The Glory


It's so very official.  My sister, Syl, is a friggin' doctor!  We've been turnt for 36 hours straight, but I had to take minute to pop an Advil and share some pics. 

The graduate!!!

The parentals

The Aunty

The wings

Gia said my cape made me look like a vampire


The Hair, tho #TeamNatural

The Grandma! #GlovesBlanketAndHotHandsOnDeck

 The jumbotron 

 The hooding

The swag
The Heels

The fam!

The Huff fam

 The Boogie


The newly engaged!

The birthday boy!

The woman of the hour #ThatDress

The hurr #OldAssTwistOut

The Club #MarqueeSTL 

The Toast!

The shot #SheAintDrinkItTho

The boo (in the middle), the cuzzo, John (in the raybees), and the homie Robert

The Diva

The Melissa, boo! 


The WHAT?!

The Joenetta!!!


The  homies

The Dr. Anderson

 The cake!

Later Gators,

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