Curlformers Giveaway!- 10 Sets! (WINNERS!)


Leslie G. 
Janna Christine
Lynette Jae
Anita Frances
Whitney Wade
Sarah Johnson
Michelle Radiant Brown Beauty
Natasha Bailey

Email me at [email protected] w/ your address!!!

...Yesterday at the park soaking up some sun.  Oh, that dope poncho?
Courtesy of Gaye, aka SweetDrk1, aka
GG MadeIt

Okay, so I'm on my Oprah with these giveaways.  The ish is getting out of hand. With 8 Nook Colors, 2 iPad minis, 6 conditioning baskets and a product bundle a day for 12 days, up for grabs, it feels like I'm going for the record.  So let's keep the party going!

For your chance to win 1 of 10 Curlformer Limited Edition Sets, tell me how I can better serve you!  Let me know what new features you'd like to see on in 2013, what I'm already doing great, and what could be better!

Thanks in advance!

*Contest closes on Dec. 12th at 5pm EST! Stay tuned for the winners!*

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