Mixing Hair Products- Avoiding Flakes & Residue

Save the Snow fo’ “Outdowrs”: Avoiding the Dreaded White Flakes

by Shelli of Hairscapades 

Get it?! Like, “Save the drama fo’ yo’ mamma?” Anybody? Anybody? No? Alright, moving along. LOL! So, I had to do this quick post to share a video that I found via DiscoveringNatural.com. You see, I’ve often been asked or seen the question, “I get flakes when I apply [insert product names, usually leave-in, gel and/or styler]. How do I avoid that?” Well, I always mix the moisturizing styler and gel together in my palm first (creamy product first, then gel) to make certain that they will blend together easily and smoothly. If they don’t and the mix looks like this …

Yeahhhhhhh, that’s gonna be a problem. Big chunks or “snowflakes” are prettttty good signs that the combo is no bueno and will leave me looking like I’m in serious need of some Head & Shoulders. #Ineverknewyouhaddandruff

So, without further ado, here is the video that demonstrates exactly what I mean!!

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via TheCreativeLady

To learn more, check out Discovering Natural’s post, Hair Chemistry: Will These Products Mix Together?, where she experiments with several gel and moisturizer combos to find out which ones blend the best!!

What product combos have you found to be disastrous? Which ones are a match made in heaven?

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