CurlyNikki's Favorite Detangling Tool

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Hola Chicas,

I have '0' new natural hair products to write home about, but there is '1' comb I ride for.  

I use it on both me and Boog, and on both wet (conditioner laden) and dry (coconut oil laden) natural hair.  The teeth are neither too close together, nor too wide-- and they don't snag, pull or do other rude things.  If used after a quick detangling sesh with your 10 fangers, it'll run through your curls like butter.   I've shared it with y'all before, but after a recent stress-free wash day, I thought I'd share again.  So without further ado, I present to you--

My wooden love.  

There are several brands on Amazon, but THIS is the one I purchased a while back.  It's substantial-ass wood, so do not drop it. You'll break all your feet bones.

Later Gators,

What's your favorite detangling tool?

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