Natural Hair: The Versatility, The Freedom

THROWBACK! So much versatility.  My natural journey started in 2009 and I haven't looked back since. I transitioned for 10 months and BC'd in 2010. I'm knocking on 5 years natural and loving my journey every step of the way (even the epic fails).

And Now - embracing my new hair cut and fresh start!

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I used the large peach perm rods in front, grey & tangerine one along the side and back.

CN Says: 
'Black girls don't cut their hair.' 

That was my understanding growing up.  It didn't matter if our ends were all chewed up, or if there was a gang of broken hairs posted up all on our sweaters, sinks and pillows, or even if our long hair was healthy and you truly desired a short, chic cut-- it just wasn't an option.  We were taught that long hair was THE standard of beauty, hands down... and perhaps worse, that our hair wouldn't grow back.  Seems absurd now, no? #NaturalForLife

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