fruit temporarily, and then it rehydrated as it sucked up the alcohol...like a sponge. Maybe?

2. Would you let your baby go naked on the beach? I’ve seen lots of 2-4 year olds with nary a stitch of clothes… there are some places you just don’t want sand.

No I would not let my baby go naked on the beach. Nasty pervs already don't need a reason :/

Stephanie G.

tissa said...

This is Tissa T. sorry I didn't follow instructions.

Latasha M. said...

I would love for my next vacay to be in Paris, France! I'm a recent fashion grad and a hopeless romantic...So Paris just makes sense :-)

Anonymous said...

1. I think they put the fruit in through the bottom of the bottle, then sealed it up. However it happened, it's super cool!

2. I don't have kids but if I did I wouldn't let them run completely naked. They at least need bottoms (diaper, pull ups, swim trunks, etc). Gotta protect the children!

3. I'm going to Barbados because I've never been to the Caribbean and it seems like the perfect island to visit first. :-) Plus it will be the first vacation my boyfriend and I are going on together!

PhenomenallyMe said...

2. It seems that Brazil is just a little more in touch with their sexy than us Americans...at an earlier age! Haven't you seen YouTube videos of the kids dancing?
3. My next vacay is so far out of sight that I have to take a mental one...and in this one, I am living vicariously through you and hubby!

Yolanda G.

Anonymous said...

Lashanda W.

1. They dried it first then it was able to be put inside of the bottle and the liquid substance hydrated it allowing it to return to it's normal size.
2. No, I would not let my children go without clothing anywhere except home. There are just too many sick people in the world!
3. Alaska, we are going next month for 10 days and I can't wait. I am in need of a vacay!! My husband and I were stationed there almost 2 years ago and we loved it we are going back to visit friends!

Denea said...

I feel like I'm in Brazil with you!!! Thanks for sharing :)

ymorris said...

Yvette M.

Q1. - Is the bottle cut in the middle where the cloth is? If not, I'm thinking it was freeze-dried whole & when the alcohol was added, it expanded.
Q2. - If I were in a foriegn country where this was the norm., yes I would let my child on the beach nude, keeping a close eye on her, of course. I would not in the states.
Q3. - I plan to vacation this year in Charleston, SC in June and New Orleans in August so please update your final thoughts on your RIO haircare products because I will definetly need something to help my 4a - 4-c curls !!! :):)

Ericka W. said...

3. My next vacation will be at the end of this year. I will be graduating from college, and I wanted to do something big for myself. I will be taking a cruise to the Bahamas with a couple of my classmates!

L said...

Nikki - enjoying the 'free ride' of traveling along with you on your trips. :) Be careful resting that computer on your lap near your organs chica.

Lorry M. said...

1. I have seen ppl grow fruits in bottles by putting the bottle on the developing fruit while it is still on the tree.

2. I don't, personally think I would. I could consider allowing a boy toddler to be naked on the beach but not a girl for fear of bacteria. Girls are a little more anatomically susceptible to that.

3. Lack of funds don't allow me to travel. Maybe once I graduate from college, enter the work force, and accumulate finances I will be able to do a little traveling. I would like to go to an island though. I love the beach, warm weather, sunshine, and exotic foods :-)

Anonymous said...

Jean N.

1. They "built" the bottle around the fruit...hell, I don't know!

2. I don't have kids, but might have reservations about that...it may be acceptable in Brazil, but folks here in the States "trip" about everything...the cops might want to take the babies to jail!

3. I have no travelling vacation plans at this time, but I'd love to visit the Caribbean or Bermuda--some place where I can walk in pink sand, eat great food and say, "This is the life!"

StaceyMarie said...

1. You can grow fruit in a bottle if you suspend the bottle from the tree when the fruit is small/young. IDK how you get MULTIPLE fruits in there, though!

2. Hell to the naw, Bobby. My family is the family at the beach w/no sand on our blanket or in our nooks and crannies. It's difficult enough to clean regular stuff off of babies.

3. I will be traveling up and down the East/Southeast coast starting in September. Charlotte, NC to volunteer for the campaign, DC for the Congressional Black Caucus, and Murryland, Lynchburg, VA, and Marietta/Hotlanta Georgia to visit friends (new marriage, new business, and new babies respectively)

B. Bass said...
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Anonymous said...

Alysha T

1. I would guess they grew the fruit in the bottle, depending on the neck size it doesn't seem hard to get a knife in there to split the fruit.

3.This may not count as a vacation but my boyfriend and are going to Bonnaroo in two weeks. 4 day music festival in Tennessee , we'll be camping on the grounds and going to a bunch of shows.

B. Bass said...

1. The fruit is put into the whole bottle by attaching the bottle to a fruit tree and allowing the fruit to grow into the bottle.

Brittany B

emily w said...

Emily W. my next vaca will be to New York! me and my husband never really get to take a day off, not since we got married actually. So, we will soon be departing to NYC to spend some time with his family... yay!

anewme said...

Renae D.

Interesting question, had to research it myself :) Put the fruit (while it's still small and on the branch) in the bottle and allow it to sit in the tree and grow from there.


honeybrown1976 said...

No, I could not let my baby run naked on a public beach. At home, sure. It's private and secured.

The question is whether or not I'd go topless. Hell yes!

Latanya I.

emily w said...

i wouldnt let my kids run around buck naked, cuz baby clothes are too cute and kids grow up so fast, theres only a lil bit of time that you can stuff them into whatever silly outfit you want and they wont care.

As for the fruit, for they probably cored them, add a few slits and squeeze em in, as for the apple, they probably boiled it or the bottle then sqeezed it in, i saw it done before as a child i dont quite remember it all though, it has to do with temp and air pressure tho... but for the limes etc, its easy, we do it on the regular to make preserved lemons @ my house.

Desiree' M. said...

Desiree' M.
1. Hmm...I would say that maybe they got the fruit in there the same way that those model boats get inside a bottle but I don't think that's the case. Maybe they had the seeds grow in the bottle into full fruit? Or maybe they somehow form the fruit around the bottle.
3. I don't know if you could call it a vacation but I'll probably be headed down to ATL this summer to visit my family and possibly do a small mural in my nieces new room!

Anonymous said...

2. I feel like even if you double diaper your baby, or sprayed Sand Repellent (if such greatness existed) on them, they would STILL come back with sand in the crevices no one knew existed... and then wonder why there are STILL little trails of sand around the house a week after the fact, lol.

... all that just to say this, the answer to your question is, no I would not :)

Neecie B.

N Coleman said...

n coleman

Alicia W. said...

3. Where’s your next vacay? Why?

I'll be going on a cruise in July to Mexico! Going with a group from my church.

Bridgette D said...

My next vacay is New Zealand, hubby has been wanting to go for several years and we can't wait.

Jessica M. said...

2. I do not think children should be naked on the beach. Nowadays there are so many cute swim suites for children, there's no reason not to have them in one.
3. Next vacay? Chicago for memorial day weekend!

Fabulously Fluffy said...

My next vacay may be Costa Rica, if that doesn't hapn then I'm defntly goin back to Barcelona. Luv Luv LUVD it! Went briefly last Oct, enjoyed it so much want to go back for an extended stay. At least for a month. If I really luv it as much as I think I will; I plan to move their 2014/2015. side note: i was totally goin to Brazil in August! swapped it out for Costa Rica. Now ure givg me the itch to go Brazil sometime soon....

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