Did SheaMoisture Change Their Formula? (Updates)


**Response from SheaMoisture after the jump**

CN Says:
CN commenter, Tinycurls, straight up #Matlocked the situation, so I headed over to BootsUK to check it out. I grabbed the only SheaMoisture product in my arsenal (Coconut Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk) and compared the ingredients on my bottle to the ingredients on the site (click image to enlarge):
top: ingredient list on BootsUK for Curl and Style Milk 
Bottom: ingredient label on my bottle of Curl and Style Milk

 This appears to be a completely different product?  

*in my Katt Williams voice* If I should just so happen to put GLYCERIN in my hurr, uh... there will be some effects.  I clicked through a few other products and all of them had glycerin listed in the top five ingredients. #ICannot 

Of course I'll withhold judgement until I hear from a SheaMoisture rep (maybe this is how they roll in the UK? Are these throwback ingredients, or nah?). 

Check back for updates,

Original Article-- 11/24/2015

by Cree Brown

SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie 
SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie?

So, when I heard that SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie was now being sold in a family size jar, I knew that was the size I needed-because my hair loves it. I went to Walmart and purchased the family size and immediately knew something was amiss when I opened it. It had the consistency of the Curl and Style Milk (Huh!? What!?), it was runny, not thick and creamy. I assumed something was wrong with it and no way was I putting it on my hair. I took it back to the store because I was sure it was a bad batch-I mean it just had to be. To my surprise and chagrin all of the family sizes on Walmart’s shelf had the same consistency when I shook the jar.

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I was absolutely confused, so I compared the ingredient labels on the regular and family sizes. The ingredients were exactly the same and in the same order. But clearly it’s not the same product. I can only assume the ratio of water to the remaining ingredients has changed. But there was nothing saying new formula on the container.

What is a girl to do?! SheaMoisture is playing with my emotions. I was sure I was getting four more ounces of thick and creamy goodness for my hair for only one dollar more, but nope!

Have you noticed a difference? 

CN Says:
I tried so hard to love the smoothie but its sticky consistency always left my fine, highly porous strands disrespectfully coated and dry, yet greasy somehow.  Perhaps a watered down version would bode well for my curls...  
Response from SheaMoisture:
“Thank you for raising these issues, as it offers us an opportunity to provide necessary clarification.  First, SheaMoisture has championed natural hair and earned the love of our community by staying true to using the highest-quality ingredients and formulations for our communities, thus ensuring our products most effectively meet your needs.  That has been and will always be our formula for success.  So, we have not and do not plan to change our formulations on the Smoothie because it just works great for the need states of our communities here in the States.   Second, we’re always happy to answer questions about our products and encourage members of the SheaMoisture community to come to us with issues, concerns, praise and suggestions alike about our products.  We consider this feedback an essential part of our relationship with our community – as listening to and acting on your needs is how we founded our company and is what continues to drive everything we do. Unfortunately, we were not contacted for comment/input re: the questions/claims posed in these (original or updated) posts.  Still, we have a responsibility to our community to ensure accuracy over assumption.  So, third, we assure you that we haven’t changed our award-winning SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie formulation now being sold in family-size at Walmart.  The family-size is the same formulation as the other sizes, but super-sized for more value because that’s what our community asked of us. Because our Smoothie contains natural and certified organic ingredients, at times the texture, color and consistency may understandably vary due to factors including storage conditions and temperatures.  This is consistent with many natural products, and the efficacy remains.  We’re constantly amazed by and appreciative of the love for our Smoothie and the creative ways our community uses it.  So, it’s here to stay – using the same beloved family recipes from our Grandma Sofi.  
Lastly, re: the US v. UK labels...with our entry into new global markets, we continue to innovate with the utmost quality, performance and naturals compliance possible.  As we service our community in the EU, we are taking that same approach - using the same culturally authentic ingredients.  However, unique climatic conditions, need states and European Union registration guidelines that exist across the pond (and which differ from U.S. FDA guidelines) require that we make some tweaks to be mindful of these regulations/considerations, while also ensuring that we are delivering the efficacious products our community deserves and expects.  So, while we love #Matlock, there is no mystery here.  Different countries. Different local considerations. Same ingredients. Same efficacy and impact.  As we approach 25 years of doing what we love for the community we love, our family will continue our proud tradition of making the highest-quality products possible with natural, certified organic and ethically sourced ingredients and doing what we do best - serving our SheaFam with only the best...wherever they are."

From your comments below, it is clear that some consumers feel that their experiences with SheaMoisture products have changed. 

Now that we've heard back from the brand, what say you? 

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RB said...

I like to buy ahead when I see a good price. Because I do that I started to notice how different the product was from bottle to bottle. One bottle, my hair would be gross and oily and when I get to another bottle it would be great and soft. I read ingredients on both and they were 100% NOT THE SAME. They need to stop lying. My hair knows when you're lying.

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