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Anonymous said...

I can so sympathize with Victoria, because when I big chopped it was more than half way through summer & I had no clue what to do for fall/winter, it took me a while but I eventually got the hang of it.

Brooke B.

Anonymous said...

I agree with victoria my winter regimen kept my hair moisturized throughout the winter, I thought it would do the same for the summer but it did not. I am struggling to keep hair moisturized for a few days without moisturizing everyday since I wash once every two weeks I moisturize every three days. That is working in this Las Vegas heat, even I do protective styling the heat kills.

Megan Montgomery

Rimi said...
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Rimi said...

@Lauren: Yes, love this! I feel so bad for the women coming out with arms full of groceries, trying to decide if they should just make a run for the car (and risk ruining a fresh press n' curl) or just wait inside the store till the rain stops!

T Monique said...

Jovan Monique Had me in tears!

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