Blue Highlights, Anyone?

 If it's safe enough to get that close to your eyeballs, then why the hell not?! 

Thanks FroEnvy! 

Unlike chalking, which I'm quite sure wasn't developed with us curly girls in mind, there's no abrasive rubbing of the *wet* cuticle, no flat ironing... you just slick on a little cream shadow and BAM, instant #RockStar.

Stay tuned 'cause as long as this ish rinses away and my hair doesn't go with it, you might just be looking at my new 'party curls'!

 Have you ever 'chalked'? 

Would you try temporary eyeshadow highlights? 

While we're at it, what's your Halloween costume this year?!  



 Gave 'em a little of the old razzle dazzle (i.e. obnoxious blue highlights) at the pumpkin patch today.  By the way, Boog was a straight complete 180 from last year's fiasco. Totally uneventful.

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