Loving Yourself Naked

My youngest daughter always says, "Mommy move your hair so I can kiss your spots." What has been a source of insecurity for me is something my daughter loves unconditionally.

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I've had acne-prone skin and scars on my face since I was a teenager.  I've been through phases where I wore layers of makeup to cover it up. Or styled my hair to hide it. Diet changes, vitamins, laser treatments, prescriptions & natural products, everything, I've tried. 

Maybe for you it's your weight, or your hair, or the shape of your body that has caused you grief and insecurity. The things people say and the images we compare ourselves to combine to create self-consciousness and we dim ourselves, not wanting to draw attention to what we think are flaws. 

In the past few years, I've fallen in love with the freedom and clarity of keeping my face as natural as possible. Blemishes and all. I grew tired of wanting to be different than what I am. I decided to love myself naked, in every sense of the word. And for me that means being unashamed. Letting myself be seen in what I feel is my most beautiful state. Aware that I'm so much more than this skin, this hair and this body. These...spots. But still thankful for the vessel I've been given and honored to take care of it and enjoy it.

So whatever your spots are, learn to love them.   Own your version of beauty and the way your light glows. 
The things you might think of as flaws are openings. Look through them and see what's most real and rare about you. 
Food for Thought:  In what ways can you be gentler with yourself and more bold with the world about who you are? 

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