'I'm Rick James Tonight'.

Home for the holidays and so is the ENTIRE fam, so you know we had to get it! 

For the record, apparently the only place to be on a Saturday night in St. Louis, is SoHo Restaurant and Lounge. Turnt up. All the way.

Here's our night in pics-

#SecretLifeOfNikki I'm not truly happy unless my hair is in someone's face... #HairInYoFace

This is who the Commodores were talking about. I know it. #BrickHouse #JustLettingItHang #BoobsInYoFace

#SecretLifeOfNikki #HairInYoFace

Syl and Harold!


Why is everyone staring so intensely into the camera? Except Harold, lol. Oh yeah, #SecretLifeofNikki #HairInYoFace

Dr. Anderson's face is priceless! I had to post even though I look like the joker. #WhySoSerious #SecretLifeofNikki


So much class and sophistica- wait, OMG, children, close your eyes!

Near the end of the night, I cut my finger somehow and was convinced I had hepatitis C. Hubby suggested that I stop yelling that in front of the club. In sober retrospect, he was probably right. 

The Hurr...

4th day WDTM&G, see day 1, HERE

What I wore...

Jacket gifted from Romwe
Shirt gifted from Romwe

What did you get into this weekend?

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