October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!


Boogie, along with every other Black girl in America, was Disney's Doc McStuffins this year.  She's been talking about this costume since July so despite the damp & chilly conditions, we skipped the mall and hit the streets like some straight G's.

Boog was side-eyeing the black cat situation that was quickly making his way onto the porch. 
It was probably his porch. 
This isn't our house. #WeLikedTheProps


I apologize for the grainy nature of the pics... it was darker than a little bit. 

Gia made me carry her doctor's kit because while it was not a functioning candy receptacle, it completed her look.  She was all, 'but Mommy, I NEED it'.  

Oh, my jacket? Gifted from Romwe, of course :) 

Happy Halloween, chicas!  
What did you wear tonight?!

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An Afrikan Butterfly said...

Gia is so cuute! :)

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