Congressional Black Caucus Weekend #SoDC

#GoingUp #WasntTuesdayTho 

So Congressional Black Caucus weekend happened and we party hopped, may or may not have party crashed, enjoyed an adult beverage or two, wobbled with Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and juked to every pre-1985 song that would make your parents stop everything and proclaim loudly 'That's my JAM' as they proceeded to dance like no one was watching.

that would be Congresswoman Norton and future D.C. Mayor, Muriel Bowser... gettin' it!

Now, I had heard that CBC weekend could be likened to a 'Freaknik' for the...mature black audience (i.e. if Freaknik was sponsored by AARP) and I will neither confirm nor deny that, but I did run into comedian George Wallace and later, Ron that must mean something right? #MrBiggs

Later Gators,

Dr. Daddy!

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