Professor Daddy.

Professor Daddy #WeBothCallHimThat #TMI #NikkiGetsGoodGrades  

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The Boog audited her daddy's class today and was rather non-disruprtive save for when asking- in the breathiest of loud whispers- for 'cheeeeeese' or 'opppcorn'.  Yes. We brought snacks.  And while grazing upon them, she looked on (in what has yet to be determined as either awe and admiration or boredom) as Hubby espoused his extensive knowledge of politics and stuff.

Also, if you recall, my left eye is showing it's age, cutting up and all astigmatized, so now I have a driving restriction.  Here's the situation-

#OnMySexyLibrarian #ThroughTheLensofMyRaybees

The hurr- 3 day old flat twist-out using Ouidad Hydrafusion 
The Glasses- Ray-Ban 5269
The Lip- HERE

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