Why CN Needs D.C. - Reason #5

Meridian Hill Park drum circles... to aid in operation #GetMyWholeEntireLife.  
And it was gotten. 

and I brought a lil' Ferguson with me...  #Iconic

More pics>>>

According to the Washington Post, 'Summer’s Sunday circle of drums and dancers has been a constant heartbeat of D.C.’s Meridian Hill Park for nearly 50 yearsThe circle is said to have officially started the week of the assassination of Malcolm X in 1965.' 

 I was invited by an elder of the community (that I met at a shoe repair and key duplication store) who has been playing in the circle for two decades!  #ShoutOutToUncleWillie 

the group of peeps was diverse and too turnt. I shall return.  


#NoFlex #Zone 

Then to Eatonville for gumbo and dranks...

#MarvinGayeHappened #ThatsMyJamTho

Later Gators,

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