The Twelve Hours of Christmas

With our departure to far-a-way-land looming, we had to hurr' up and celebrate Christmas!

We're on whirlwind, marathon, non-stop-party status over here. Like, we did the whole 12 days of Christmas in a short 48 hours.  I'll sleep on the plane, which is perfect because I'll have a day and a half to kill.

Peep the view-- 
12 Boogies skating

11 Cookies making

10 Grandmas brunching

9 Uncles lunching

8 Procrastinators shopping

7 families gathering
6 Grannies-a-layin'

5 letters writing

4 cocoa sippin'

3 friends a drankin'
2 hands up, not shooting
 and a car ride for Christmas light looookkkinnnnggg!!! #Ferguson

Merry Christmas!  I'll check in soon!

Any guesses to where I'm headed?!

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