How I Face My Fears to Level Up #LifeHack

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Did y'all read GG's post yesterday on identifying and writing out your fears?  Read it. Do it. 

So one of my biggest fears is that I'll lose my iPhone, and if that ever happens... y'all will think I've lost my whole, entire mind.  I have gajillions of ramblings in the Notes app-- mostly snippets of inspiration for future posts and projects-- but also, fears.  Lots of 'em.  And when a lack belief (that's all fear is, lack of faith) crops up, I type it up.  And guess what?  That simple awareness, the recognition of the fear, is enough to squash it. And here's why--

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--it's no longer unconscious! You're no longer operating blindly from that belief, from that level of awareness. There's levels to this ish, and when you explicitly identity your fears, you've just leveled up!  Congratulations! #WhereMyCup #Cheers

Here's an example.

Let's say you're up for a promotion in a month, but up until today, you've been living from the belief that you weren't good enough for it... you weren't smart enough, you weren't quick witted enough, you weren't educated enough.   Up until today, you believed (unconsciously) that someone more capable or worthy would receive the position.  That they would somehow receive what was meant for you.  Up until today, you tried to feel good when you thought about the the promotion, you told yourself you had faith, but deep down in the pit of your stomach, you had this feeling... you didn't believe it was possible.  And up until today, you successfully ignored that feeling.  You suppressed it. You denied it. 

But today is different.

Today, you faced that feeling of dread, of fear.  How did you face it? You sat with it for a second (a few seconds is all it takes).  That's it.  You stopped everything you were doing, you relaxed your entire body and with that, your mind.  And in that instant of peace, that moment of clarity, allowed yourself to become aware of that ridiculously negative train of thought that accompanied the 'bad' feeling.  For the first time, you were not your thoughts.  You were no longer thinking from them, you were looking at them!  You became aware of the thought, 'This promotion is mine' followed immediately by that familiar heavy feeling in your gut and the thought, 'girl, bye. Don't get your hopes up'.  And BOOM, just like that, those fear-based thoughts and beliefs were no longer unconscious. They became conscious and you transcended them.  #LevelUp

For some people, just becoming aware of the belief is enough.  Because when you see that it's not true (it's just a belief and no belief is inherently true), you can simply choose another one.  You can choose one that is more in line with who you are, or better yet, who you want to be! Now you can give thanks for that limiting belief and the lessons it taught you and tell it to move the hell on.  And now, you can choose, 'I am worthy of this promotion'.  You can also choose to define that feeling/sensation in your stomach as 'excitement-- anticipation for the receipt of the promotion' rather than 'dreading the inevitable disappointment'... you have the power to do that.  To choose.  So choose wisely.  It really can be that simple, if you allow it to be.  And if for some reason you can't allow it to be that simple, you can-

1.  Have complete and utter confidence, blind faith, that everything is happening in your best interest. That no matter how afraid you are, no matter how bad you feel or how much you appear to be suffering that this is a test... you're learning lessons, absorbing them, transcending them and sooner than you know, your blessing will show up.  And it will be more amazing than you ever could've conceived of with your little ol' human brain.   So what do you need to do? Have faith, choose happiness and know that everything is working out for you AND to the benefit of others! #ShareYoGifts

2. Remember that God wouldn't give you a dream that you couldn't achieve.  You have never conceived of or imagined anything that you couldn't bring to fruition. I remember when I would rock my natural hair and people would go all screw face and ask, 'now what are you gonna do with it?'. They don't say that so much anymore, because they also got that nappy :)  If you can imagine it, it's already yours.  It's up to you to find the courage and the passion to see it through.  It's up to you to have more faith than fear.   And when you choose faith, confidence and happiness, the kingdom is yours.  #LevelUp

Later Gators,

p.s. Let's talk more about choosing happiness and faith next week! I have some really simple tips on how to do it and get instant results.  xoxo

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