Real Princess Hair, Though.

When she wants to wear it down, this is our compromise...

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So I get the, 'can I wear it down today?' question at least once a month.  And while I love that she loves her hair and wants to experience it in all of its curly glory, all I can think is, 'but who's gonna detangle it, tho?'  So here's what we do--

  1. Start with stretched hair (an old twist or braid-out or an old roller-set will do ya-- I keep her stretched hair in french braids or twisted pony tails at all times, so it's usually detangled-- if not, I use my fingers and amla oil)
  2. Grab medium-sized sections (ain't got no time for parts) and twist using raw shea butter (I used shea butter and Organic Amla Oil)
  3. Take a twist, lightly wet the very end and twirl around your finger to create a coil/curl using your favorite curl cream (I used Jane Carter's Curl Defining Cream).  This creates a nice, neat finish and keeps the twists from unraveling. Repeat with the remaining twists.
  4. Rock a satin scarf or bonnet at night to keep the situation laid.

Opting for a butter instead of a water based styling cream gives her a nice sheen and optimal hang time, but after day 2 or 3 of constant hair whipping, the situation gets frizzy.  I usually re-twist the front pieces and put the rest in a ponytail or bun, like today--

*For sleeker edges, begin twisting the front pieces with a curl cream right at the root.  and immediately tie on a scarf after all of the hair is twisted to lay that ish. 

*For your own sanity, keep the twists chunky.  It makes re-twisting and take-down much easier.  

Hope this helps!

What's your solution for the 'can I wear it down?' days?

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