Denise Is Naturally Glam!

Were you a slow transitioner or a Big Chopper & why? (tell us your natural hair journey)
I was a very slow transitioner, big chop was something that never even crossed my mind because all i had to do was cut the ends (a good part of them). I say slow, because I had a few step backs in my decision on going natural. Because my hair was so heat damaged, I never truly like it, and because of the anxiety of wanting the best, right away, made me straight it often. It was like that for months, but then I meet my friend Ana Rita and curly essence partner, and then we decided to make a pact. And what a pact, I haven't put heat in my hair for 10 months now.

Had you always embraced your texture?
Not always. This ,embrace your natural hair, is very recent to me, but it has been one of the best decisions of my life. Since little I wanted that sleek, straight, hair like all my friends had. I never known anyone with hair like mine growing up, and that was the biggest problem. In 9th grade when I started to take care of my hair, it was when all the mess begun. I did a little relaxer on my huge curly hair, back then. My mum took so good care of it over the years and my hair was almost reaching my bum. Basically I screw everything up as you can imagine, lol.

How did family and friends react to your decision to go natural? How did they react to the new you?  What was your response to them? 
My family and friends reaction was, I must say, very interesting and funny. A lot of them were already used to see me with straight hair, and then when I started showing my curls everyday, many of them said I looked so much better with it, but also asked me what did I do to have such nice curls ahahah. My answer is always the same: "I took a shower yesterday and decided to wash my hair too…" 
My mum and sister (who is a big chopper) were very very happy with my decision because they never liked me with my hair straight. And since I have my curls, I get more compliments from everyone, and I am not going to lie, it is pretty good earing them :)

Describe your hair (fine or coarse, thin or thick, highly porous, low, etc.)
My hair is the definition of fine…. ahah seriously, it has a lot of curls but for that to happen even a feather cannot touch without leaving a mark. I can easy straight my hair just by making braids over night (the reason why i straight it so much). I think it is a 3B I am not sure, because in the back is more 4A. But most of it is a 3!

What's your current hair routine? How often do you wash, condition, and style? favorite products! Deets!
I wash my hair 3 times a week, I can go longer without washing it, but I will use it in a bun, because my hair doesn't survive a second day hair. It is very rare, and almost never happens. I wash my hair in the morning, and use my Lush shampoo bars. Currently I am using Big Shampoo by Lush (for volume, i really need volume), but now I am trying only to use shampoo on the weekends, but because my hair builds up so much in product I cannot leave without shampoo. Then I use aussie conditioner. I just love aussie so much. I alternate with the products because all of them work very well. After I detangle with a brush a paddle brush, with my head upside down, wash it all of, and them with my hair soaking wet I apply my Morrocanoil curl cream, and then use a little of eco styler gel with loreal serum and that's it. I let my hair air dry, I don't like using diffusers because always mess with my curl pattern. While it is drying (which takes a lot) I gently lose my curls with a comb.

How do you maintain your hair at night?
I do the famous pinnacle at night. I try already doing the silk scarves and all but didn't work for me.

How do you maintain healthy length?
Well my hair, i must say it is pretty healthy, and the healthier it gets the shorter it also becomes. I don't mind having a smaller length, as long as know that is healthy. :)

What's the best thing about being curly?
I think the best thing about being curly, is not worrying about how your hair looks like when it rains, and during the summer, not giving a damn about going to the beach and not being able to swim. ahahah Seriously this as been the best thing. I have meet so many amazing people and learn so much about loving ourselves, and growing our confidence as natural people. Definitely we are all so much more beautiful inside and out  and being ourselves and presenting ourselves as we really all to the world.

Where can folks find you on the web?
I have a website that I created 6 months ago with my friend Ana rita d'Almeida called Curly Essence.

We have a lot of tutorials, and Interviews with other curly girls based in Lisbon, Portugal. I think you all would like it:)

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