Go Natural Spain: Meet Your Spanish Sisters!

 I'm 'On The Couch' with a few more ladies of the GoNaturalSpain movement. These ladies are gorgeous, accomplished and #TEAMNATURAL! Enojy!

 Dr. Kattia M. Tejeda

Why are you in Madrid? Are you from here?
I was born in the Dominican Republic, but I came to Spain 8 years ago for work. I started in Galicia, and then moved to Madrid for a good job at a hospital.

How long have you wore your hair natural?
Only one year!  It was a difficult decision to make because in the Dominican Republic, natural hair has a lot of social stigma.  But I'm extremely happy I'm natural!

Did you transition or Big Chop? 
I cut a lot of hair, but I wouldn't call it a big chop.  It felt amazing, like the growing of a Bonsai.  WOW! It's been one of the best experiences of my life!

Did your friends and family support your decision to go natural?
At the beginning, my family didn't like the idea.  They'd say, 'a Doctor with BAD HAIR???!!!' You know... the cultural things and negative stigma we're trying to change with GoNaturalSpain to liberate the next generation!

Here in Spain, my friends just gave me good words and congrats. At the hospital, everybody loves natural hair, so no issues there either.  We're destroying prejudice!  Lots of people here in Spain love our natural hair and want to touch it and have the same! It's hilarious!

What's your favorite thing about being natural?
Don't know... EVERYTHING!  It's unique, cheaper for me, faster in the morning and beautiful!
Then I met Awanda and my brother Álvaro, Captain Sparrow as you call him, and I got involved with the movement.  They call me 'Go Prime Minister'!  GoNaturalSpain is my new family and we hope to bring the community support, peace and happiness.

Thanks Nikki for this oportunity, I really love your work and I'm very proud to be on your blog.  I hav love for you and the curly troops!

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Mirtha Soto

Why are you in Madrid? Are you from here?
My name is Mirtha and I was born in Samaná, but six years ago I moved to Spain for cultural reasons. My island is very beautiful but I am a curious and free person who likes to discover, learn, explore and live!

How long have you wore your hair natural?
Since August 2009.  I'd been thinking about it for a while and being a woman of action it was like 3...2...1... BIG CHOP!  It seems unbelievable, but at my age I had no idea what my real hair was like and I just had to find out.  In my home country, natural hair is synonymous with poverty but I am not a friend of the stereotypes, so I followed my desire and I began to feel more like myself than ever.

I have to admit I was a little scared, the unknown is always scary, but I made my decision without hesitation. I was very pleasantly surprised see that everyone here in Spain told me I was beautiful!

Did your friends and family support your decision to go natural?
My friends were very supportive and they couldn't believe I had waited even this long. I explained that it was a cultural thing in my country and they found it hard to understand how something so beautiful and natural could be seen as ugly or bad!  I do not understand it either! Hahahaha!

Here in Spain, people look, sure, but all of the comments that I've received have been very positive. Moreover, this decision opened the door to advertising modeling and this is what I do now in my spare time. Interestingly, the few nasty things that were said to me were from people in my home country.  The only thing I regret is not doing it sooner. I do not want future generations to live those fears!

What's your favorite thing about being natural?
What I like about being natural is that I am freer than before and all my fears are gone with the wind! I feel accepted, loved and respected and that is all my heart has ever wanted.  In GoNaturalSpain, I found more strength, more support and more people to help me and share tips with.  For me, GoNaturalSpain is an ode to life, liberty and love and thanks to their work, I have an increasingly greater voice and representation here in Spain.

Carol Bonilla

Why are you in Madrid? Are you from here?
I was born in the Dominican Republic, in the Capital, and several years later crossed the pond... also to the Capital (Madrid)!

How long have you been natural? 
I went natural in 2011 and every day I am happier with it.  As many of my friends in GoNaturalSpain say, 'why hadn't we discovered this wonder before?!'

Did you transition or big chop? 
I made the transition because I've always preferred longer hair and extensions, so I chopped off a little at a time, growing my hair out.  When I was finally fully natural, I was extremely joyful.  I felt free.  Then I dyed my hair blonde like wheat!

Did your friends and family support your decision to go natural?
My family supported me. My mother was happy from the beginning because it was my third attempt and we both knew it was the definitive one! My childhood friends back home still do not understand, but here in Madrid, everyone tells me I'm glowing!

Here in Spain, I consider myself an original... I'm unique and outgoing! There aren't any others like me! I work with the public, and everyone loves it! I get questions all day from people that want to touch it... it's fun and cute.  Some ask me if I'm crazy, but that motivates me even more! Hahahaha!

What's your favorite thing about being natural?
I think that many people would like to have hair like this. Bad? NO!  It's full!  Free! Beautiful!  I feel comfortable, I look cute, I do not need extensions, and now my hair expands! GoNaturalSpain has been my greatest motivation to keep me on the path. I feel welcomed, loved and a part of a family. Thanks to them, I've met a lot of people like me.  You can't put a price on that.  You can't buy that with a credit card, but with good vibes, love and joy!  

Raysa Amador

Why are you in Madrid? Are you from here?
I'm from the Dominican Republic and I moved to Galicaia, Spain because I love the lifestyle. Here, the food is amazing, the people are close and gentle and I really love it!

How long have you wore your hair natural?
Since I was born! I never changed my hair because I liked it! I never wanted to be a slave to my hair so I never relaxed my ideals or my hair! ha!  Growing up, some of my family would ask me why I chose not to straighten... they'd try to change my hair, but I'd always answer- "I'll never change! This is freedom!"  Here in Spain, sometimes it can be a little off putting because everyone stares and looks at you.  But normally, people say nice things, so I'm happy!

What's your favorite thing about being natural?
The best is just to be myself! And now I´m meeting a lot of new people like YOU guys! And, of course, like Awanda and Alvaro. We are good friends now and I wanna be a GO girl forever because they love and respect me very much!

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