How I Improved My Mortifying Scalp Condition...

 by Naila Carter, TheWeaveWhisperer

Itchy, flakey, noticeable and embarrassing are some adjectives you could use to describe my scalp. 

Shampoo’s didn’t work.  Coconut oil didn’t work.  Right after a shampoo, you could part my hair and find a scalp fully covered in an itchy, white substance.  I began fearing my hair would begin thinning and fall out. It was time to pay the dermatologist a visit. 

 I was diagnosed with Seborrheic dermatitis. A fancy way of saying eczema of the scalp. A flare up, you couldn’t scratch away! Thankfully, the medication I was prescribed cleared my scalp in a few weeks. I never want that condition again.

So here’s what I needed to do to improve my hair health:


– I applied the shampoo to my scalp and left in on for 5 minutes. I repeated this 2-3 times a week.

Dermasmooth/ Flocinolone Acetonide- Used daily, in between washes.

STRESS MANAGEMENT: Seborrheic dermatitis is brought up by extreme stress. Similar in the way eczema flares up on parts of your body, Seborrheic dermatitis rears it’s ugly head on….your head.

Suggestions: Meditation, stress management by therapy or counseling or a strong support system such as family, friends and church.

Outcome: I used therapy and church as a way to manage the stress around me. 

I greatly improved the health of my scalp by taking out my weave for a few months! I needed to be able to easily wash and oil my scalp! If you feel you may have this, don’t scratch your scalp and RUN to your nearest dermatologist!

If you have battled similar scalp conditions, please comment below and share your experience and treatment! xoxo

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