Pin Curlin' It.

Bob+ Blow-out + pin curls  = yes, please and thank you :)

What I did:
  • Trimmed an inch or so off my front chunky twists and about 1.5" off the back twists (they were already shorter because I keep that bob tight!).  
  • Henna glossed (Trader Joe's Nourish Spa + a few tablespoons of Red Raj henna from HennaSooq) for 2 hours w/ heat
  • Rinsed, shampoo'ed and conditioned with the Trader Joe Nourish Spa line
  • Blew it out (barely damp hair) using Andis comb dryer + Aphogee Leave-In + Ouidad Mongongo Oil 
  • Pincurled immediately with a little Ouidad Mongongo Oil (made 28 curls)
  • Released the next morning and fluffed!
The Aphoghee leave-in has heat protecting properties and is very light-weight.  The results were smooth and fluffy.   I'll either pincurl again tonight or put it in two french braids and bun it tomorrow.  I love pincurling because it gives my blow-out texture and the results can be worn down or pinned up into a chic situation.  This routine will last me for 2-3 weeks as long as I don't pile on too many oils/butters.  My fine strands experience build-up very quickly!

Later Gators,

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