Be "About THAT Life"

by Taneica of ShatterProofGlassDolls

OK… I shamefully and regrettably admit that I watched every single episode of last season’s Basketball Wives, losing at least 20 brain cells an episode. I dunno why, but watching people make spectacles of themselves is fascinating to me in ways that I can’t describe and won’t even attempt to justify. Anyway, last season while watching Evelyn Lozada Superman dive at Jennifer Williams, I was fascinated and baffled by something that Evelyn kept hollering at a withering Jennifer across the restaurant. “You’re not about this life” she hollered. As Jennifer exited the building and Ev frothed from the mouth, I wondered to myself, what kind of “life” is Evelyn really talking about? If it’s a a life that calls for grown women to act like hooligans, then what kind of life is that? If it’s a life that calls for fashionistas dressed in $800 Louboutins and $1000 DeLa Renta Sundresses to act like they got their good sense and manners on clearance, is it worth it? Proooobably not. So, I  thought about Ev’s statement and wondered to myself, what kind of life would I like to be about? Here’s what I came up with….

I want to be about a life that shows the bigger picture. With careers, relationships, and responsibilities of life occupying every day of ones life, it’s kind of challenging to remember what’s really important sometimes when the going gets tough. If my boss is acting less the exemplary one day, I try to focus on why I am REALLY there, and it goes far beyond whoever is sitting in the leader’s seat. Sometimes irritating situations and people are easier to manage when you can frame your mind to remember that all of your situations are preparing you for something bigger, better, and worth your current headache. The same does not always go for relationships, but you have to listen to your heart AND your mind in those types of situations. Like my mom says, “the only thing worth high blood pressure is your children”. I wonder if even that becomes a moot point when your kids come of age, so…lol.

I want to be about a life of positivity. Bad things happen to good people all the time, sure! BUT as long as you are breathing, there’s hope to make the situation better. Give yourself time to be pissed, be honest with your feelings, and then move forward to a point of resolution. It’s amazing how much better one can feel when they start coming up with ideas on how to change their situation, even in the midst of their issues.

I want to be about a life of leading by example. Regardless of who you are and what you do, there’s always someone somewhere looking  up to you. (Y’all like that? I came up with it by myself) Anyway, whether you’re a high school student working at McDonald’s part time, or a board member at a Fortune 500 company, there is someone, somewhere who hopes  to be where you are some day and is looking to you as a model of how to get there. Give them the inspiration that they deserve and give yourself the credit you deserve for being so awesome! It’s okay to admit it.

I want to be about a life that money can’t buy. Money can buy you pretty clothes, it can buy you a nice house, it can even buy you a new figure! BUT the one thing money can’t buy you is love, happiness, contentment with yourself, and peace of mind. Those things may cost you a lot of tough life lessons along the way, but when you get it right, it’s all worth more than any amount of money can buy.

What kind of life do YOU want to be about?

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