Can I Swim with Crochet Braids?

 by Ariane of

Being that crochet braids have become a popular protective hairstyling option for many naturals, I am sure some of you are wondering “Can I wear this style for vacation?”. Well, it all depends on the type of hair that you use for your crochet braids.

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If you went for the trendy twist out look using a marley hair curled with rods and dipped in hot water, your style is most likely going to be destroyed if you try swimming in it. Not to mention it will also be uncomfortable and too heavy.

Never fear, naturalista! All hope is not lost. You can still have the joy of flaunting some awesome crochet braids on your vacay, you just have to go with a different hair type that can handle wear and tear from swimming.

The Freetress Bohemian brand is a better choice if you need a hair that can withstand going in and out of the pool. If your hair texture is not on the wavier side of things, you should do a full crochet braid install rather than leaving some hair out to avoid spending too much time blending your hair texture with the synthetic hair. Remember this is your vacation time! Make things as easy and hassle free as possible, you deserve a breather.

Here is a fellow natural, Everything Curly wearing crochet braids using the Freetress Bohemian.

Read her post about her crochet braids here.

What are your vacation plans for your hurr?

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number1finechina said...

Can u put the braids in a ponytail or updo style?

number1finechina said...

Can u put the braids in a ponytail or updo style?

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