We Be Bunnin'

Failed dry set turned 'mom chic'...


On Sunday night, I washed my hair for the first time since Atlanta and blew it out using Qhemet's Moringa Tree + Ouidad's Mongongo Oil.  I immediately twisted my dry hair with a wee bit of Curl Junkie's Coffee Coco Curl Creme and rolled the twists (6 or 7 total) into bantu knots.  When I unravelled them, the look was stunning... for 'bout 10 minutes.  The curls fell all the way the hell out and I rocked my best #DianaRoss for two days.  A few moments ago, in preparation to drive Boog to her 2.5 yr doctor appointment, I was inspired to pull it up and rock a bun for the first time in a long while.  My technique?  Check out PGneiicey 1st bun tut in this vid--

I basically did that! Isn't her hair NUTS? Defies all logic. #Jelly


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