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Hola Chicas,

I ain't one to gossip, so you ain't heard it from me...

but I've heard a lot of so called, 'celebrity stylists' make disparaging comments about natural hair and now they all up in the commercials, shiny suited up, dancing like Diddy.

One in particular, Andre Walker (Oprah's stylist) has a new product called, 'Beautiful Kinks Créme Gelee', which is ironic, considering just a few years ago he said that, 'kinky' haired women should consider relaxing.  Old Andre, meet New Andre...

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 Old Andre says:

“I always recommend embracing your natural texture. Kinky hair can have limited styling options; that’s the only hair type I suggest altering with professional relaxing.” (see entire article from 2011, HERE)

Old Andre's rebuttal:

“It is a fact that kinky hair (my Type 4 definition) is extremely fragile and breaks easily. Even when you are very careful, something as simple as combing can break this texture. It is very difficult to achieve a longer length when the hair breaks, even with simple combing. That being said, there is the style option of wearing braids, dreads, or twists, which allows the hair to grow longer because it is combed less often. Another style choice is to simply wear a shorter cut, which is very attractive on some women but just not right for others.

So when I say to embrace your natural texture, but consider relaxing kinky hair, am I contradicting myself? I don't think so! You see, even relaxed hair can still be worn naturally. If you want a natural look, but find that your kinky hair is difficult to manage, breaks too easily, lacks shine and luster, and limits your preferred styling options, I say feel free to consider a mild chemical relaxer, sometimes called a texturizer, that eases your hair to a more manageable texture and allows you to Make Peace With Your Hair.”

New Andre says:

"My motto for The Gold System is "Make Peace with Your Hair." Everyone has beautiful hair. Do what it does naturally. Let's embrace it!"


"It used to be that people looked at natural hair as unattractive or militant. It had all of these negative connotations. People wanted straight hair - the straighter the better. If you had kinky hair, that was bad hair. Today, kinky hair is considered beautiful. It's something to be embraced." (see entire interview with Michelle Breyer, HERE)

I don't know why the hell Michelle didn't ask New Andre if he had met Old Andre. #HarpoWhoDisMan
Later Gators,

Are you buying it? (see what I did there?)

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